“Our goal is to export health to the whole world”

Bepazari Mineral Water sells products in a total of 30 countries. Niazi Erkan, chairman of Bepazari Mineral Water, said, “We have adopted health exports as our main goal in 2022.”

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Turkey is located in a highly developed geography in terms of underground resources and is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of mineral water due to the geothermal belt. Bepazari Mineral Water, one of the most valuable mineral water resources in our country, has the distinction of being the largest producer and seller of mineral water in the Turkish market. Bepazari Mineral Water, which has the capacity to fill 300,000 bottles per hour, is in great demand in the country as well as abroad.

“Our goal is to make Turkish mineral water known all over the world.” Niazi Erkan, chairman of Bepazari Mineral Water, said: “Our brand, which combines 65 years of expertise in the beverage industry and consumer insights, productivity, performance and international production standards, has embraced health exports. Bepazari processes the natural values ​​of these lands with a sense of national responsibility and takes it as a mission to make a valuable contribution to Turkey’s brand value and economy. ” “Being national and local means working endlessly,” he said. Erkan said they have been working on a policy of increasing their production capacity with 2 new production lines while continuing new investments in the last two years.

Bepazari Mineral Water sells products in a total of 30 countries. Beypazarı, which sells about 30 million products overseas, has continued its export attack.

We will continue to work until our products written “Turkey Made” are searched around the world. ”

Erkan said, “Bepazari Mineral Water is a flavor that people around the world admire for its ideal mineral composition and appealing taste in the palate. It makes us proud that our brand is happily swallowed up all over the world and people of different nationalities find a place on the sofa. In 2021, we had many difficulties in supplying glass bottles, one of our raw materials. Because of this, we have fallen short of our target sales figures. Solving glass bottle delivery problems will pave the way for more people to reach our brand. We will continue to work until our products with the words “Made in Turkey” are readily available around the world. “

We will meet our consumers with new alternatives to mineral water

Every year Bepazari offers more and different options for its consumers, in addition to plain mineral water, in the flavored products category; Lemon, Apple, Watermelon-Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Vitamin C Lemon, Mandarin, Pomegranate, Black Mulberry, Blackcurrant, Basil-Lemon, Mango-Pineapple and Strawberry flavored Bepazari Gajoz are now available to customers. Beypazarı Mineral Water, which makes fruit flavored products with 100% mineral water and natural bit sugar, says they will continue to provide new alternatives for different flavors and enrich the mineral water market. Niazi Erkan, Chairman, Bepazari Mineral Water, said, “We are always looking for something good and different without compromising on our quality considering the expectations of our consumers. Also, we continue our efforts to make mineral water table drinks and to innovate in our bottles based on the strong demand of our customers and to find Beypazarı mineral water in 0.75-liter large bottle shelves. Said

Not every mineral water is the same

The mineral value of each mineral water varies regionally. According to natural mineral water regulations, the mineral value is 1500 mg / liter. Rich mineral water for more than 500 mg / liter. If it is less than 50 mg / lt, it is called low mineral water, and if it is less than 50 mg / lt, it is called very low mineral water.

Natural mineral water bottled by Beypazarı Mineral Water is in the “rich mineral water” category in terms of its quality.

Experts recommend drinking at least 2 bottles of natural mineral water a day in a healthy eating routine. Beypazarı Mineral water contains 3323,2767 mg / l of minerals.

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