Professional offers came, but my dad …

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who met with people with disabilities, answered questions from people with disabilities and sang a folk song with them on the program “We Meet Disability Together Izmir Meeting”.

Entering the venue, artist Erdogan joked with artist Matin Senturk and a little girl with the song “We Walked This Street Together,” with President Erdogan Lokman Iva and Matin Senturk.

“I met Mashallah”

At the end of the song, when Erdogan called Matin Centurk, “Matin Mashallah to you,” Matin Centurk replied, “This is what happens when you give another feeling.”

After meeting Lokman Iva, Erdogan said, “Matin, you are meeting Lokman, aren’t you?” He asked. On the other hand, Matin Centurk gave a ridiculous answer, “My eyes are biting him from somewhere.” The hall was filled with laughter when President Erdogan used the phrase “Lokman is intelligent and Matin is not behind you”.

“Our Brothers with Disabilities”

Explaining the work done for the disabled under the AKP regime, President Erdogan said;

  • For 19 years; We are continuing our work with determination and sincerity by saying, ‘If there is a party, there is no obstacle’. We have redefined the concept of the holy state, one of the distinctive features of our civilization, combining it with the principles of today’s social state.
  • Working with the belief that ‘we love creation, because of the Creator’, we have brought to our country the world’s most comprehensive social security and health system. We have made special efforts to ensure that none of our citizens remain outside the umbrella of state sympathy.
  • While Turkey has grown, increased productivity, encouraged employment, we have tried to embrace 84 million people, we are and will continue to be. We have tried to give our disabled people the opportunity to be equal in every field from education to employment. We formulate our social policies toward our disabled brothers and sisters with a rights-based approach, not help.
  • Together with our disabled brothers and sisters we have overcome barriers through the policies we have applied in areas such as education, rehabilitation, employment, social assistance, home care, entrepreneurship, sports and cultural activities, health and accessibility.
  • Through the Disability Act enacted in 2005, we have taken historic steps in many areas, from education services to care services, from employment to prevention of discrimination. Through the constitutional amendment made in 2010, we went further and guaranteed positive discrimination for the constitutionally disabled.
  • With another regulation enacted in 2013, we have completely removed harmful phrases like ‘disabled’, ‘rotten’, ‘crippled’. The number of people receiving support in Home Care Assistance opportunities, which we started in 2007, has reached 535,700 by 2021.

“International offer has arrived”

President Erdogan, National Athlete Nassim Turan, “Where does your love for the game come from?” He answered his question with the following words:

  • I started playing football in the neighborhood when I was 14 years old. At that time I was studying in Imam Hatip School. I continued to play football in the amateur league. There was Camialtı Sports Club in Istanbul, I played there. After school, I moved to IETT.
  • Professional offers came in the amateur league, but my father, God have mercy on me, I’m glad he stopped me, ‘I’m raising you to study, you can’t continue professional football.’ A good transfer offer came, but I had a lot of respect for my father.
  • My dad didn’t take it lightly either. After my dad said it, we couldn’t do anything different. According to my father, we finished football by running an amateur league. It was good too. We have given all our weight to politics.
  • That day in politics, I have continued even today. We continue to serve the nation. We have a beautiful team. With this team, we continue our service throughout Turkey. So there is no place where our service does not go.
  • We have a lot to do. We are also very happy about it. We are happy with you. It is a work of love. Neşet Ertaş says, ‘He who loves and runs does not get tired’.

Erdogan asked: “What is export?

When the visually impaired Kürşat Ceylan, the founder of the company that made the smart cane technology, took to the floor, Erdogan said, “What is export?” He asked.

When Kürşat Ceylan said they exported ,000 400,000 even though they were very new, President Erdogan replied, “This is not a bad number.” Kürşat Ceylan’s “What will be the next steps for social impact entrepreneurs?” In response, Erdogan said, “Qurast, we have to talk to you privately about this issue. We analyze the cost of this work. We can continue on this road with you. “

On the floor, artist Matin Senturk said, “We sat in front of you and there was nothing we could do to explain what needed to be done. But thank you for bringing us back to the days when we talked about what happened today. “

At the end of the ceremony, Erdogan appeared with Yemeni folk music played by visually impaired Bug Chalisky along with his piano and Matin Centurk songs.

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