The day to break the preconceived notion of epilepsy: the day of purple

At an online press conference held as part of the Turkish Association for Commenting Epilepsy, it highlighted the prejudices that epilepsy patients face in their social and business life, and shared the activities they carried out in the opportunity to raise awareness for epilepsy. March 26 Purple Day – Epilepsy Awareness Day. Press conference; President of the Turkish Association for Coming Epilepsy, Prof. Dr. Dr. Nurse Bebek, Vice-President Prof. Dr. Seher Naz took part in the management of Yeni and Samiti.

The story of the ‘purple day’

President of the Turkish Association for Coming Epilepsy, Prof. Dr. Dr. Nurse Bebek shared the following about the meaning of ‘Purple Day’: “Cassidy Megan, an 8-year-old epilepsy patient, started the Purple Day movement in 2008 with the aim of breaking the stigma of epilepsy in society and informing epilepsy patients. They are not alone. Epilepsy Awareness Day is being celebrated all over the world today.

The proportion of patients with epilepsy is 60 percent

According to the results of the Epilepsy Awareness Survey, the incidence of epilepsy in our country is 60 percent, said Prof. Dr. Dr. Nurse Bebek, “Epilepsy is not a contagious disease. We should not think differently from other chronic diseases. People who say they have epilepsy may be our family members, friends or neighbors. That is why we all have a responsibility. “We need to be more aware and raise awareness,” he said.

Recommended for reducing epilepsy convulsions

Epilepsy is a disease that progresses with seizures, said Professor. Dr. Nurse Bebek says patients should stay away from the causes of their seizures and makes the following recommendations: Excessive intake of stimulants like tea, coffee, cola should be avoided. Unnecessary worries, anxieties and stress should be avoided. Attention should be paid to the time spent in front of the screen to control convulsions; Because 3 percent of people with epilepsy have seizures caused by bright, flashing light. Regular use of drugs is very important. Missing a dose may not cause convulsions; However, if patients avoid multiple doses, the risk of convulsions increases, convulsions may come in clusters. Patients can apply to the hospital. If patients follow the treatment protocol properly, they can control 70 percent of their seizures. And of course, a good quality and regular sleep is essential to reduce the frequency of seizures. “

The proportion of people who do not want to hire people with epilepsy is 22 percent

Epilepsy patients are the most difficult social life, said Professor. Dr. According to Nerses Bebek, epilepsy awareness research; He explained that the rate of those who say that if I were an employer they would not want to hire a person with epilepsy is 22 percent. Noting that there is no difference between people with epilepsy and other staff in terms of work efficiency, Professor Dr. Dr. “People with epilepsy can be teachers, doctors, engineers or artists and they can be very successful in this field. There are some occupations that they should avoid and these are mostly dangerous; For example, jobs related to mountaineering, piloting, diving, firefighting, cutting equipment and machinery. “

Epilepsy awareness is a long way to go together

The Vice President of the Turkish Association for Coming Epilepsy, Prof. Dr. Dr. Seher Naz Yeni says they have so far reached thousands of people through research conducted within the scope of the epilepsy awareness campaign, which was implemented with the unconditional support of UCB Pharma. Professor Dr. He went on to say: “We will continue to raise awareness in our country for the nearly 1 million people with epilepsy and their relatives until the prejudices of society are eradicated. Our road is long and hard, but we have full faith that together we will break the stereotype. “

Voluntary support from actor Furkan Andik

Luke talks about the work of the Epilepsy Awareness Campaign, the keynote speaker of this year’s #UzunLafınKısası, Professor Dr. Dr. He shared the following about the new, famous actor Furkan Andik about being a campaign volunteer envoy: “Again, we would like to thank Furkan Andik for his unwavering volunteer support. This year, with the help of Furkan Andik, we created short videos to raise awareness about epilepsy, shared these videos on the social media account of the Look for the Epilepsy Awareness campaign, and made them available to the general public. “

Turkey icons will be illuminated with purple

Professor Dr. Yeni also mentioned that they have worked very closely with both government agencies and organizations and brands to bring the campaign to a wider audience this year, and talked about the planned activities within the purple of March 26. Days. Professor Dr. Yeni says many of our country’s iconic structures, such as the Amasya Castle and the Izmir Clock Tower, will be lit in purple as part of the March 26 Purple Day.

Purple race for epilepsy awareness

Speaking about the ongoing event to be held after the purple T-shirt to raise awareness about epilepsy, Professor. Dr. Yeni said, “As the Turkish Association for Commiting Epilepsy organized by the municipality of Istanbul Maltepe, we are holding a public awareness meeting on March 26 at the Purple Running 7K Epilepsy Awareness Public Run. We invite all of us to this epileptic awareness race at 10:00 a.m. on Maltepe Beach in Mor Gün. Those who wish to participate in the competition can access the registration form and detailed information on the Maltepe Municipality website.

“We are looking for epilepsy”

Epilepsy Awareness Ambassador Furkan Andik conveyed the following message: “I would like to underline some messages about Emilepsy Awareness: People with epilepsy can study, get married, have children, work and be successful in business. We get rid of all these superstitions. # UzunLafınKisa ‘We are looking for epilepsy’.

The goal of the Turkish Association for Commenting Epilepsy is to share their photos with the #MorGözlük filter. Ambassador. Invitation.

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