The Little Lady of Yesilcom is commemorated on the 27th anniversary of her death

Belgin Doruk, known as the Little Lady of Yesilkam in black and white Turkish films, and who gave life to hundreds of characters on the set, is commemorated by Turkish cinema and its fans on the 27th anniversary of her death. The Little Lady, who lived a life that would be the subject of books and TV series and swallowed the dust of the stage when she was young, was born as the child of the Refet-Hassan Doruk couple. Born on June 28, 1936, Belgin Haneem was first selected among the young girls in a competition held in 1952 by the Istanbul Film brand and Yıldız Magazine, one of the most famous magazines of the time.

It was acclaimed by Jackie Murray

In a speech by Jackie Murray, “She’s beautiful from the tip of her nose to the shadow of her eyelids.” Belgin Doruk, whom he portrayed as “Chakirkali Mehmet F’s Treasure”, starred in the film “Chakirkali Mehmet F’s Treasure”, written by Farooq Kenk and directed at the same time. Doruk, who competed in a beauty pageant held across Turkey in 1953, was selected as the second most beautiful woman in Turkey. The Little Lady, whose fame quickly grew with the degree of competition, participated in the 1953 film “Koroglu / Turkan Sultan” and the production of “The Killing City” directed by Om Lutfi Akad. The Killing City went down as the first film in history where Belgin Doruk and Ayhan Ishik appeared together on camera.

Married against the wishes of the family.

In 1954, Belgin Doruk married Enver Pasha’s nephew and director Farooq Kane, despite his family’s disapproval. Doruk was only 18 when he got married. At the age of 19, he took his daughter Gul in his arms in 1955. The couple’s marriage ended in 1959. At the time of her marriage to Kenk, a well-known director at the time, Doruk starred in the 1955 film “Fear of Death” with Aziz Basmaki, Muzaffar Tema, Kenan Pars, and Neriman Koksal. He then landed a role in the film “Son Best”, where he shared the lead roles with Jackie Murray. Belgin Doruk, who took a break from his career shortly after the birth of his daughter, returned to the stage in 1957 with the film “An Istanbul Girl in the Dessert”, where he starred opposite Turan Sefioulu. However, Doruk’s fame finds wide resonance with his Jackie Murray film “Son Beste”.

She made history with ‘Little Lady’.

She starred opposite Neginat Saidam in “Little Lady” starring Belgin Doruk, Sadri Alisik and Ayhan Ishik, one of the most memorable films of 1961. The film entered the top 3 of the most acclaimed and most watched films of 1961. After years of positive reviews, the film “Little Lady in Europe” and “The Kissmate of the Little Lady” were shot in 1962 with the same cast. Upon positive reviews from the audience, in 1970, the movie “Little Lady’s Driver” was introduced to the movie audience.

His film establishes a bond in the heart

Belgin Doruk, whose films especially drew attention with Ayhan Ishek, Sadri Alisik and Jackie Muren, starred in “Broken Record” in 1959 and “Hep and Sarki” in 1961. In 1961, she married screenwriter and director Ozdemir Birsell. Continuing his career in film, Doruk starred in “Bahchevan” in 1962, “Istanbul Footwalks” in 1963, and “Life Is Never Sweet” in 1964. He starred opposite Errol Tas and Tanju Gursur in the 1964 film Beyond the Walls. An essential face of emotional comedy and melodrama, Little Lady starred in some of the most popular films of the 1950s and 1960s. The artist’s son, Aydin Bircel, was born in 1967 from his second marriage. However, Aydin Birsell died at the end of 2021.

The pills she uses to lose weight are detrimental to her health

Belgin Doruk won the Best Actress award at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for his 1969 film “Ayşecik-The Keepers of Home”. The actress, who started gaining weight as she got older, lost her health due to her rapid weight loss medication. He was suffering from both physical and mental problems. The artist, who spent a difficult time in the late 60’s and early 70’s, was hospitalized for some time. The artist’s last painting was ‘Bastir Batas’ in 1972. During his life on the Doruk set, he swallowed the dust of the set with youngsters like Izzet Gune, Kunet Arkin, Aedes Hoon, Tamer Igit, Ekrem Bora, Esref Kalkak, Goksel Arsay.

He was hospitalized in 1972.

In 1972, an article was published in a famous newspaper of the time. It is reported that Belgin Doruk has been admitted to Shifa Yardu in Ortako. The news was as follows: “As our artist Belgin Doruk loses weight, his nerves begin to melt. He has acquired various psychological habits. He has become skeptical, skeptical, obsessive, sleepless. Famous artists read books, newspapers and magazines for hours; He is the one who draws old patterns on the cloth. The artist, who can only sleep two hours a day, does not even want to meet his wife and children and his attitude towards them is not clear. Dr. The treatment started by Farooq Beulken, then neurosurgeon and psychoanalyst. It was taken by Kemal Keskinel. After several tests, Belgin Doruk was banned from using weight loss pills and was admitted to the hospital in need of a certain rest. Belgin Doruk, who was admitted to Ortaköy Şifa Yurdu in early June 1972 and whose treatment began, began to recover in a short time. His condition of not being able to remember some words and his slow speaking style are starting to get better.

He announced his retirement from cinema in 1975.

Belgin Doruk, one of Yesilsam’s most memorable names, announced that he had left the movie in 1975 with a statement. The Little Lady, who had been resting for 20 years, died on March 26, 1955, of a heart attack. Doruk was buried in Ginsirlikyu Cemetery.

Top-rated movies starring artists

Belgin Doruk’s most acclaimed films in his decades-long acting career were: “Slam Wind”, “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”, “The Driver of the Little Lady”, “Aesic” Home Guard “,” Surprise Revenge “. “Istanbul”, I Don’t Love You An Artist “,” Goodbye My Baby “,” Corrupt Order “,” Blood of the Earth “,” Driver’s Daughter “,” Forbidden Heaven “,” Numbering Minutes “,” Broken Lives “,” Always That Gun “,” A Game ” Of Hearts “,” Istanbul Footpath “,” King of Drivers “,” Love and Hate “,” Domestic Game “,” Beyond the Wall “,” Bitirimsin Honeym Sister “,” Women Are Always the Same “,” Heart Hunter “,” Mediterranean song “Little Lady”, “Nightingale Nest”, “Longing”, “Full Naked”, “A Summer Rain”, “Red Veg”, “Wedding Procession”, “The Lamp of the Green Mansion”, ” First Love “,” Bloody Escape “,” Undying Love “,” My Life’s One Night “,” Broken ” “Record”, “Looking For My Mother”, “Sad Year”, “Let’s Die Together”, “An Istanbul Girl In The Dessert Shermin”, “The Nightingale With Pain”, “Tool Doomsday”, “Fear Of Death”, ” The Last Composition “,” Destiny “.

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