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The 100th Anniversary Gala Night was held in Konaspore. Minister for Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum said that his place in the 2nd Konyaspor Summit Competition has swelled his chest. Club president Fatih Ozgoken, on the other hand, said that Koniaspor had become a team that everyone envied and admired, adding that they wanted to hear the music of the Champions League for everyone in Konya.

The 100th anniversary celebrations have started at Conaspor Club. The club hosted a festival night in this structure. Environment, Urban Development and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum, Konya Governor Vahdetin Ozkan, Metropolitan Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altaye, Koniyaspor Club President Fatih Ozgoken, management, community leaders, delegates, technical team and football players were present. Hotel ..

Speaking at the event, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum said that Konaspor was born exactly 100 years ago as a sports movement that sprouted with the idea of ​​a young physical education teacher and said, “In the intervening years, Konya Gençlerbirliği, Konya İdman Yurdu And Konyaspor has come together to form a single unit. It has become a fist. The green and white colors are seen under the double-headed eagle crest. He made our Konya proud. As our fans say, the ruler of Anatolia, Koniaspor, always adheres to the notion that ‘a nation’s determination in sports raises its future.’ I am our Konya; The country’s sports will be a huge success and I believe in you. “

“Breasts go up”

Noting that despite being founded 100 years ago, the roots of the conespor go back to ancient civilization, Minister Murat Kurum said, When it comes to fair play, fair play and respectable football, this is the first team that comes to mind. Now in the Turkish Super League; There is a coniaspor who proudly carries a two-headed eagle on his chest, successfully achieves stability and plays for leadership every season, and everyone has accepted it. Those who do not have dreams do not have wings. Praise be to our Coniaspor, our Anatolian eagles have dreams, dreams and wings. When we say that our team will rise to the top of the Super League this year and be in the top 5; The fact that we are in second place in the Coniaspor summit competition makes us proud wherever we go. As an Anatolian club, our Konyaspor, who have won the Turkish Cup and represented our country in the UEFA Europa League, hope to make our country happy in the Champions League again this year. We believe this. Because we have the president, Fatih Ozgoken, who stands by our green-and-white Koniaspor in good and bad times, in all situations, regardless of the situation, we have the management, we have the technical director Ilhan Palut and we have the technical team. For the success of our Koniaspor, we have a great supporter who fully supports our team in every competition, rain, mud, snow, storm, we have a great team, we have football players. When I look at you, I see it; Future champion Konyaspor is coming and we will achieve it together, “he said.

Konya Governor Vahdetin Ozkan congratulated Connaspor on his success, saying: I wish this success to last forever. I hope that these 100 years of success will continue to improve health and wellness for many more years and centuries to come. ”

“Thanks to those who contributed.”

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altaye added that Konyaspor, which was founded 100 years ago at Konya Boys High School under the leadership of Surya Rifat Egg, is a proud Turkish club with its pride and success. Achieved since then, and said: In addition to the success, our Koniaspor, which previously presented the Super Cup and the Turkish Cup in our city, is now facing one of the most successful seasons in its history. I would like to thank Fatih Özgökçen, the Board of Directors, our players and the entire club community who have contributed so much to this success. I sincerely believe that our team will continue to take these achievements to a better level and will represent our Konya in the European arena in the best possible way next season, “he said.

“Success is coming”

Fatih Ozgoken, president of the Connaspor Club, explained that the 100-year-old Siakamor Conyaspor is delighted with the unity and solidarity that exists for them, and said, “As a full board, we value this kind of cooperation. . We always say that one of the most important keys to success is to work in unity and solidarity. I hope the Konyaspor Club will succeed in sports activities in a way worthy of its 100th anniversary. Of course, in the 31st week our football team is experiencing the most successful season in history. It has become a team that everyone envies and appreciates. Hopefully, if we show our determination to fight for the rest of our matches, we will be able to reach our goal and we hope that the whole of Konya will listen to the music of the Champions League in our stadium, “he said.

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