Quotes About Birds | Birds and Quotes of Freedom (Brief)

Quotes about birds

You can find words reflecting the freedom of birds in our article below. We searched for the most intriguing religious sayings about birds, short sayings about birds, articles about birds, Mevlana about birds and much more.

Here are the 10 most beautiful words about birds;

1. Sometimes a person wants to be a bird and want to fly away from his hardships, life stress and himself.

2. There is doubt as to whether bats are among the birds, they can only fly in the dark. – Francis Bacon

3. For inaccessible cliff birds.

4. Birds are not afraid of humans. If he was scared, he would not build a house everywhere.

5. Let the flying bird land on your chest, my beautiful love …

6. From time to time, we look at the sky with envy and think that the air is free and the birds are free. – Arif Nihat Asiya

7. Sometimes people want to move from land to land like birds.

8. O loneliness, the darkness of correction. Let him get dirty himself. When he wakes up, let his grief live, let him not forget what even the pigeon believes … – Meral Mary

9. Everything is loving, love is a veil. The beloved is alive, the lover is dead. He who has no inclination towards love is like a wingless bird, alas! – Herz Mevlana

10. You are so beautiful that they should keep a bird in your path. – Nilgun Marmara

Birds and freedom quotes

Your look, darling. On a rainy day, the dove that caused the solar revolution … – Akgun Akova

The birds inside are waiting for you to fly, my dear …

When it is gone, the city will be destroyed, and the birds will die. Wherever you are, I will be flooded. – Ahmet Teli

With the wings of a bird, man with his horse. – Mahmud of Kashgarh

You know how you want to be an emerald phoenix and fly with them as birds fly with joyous cries: not to fly, but to escape from themselves …

If we had a big bird, it would take us from one country to another and fly freely.

I was alone in the open like a bird. – Yahya Kamal Bayatli

When you smile, the birds fly, the flowers bloom, the rain stops. The world gets better when you smile …

Bird cages are more beautiful when they are empty, not with birds.

Cuckoo, a beautiful song bird, floating in the world famous, flowing wind, sitting alone on a thousand branches around it, a bird at the head of each branch … – Nima Yusik

My hope comes and goes like a migratory bird. – Baris Manco

They say; When the emerald phoenix was approaching its death, it would make its home on a high place in the brushwood. Then he would sit in his hole and wait for the sun to come up. When the bushes, which could no longer withstand the heat of the sun, were burning in the fire, the phoenix began to sing his most beautiful song. They call this song the last song of Zümrüd-ü Anka. When the phoenix was caught in the fire, burning, a new phoenix would emerge from its ashes.

Although the bird fears that it will be destroyed by ruthless hands, it still makes its home. – K Mixjath

Birds are the wings of love in the sky.

Birds have taught people a lot; Flying, bird’s eye view and nest making.

No matter how high the birds fly, they will return to the ground for food.

You are light as a bird, but you cannot fly without wings.

What is the benefit of having bird wings after being kept in a cage?

To rise with the sun, from where the sun rises. Be the emerald phoenix behind Mount Cuff. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

Quotes about birds

People don’t understand why birds, because they plant scarecrows in the fields in summer and scatter wheat grains in winter. – M. Runner

Worry, think that the problem is that you think you can get out of the swamp. Born from ashes. You can be Emerald Phoenix …

Now we’re splitting a pigeon’s flight. The famous blue of the sky … – Cemal Süreya

For wild birds, on inaccessible shores. – Talat said Halman

Sounds like birds fill your house one evening. It is unknown where they came from. Sometimes they shout, sometimes their voices are not heard …

Then everyone drowned in their own world. It’s over, when we say it won’t pass. We forgot the birds … – Ilhan Burke

You speak so beautifully that you chirp like a bird.

Create a bird that fits freely in the sky, but always rests on you. – G. Duhamel

Life is normal when there are no birds chirping in the mountains. If the birds are silent and the crows start, it means something is happening in the distance.

Being sincere is the best miracle. Let the birds fly. – Ah Muhsin Unlu

It’s not just their feathers that show the beautiful birds. – Aesop

You don’t know, my love. You don’t know how to go, who to go to, who to go to … Your heart is a migratory bird, wandering from skin to skin in the heat of summer, but oh my dear, you are the news of winter frost …

He who has no inclination towards love is like a wingless bird. Alas for her. – Herz Mevlana

Birds are nature’s never-ending musicians.

Life is short, birds are flying. -Semal Sureya

May forget to open flowers. Birds to fly, springs to come; But I will never love you … – Ahmet Selkuk Ilkan

God loved birds and made trees. People liked birds and made cages. – Jack Devall

There are no birds lost in the branches. – Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı

We are in still water, but birds do not fly from our inner forest. – Sukru Erbas

Chirping like a bird, when people are with their loved ones …

I learned from the birds; The flight of emotional hope, certainty and truth … – Pablo Neruda

Either a man wants to fly like a bird, or he wants to land in the heart of his loved one …

If the sky is messy, it is the work of birds. – Oedipus Cancer

The flowers are as beautiful, as sweet as the birds can sing. A child is as much a child as he cries, and you know everything as much as you learn. Learn this too. Love as much as you love. – Can Usel

Quotes about birds

What is the benefit of closing the cage door after the bird has flown? – Theodore Fontaine

He who has no inclination towards love is like a wingless bird. – Herz Mevlana

Birds standing on trees are not afraid to break branches. His reliance is not on the branches of the tree, but on his own wings. – Charles Booksuki

They cut down our trees, birds attacked us, they destroyed our forests, left our lungs breathless.

The birds did not know that flying was freedom for them. For me; Breathing with you

The intention is white dove, vassal sky. Let’s fly together, hold my hand … – Abdurrahim Karakoch

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