Revenue for broadcasting in the Super League has been announced

Galatasaray, ranked 13th in the Sport Toto Super League, is just 3 points apart from its relegation pot, ranking first in the league in terms of broadcast revenue.

The yellow-red team, which has managed just 1 win in the last 13 weeks in the league and 7 wins in the last 24 weeks, has earned 167.8 million lira from broadcast revenue.

Trabzonspor, which has just one defeat and is in the lead with 17 wins out of 24 matches and has surpassed Galatasaray by 29 points at the same time, has earned 129.5 million lira.

– Large slices of cake go to the 3 largest cakes in Istanbul

Besiktas and Fenerbahce, far from the championship race this season, have also made more money than leader Trabjanspar.

Fenerbahçe, which is 20 points behind the leader and in 6th place, is in the second place with an income of 164.3 million lira.

Beşiktaş, which has the same number of points as the yellow-dark blue team and can find a place for itself in the 7th place on average, gained 151.8 million lira.

– Anatolian parties have to settle for smaller slices

Competing with a modest budget compared to the big clubs, Connaspor, who are second in the league with Galatasaray at 20 points and Besiktas and Fenerbahce at 11 points apart with a match deficit, have so far earned 95.6 million lira in broadcast revenue.

Adana Demirspor, who has risen to the Super League this season and is in 3rd place in the 24th week with 40 points, was able to earn 88.1 million lira.

Despite being a district team, Alaniaspor, which has always been at the top in recent years and is ranked 4th this season, has halved Galatasaray’s revenue with 86.6 million lira.

As of the 24th week of the Super League, the distribution of broadcasting revenue of clubs is as follows:

Super League Broadcast Revenue Distribution (Week 24)
Order Team Points Income (₺ million)
One Trabjanspar 57 129.5
2nd Koniaspor 48 95.6
3 A. Demirspor 40 6.1
4 Alanaspor 39 4.3
5 Basakshehir 37 4.3
6 FENERBAHCE 37 164.3
7 Besiktas 37 151.8
8 HATAYSPOR 36 72.2
9 Gaziantep FK 35 72.2
10 Caesarispor 34 72.2
11th F.KARAGUMRUK 33 80.7
12 Sivaspar 31 80.7
13 Galatasaray 28 167.8
14 Kasimpasa 27 74.7
15 GOZTEPE 27 74.7
16 Giresanspor 26 73.2
17 Antalyaspor 25 73.2
18 Resespor 22 4.3
19 ALTAY 21 67.3
20 Y. Malatyaspur 16 62.8

– 11 percent “champion shares” break the balance

The pool system has been used to broadcast revenue distribution for years. Accordingly, after allocating 4% of the revenue from the broadcaster to the Federation and 14% to a lower league, the remaining amount is divided between the teams in the Super League.

When this is being distributed, the 37 percent participation fee is allocated equally for each team.

46 percent is distributed according to the team’s wins and draws.

Only 6 percent of the revenue is allocated to teams that have finished the league in the top 6, with 11 percent shared between teams that have won the championship in the past.

Thus, the apparent superiority of Galatasaray, which has won 22 championships in the past, draws attention to Fenerbahce, which has 19 championships, and Besiktas, which has reached 16 happy endings.

– Galatasaray’s championship shares 91.5 million lira

With a total distribution cost of 3 billion lira, each league-winning club puts 4.16 million lira per championship in its vault.

Galatasaray, which has 22 championship trophies in its museum, has raised 91.5 million lira from this item.

In the same item, Fenerbahce has 19 championships with 79 million and Beşiktaş has 16 championships and revenue of 66.6 million lira.

Trabzonspor can reach only 24.9 million lira from this income through 6 championships, Başakşehir with one championship and Bursaspor in a sub-cluster can each get 4.16 million lira.

With the exception of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor and Başakşehir, the remaining 15 teams in the Super League must pass this item.

– The right to participate is 45 million, the winning prize is 3 million TL.

According to the distribution of broadcasting revenue, each club has the right to participate in the amount of 45 million TL.

The clubs earn 2.97 million lira for each win, which amount is divided into draws.

Thus, a team that has not won a championship in the past will need to win 30 wins in the league to reach the prize money (91.5 million lira) that comes from its championship share in Galatasaray.

– The prize of the champion team is 45 million lira

Galatasaray (91.5), Fenerbahçe (79) and Beşiktaş (66.6) won a total of 237 million lira from the championship shares, with a total of 147 million lira to be distributed to the teams that finish the season in the top 6.

The club, which finished the season as champions, will earn 46 million lira. This amount corresponds to about half of Galatasaray’s championship share.

The second team in the league will get 38, the third team 29, the fourth team 20, the fifth team 9 and the sixth team 5 million TL.

– There are no discounts for last year’s champions in Europe

Only 37 percent of broadcasting revenue in Turkey is distributed evenly as a participation fee, compared to 50 percent in Europe.

Looking at the five major leagues in Europe, 50 per cent of the revenue is shared equally among all clubs in England, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

Other segments of revenue are distributed in light of the criteria that clubs will receive in the current season based on criteria such as their performance over the last 5 years, box office earnings, number of ticketed spectators, spectator rate and number of matches. Live broadcast.

There is no part of the championship that has been won in the past years like Turkey.

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