Shall we laugh and say, ‘Oh, they’re having a good time …’? – Author – Selahaddin E. Chakirgil

I used to hear a sentence from my late grandmother that I didn’t know, often … ‘Oh, good luck! ‘ He will say

Then I understood that word, ‘A negligence And the devil Likely, ‘Oh, let Eri rock us …’ He uses it mns.


We know that waterlogging on social media is only regulated by a court order when someone is concerned. That is, it can be controlled at will … otherwise moral responsibility is extra.


I shared a video the other day, it came to me too … 2-3 minutes …

A lady shouted about a disaster and said, ‘Come on boy’ No, ‘There are children and women …’ Media, 14-15 girls next door, ‘They bravely snatched …’ She cries; And then, there’s a lot of immorality and murder around the girls who haven’t come back yet …‘He was saying … yes, in society Girls marry small yachts Related ‘Baby bride … ‘ He tends to create a sensitivity at the scene; But, the real disaster, ‘Children are womenIncrease income in one day …

In particular, it is seen that this situation is gradually corrupting the society with 4-5 letters of an association about immoral insanity.


The funny thing is, just these days, there was a similar outcry from American society. Yahoo / LifeAccording to an article published March 23 ‘300,000 in America’The child is married There are 86 percent of them Daughter14 percent ‘ Son ofymu and this’The kids are married There are those on the 10th side.‘Do … in the summer,’This condition Marriage As no, Baby smrs As qualified ‘ The grain was characteristic; Exactly …


In the face of this catastrophe, in all social negativity, Social media The role of uncontrolled use of so-called channels is huge … since it is not possible to control the mobiles in the hands of almost everyone.Dry the wetlands instead of killing one mosquito after another. ‘ Should think and, ‘The water started The monsterWhat do they keep? If so, the state should also create a system of control over them.

However, even our most irrelevant matters JudgmentOr some executive office executives, who are also afraid of their shadows, are making more encouraging decisions with some foreign focus.


Mesel Bursa is in Orhangaji Mediterranean Secondary school manager, class teacher, classroom, Daughters and their children should sit in separate rows, not in one row.Send a summer about it ..

What’s wrong with that?

Isn’t there a situation that leads to quarrels and even murders inside the school and even outside the school, when the girls are confronted with small structures and some of their mental aberrations and entitlements?

While this is the case, millions of circles following demonicism immediately acknowledge this situation.Perfectionist education Inconsistency And ‘haremlik-selmlk ‘ Making teebbs They deserve … and Orhangaji District Governor Also that mdr Oops And about Interrogation I started …

Should it be countered that a high school principal wants to take the initiative in arranging such a subject?

In this regard, your Ursna, whose responsibility is the highest level, that is?

M. Education Minister should not intervene immediately?

What is this Soldier Zorbal on February 28, 1997After the 25th year of nn, ‘Civilian general ‘ edl someone’s someone Perfectionist relationship In front Examples of directors who are afraid of their shadowsWill you meet him And at a time when Erdogan c. Was he a minister?


Oh, a ‘Bless the leader Obsessed, ‘For the nation … ‘ What he decides What will happen to the judiciary?

M. Ministry of Education, on March 8, 2008, i.e. 14 years ago, Creating ‘Attack Incident’ in school It slightly changed an old regulation that made it mandatory.

In accordance with the previous regulations, which were removed from the application, Which was still practiced-, In question, ‘It was built on a pedestal at a certain height from the ground and is surrounded by photographs, Genley Hitbe, Stickle Mar and a bunch of words. Was kept.

Secretary of the Ministry of Education M.Simplification, reduction of brokerage“Based on the reason, I deleted the details and “At the entrance to the building where the administration is located, the entrance is intersected, in the most convenient place which is easily seen.” A regulation was issued that included expressions.

Those who can’t stand even this slight change The little ones bow before a name, a picture, and a bustThere’s that one Education UnionEven this minor change is entirely Dante and finally, 14 years later, Dante’s 8th division. As well as unanimouslyThat has restored the previous rule.

This type of application was the same 75 years ago. Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin In the totalitarian rule of the rulers such as’Set up soldiers It was demonstrated to serve training goals …

It is unfortunate that we too … even in the private sector and at work …

Dante 8th Chamber judgment14 years in a comfortable chair where they sit with the nation tax, ‘Bar’ Display and, ‘Consistent with the provisions of our Constitution and the purposes set forth in Act No. 1739, (…) The main purpose of our national education system is to educate all members of the Turkish nation in accordance with the Atatর্কrk reforms and policies. They were able to decide to explain above with an introductory sentence …


Just, ‘Oh, stay tuned …’ Tell me, let’s go to GLP? ‘

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