Last minute: National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar’s flash statement! Metaverse era of education … a revolution in teaching mathematics

National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar briefed reporters on the latest research on education. Özer says the school’s infrastructure is beginning to prepare for the transformation into the technology of the future, the metaverse.

National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar said they were trying to change the way mathematics is taught and said, “We are designing a very specific method for mathematics in the early stages of education, which later becomes more abstract but never breaks down. Life. For example, At the elementary school level, mathematics is taught in a game style with a variety of activities. Mathematics from middle school to high school. There will be approaches that will provide a rich environment. “

Highlights of Minister Ozar’s remarks while talking to reporters:

Pre-school weight
We focus on the expansion of pre-school education. We are working to ensure that all children of our citizens have access to free pre-school education regardless of their location. Enrollment rates in the 3, 4, 5 age range will increase rapidly.

Metaverse in education
Studies began, especially for vocational training on virtual reality. Vocational training has moved into augmented virtual reality around the world, especially in areas where occupational health and safety are at risk. We will also apply it in vocational training. For example, we have started to apply it in the case of welding, mining. Our problem with augmented virtual reality is our personal initiative, our industry is not very strong. We’ve intensified the work on establishing and developing infrastructure related to augmented virtual reality and creating content with digital. Work continues on Metavars for education.

A revolution in teaching mathematics
We are trying to change the way we teach mathematics. In other words, differences in approach are more related to life. Let it be taught as a concrete field, not as an abstract field. We design a mathematical method that is very precise in the early stages of learning, then becomes more abstract, but never disconnects from life. At the elementary school level, for example, math is taught in a play style with a variety of activities. There will be approaches that will provide a math rich environment from middle school to high school. Turkey has a very good position in science literacy, mathematics has an improvement, but it is not at the level we want in mathematics. We are working on a new method for this. This will affect not only the success of our students in learning mathematics, but also their future academic and non-academic lives.

Kindergarten, in the kindergarten industry
We will start a project with Nursery and Kindergarten at OIZ with our Ministry of Industry and Technology. We will announce soon. We will have meetings with OSB managers.

‘Development’ model for teachers
According to the professional development needs of teachers in our school, school based professional development, that is, teachers of any school will decide what training they want, school administrators will collect them, apply to the ministry and send the ministry budget. Now, independently of the center, schools will plan to train teachers according to their own needs. This is a revolution in the teaching profession. Our budget for teacher professional development this year is 262 million.

Explosion in the number of arrivals
We have also made improvements to meet the demand for business master trainers. Our target for 2022 is 1 million apprentices. To become a vocational training center beginner, first of all, we will quickly reach the target number, because the condition of being a master trainer is required. Most businesses do not have a master trainer. Currently everyone is trying to get master trainer training. In May, it will exceed 400-500 thousand. The number of apprentices in food technology and metallurgy has increased 4-5 times.

100 million auxiliary resources
We have printed and distributed 24 million support resources. By the end of the year, we will have 100 million books. In particular, there is a huge demand for resources related to skills, math, LGS, YKS.

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