Orphans of the world – breaking news

Wars, conflicts, droughts, famines, diseases and disasters.

Due to these reasons about 10 thousand children lose their families every day.

There are many children in the world who are far from family protection. Millions of children have problems with safety, nutrition and shelter.

“Today there are about 400 million orphans in the world.”

Ali Maskan, an international relations expert, said: “In almost all countries where orphans live, there is no registration of children. There is no record of children. It is very difficult to get statistical information about unregistered children. Therefore, according to unofficial statistics, children. Millions. “It’s a really scary and scary number. These children often live in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Latin America. “

“About 200 million children need to be on the streets”

Murat Ilmaz, president of the Orphan Foundation, said: “When we look at it, half of these 400 million children, 200 million of them have to live on the streets without the protection of any family or organization. What does it mean to live on the streets? Organ mafia, prostitution mafia, beggar network, war Network, drug addiction or street gangs for various purposes … getting caught up in them means getting involved in prostitution, not having a healthy and orderly life means lack of education, health opportunities and social environment. ” Used expressions.

The main reason for this is war

Most orphans continue their lives in geographical areas where they experience war and crisis. However, when there is a massive migration, unaccompanied children can also be affected and transferred. Or being abducted by different parties and organizations.

“According to statistics, 4 million people are abducted every year, 2.5 million of these 4 million people are children, and 1 million out of 2.5 million children are abducted by the prostitution mafia,” said Murat Ilmaz. Says

Ali Maskan continues his assessment with the following words:

“Children have been abducted by terrorist organizations and even taken prisoner during the war. According to official figures, about 93,000 child soldiers are employed as soldiers. According to unofficial figures, it is up to 300,000. Unfortunately, these are used in all kinds of activities. Using children, some of them bomb, use as human shields. “

There are at least 218 million child laborers …

Painful images experienced by vulnerable children also reflect information.

According to a report released by the International Labor Organization, there are at least 218 million child laborers in the world and at least 73 million of them are engaged in hazardous work.

The European Union’s police agency has also announced that about 10,000 of the 63,000 refugee children in Europe are missing.

“More than 100,000 children are probably missing in Europe”

Murat Ilmaz says the following about missing children:

“In Europe, 10,000 children went missing in the last few years and then there were 18,000. But the statistics are much higher. There may be more than 100,000 children missing in Europe. These children have been abducted by a mafia? Converted to Christianity, or these children are being made slave laborers. “

Reveals abuse

Refugees, orphans or unaccompanied children are subjected to all forms of abuse, contempt and cultural discrimination. In addition, children are exposed to the principle of assimilation.

Eight U.S.-based missionaries are among the top 10 organizations providing assistance to orphans. These organizations have reached out to more than 120 million orphans worldwide.

“There is no discrimination on the basis of religion, language or caste”

Ali Maskan said: “When it comes to treating children, the international conventions show that they do not discriminate on the basis of religion, language or caste. Equal treatment for every child. But it is not moral to go to a Muslim community and open an orphanage in a Muslim community. And make those children Christians through missions ৷ these are things I often see today, unfortunately, and Westerners can do it very easily. ” Says

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