School closure date announced! 9 days off at MEB school next month!

Shortly before April, elementary, secondary, and high school students set a date for the school holidays. After a long time, the students, who missed the class desk and the friends they missed so much, continued their face-to-face education for 7 months till September. Educational activities, which began in September, take a short break between the first semester break and the semester break opportunity. After the 9-day holiday, schools will remain open for another three months and then the 90-day summer vacation will begin. Families quickly began planning vacations, as temperatures rose and the effects of the epidemic diminished. In this context, the closing date of the schools was a matter of curiosity. So when will the 9-day holiday start in schools? Here is the MEB 2021-2022 Education Calendar …

Students mid-April holidays!

The Ministry of National Education has been applying for intermediate leave in schools for the last 4 years. The students went on break in the first semester between 15-19 November. The second semester break is announced with the published calendar. 18 million elementary, secondary and high school students will have April 11-15 holidays as part of the second semester break. After the break, schools will remain open until June 17, after which the summer holidays will begin.

Holidays will last 9 days with weekly holidays!

April holidays will be 9 days in schools. According to the MEB’s calendar, schools that closed on Friday, April 8, will resume their educational activities from Monday, April 18, from where they closed. In addition to the weekly holidays, the break of the second semester of the 2021-2022 academic year will be 9 days.

“We will expire without hassle”

National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar recently visited Elaji and set up various contacts. During the inauguration of a primary school library, the Minister of National Education reminded that the first period was closed with face-to-face education and said that it continued with the same determination in the second term.

Stressing that the Ministry of Health has changed the rules applied in schools, Ozar emphasized that masks are not used in school gardens and noted that students only use masks in the classroom. Minister Ozar continued, “At the same time, in 1-2 cases, we do not disrupt face-to-face education in the classroom. None of the 855,000 classrooms in our education system can continue education without facing obstacles. Education.”

The new education period is expected to start from 5th September!

The Ministry of National Education has not yet announced the work schedule for the 2022-2023 academic year. However, the second term in schools will end on June 17. The 2021-2022 academic year will officially end when students receive their average year end report card. The Ministry of National Education has applied for summer vacation for 90 days in epidemic and normal time. Considering these dates, the 2022-2023 academic year will start from 5th September.

3-day vacation waiting for students in Ramadan!

Ramadan, the month of unity, solidarity and solidarity of Muslims will be realized from 2nd April to 2nd May. After that Ramadan will be celebrated. In our country, there will be religious and public holidays, public institutions, government offices, banks and other institutions as well as schools and universities. Here is the date of the 2022 Ramadan Feast when schools will be closed;

The day before Eid of Ramadan Sunday 1st May

Ramadan is the 1st day of Eid Monday, May 2nd

Ramadan is the 2nd day of Eid Tuesday, May 3rd

Third day of Ramadan Feast (End) Wednesday, May 4th

Millions of students will take the test!

Scholarship examinations, high school entrance examinations and university examinations will be organized in 2022 by the Ministry of National Education and YSYM. You can find the exam calendar, which is closely related to the more than 5 million students, below;

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