The Ministry of Salak will allocate additional vacancies for 63 vacancies in GYS

Among the staff recruited in the legal process in the promotion process of the Ministry of Health With those who did not go on strike New posts have been appointed Going on strike Retirement, death, retirement or retirement from the civil service, employment or other organization with other designations Show live Additional posts will be filled due to recruitment. The relevant ad is as follows:

Determining additional space through 2020 title test results

For employees working in the central, party and revolving fund agencies of our Ministry, subject to Section 4 / A of the Civil Servants Act No. 657, the provisions of the Ministry of Health Worker Promotion and Change of Title Regulations issued on 26/06 and 84873901 / 774.05 / 263 As a result of the protocol signed between the Ministry and Anadolu University, according to the approval number of the Ministry.

The order of success in the title change test was determined in accordance with the 13th article of the Ministry of Health Promotion and Title Change Regulations and was announced on November 05, 2021 in the Personal Information System (PBS).

According to the results of the 2020 title examination of our ministry, the text of the placement announcement and the structure of the calendar; Among the original candidates who passed the title change test, the recruitment process was completed on 26/11/2021 in the presence of a notary public.

Those who became vacant as a result of the recruitment process based on the results of the 2020 title change test, those who did not start their duties within the legal term and those who started their duties in the new position and those who retired, died, retired or were dismissed Vacancies due to recruitment or transfer to another organization, or as per relevant law, vacancies of employees whose names have been announced will be taken in order of success and they will be recruited in the framework of the attached calendar in the presence of a notary public, accepting their choice for the vacancy.

1) Applications can be made within the date specified in the lottery calendar, on the website of the General Directorate of Health Administration Services ( E-Government Container Identity Verification System through Personal Information System (PBS) It will be logged in.

2) Applications will start on Thursday, March 24, 2022 and end on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 18:00

3) Candidates who will apply will fill up the application form electronically on PBS within the date specified in the drawing calendar, save and confirm their choices. After the finalization process, no changes will be made to the application information and preferences. Incomplete application will not be considered.

4) The final application will not be sent separately as an actual document.

5) Candidates who cannot be placed in their choice, those who will request to participate in the general draw will be placed in the blank space through the general draw.

6) Candidates who will apply for the test can choose a maximum of ten (10) for the vacancies declared as the basis of the title and brand placement process and the rank will be determined according to the order of their success.

7) Applications which do not apply within the stipulated time in the published text, make false application and are not finalized through PBS will be considered as invalid.

8) Vacancies for this lottery have been announced on provincial basis.

9) Candidate placement procedures will be done on computer in the presence of Notary Public on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

10) As a result of these appointments, settlers are appointed to suitable positions for their acquisition and those who cannot be appointed due to lack of adequate staff suitable for their acquisition will be appointed as per the provisions of Section 7 of the Presidential Decree on General Staff and Method no. During this period, all the rights of the nominees will be reserved as the basis of recruitment as per the test results.

11) The recruits are obliged to start their duties within the time limit prescribed under Sections 62 and 63 of the Civil Servants Act No. 657. Employees who fail to perform their duties within the period specified in the article will be canceled.

12) Changes in Duty and Title Control in Article 4 of Article 15 of the Ministry of Health Worker Promotion: “Among the declared posts;

A) Those who do not meet the conditions of appointment, their examination is considered invalid or their appointment is canceled due to this reason, the assigned duty does not start within the stipulated time without valid excuse, or the right of appointment is waived,

B) For vacancies or vacancies due to retirement, death, retirement or dismissal from the Civil Service or transfer to another institution, the ranking of success shall not be more than 6 (six) months from the date of final examination till the next examination. Will be held for the post with the same title, in accordance with Article 13, will be appointed within the reserve determined by the Ministry in the order of success.

13) Recruiters as a result of title change test; They will not be able to request relocation between the provinces for at least two years unless they have been in office for at least two years due to their employment situation, displacement due to health, lack. Education, disability and security of life.

14) Since the title change is accepted as the basis for the declaration of employees at the time of application for examination, those who have been placed as a result of recruitment and those who do not meet the conditions of appointment and lose their conditions will not be recruited as invalid; Even if the assignment is done, it will be canceled.

The title for 2020 is DEKL Test results

GRE Extra Insert Calendar





24 Thursday, March 2022 – March 29, 2022

Shawl Hours Until 18:00

Apply through PBS


30 March 2022 Car

The recruitment commission is final



March 31, 2022 PEREMBE

Placement Lim

(Space and time

( Internet address.)

L Name– Title — Bran —- Number of MNHL
Again BYOLOG No 1
ARTVN Dietitian No 1
Cockle Dietitian No 1
Bees Physiotherapy No. 2
Oram Physiotherapy No 1
ERZNCAN Physiotherapy No 1
Erzurum Physiotherapy No 1
IDIR Physiotherapy No 1
Karabak Physiotherapy No 1
Nevehr Physiotherapy No 1
SVAS Physiotherapy No. 3
Slap Physiotherapy No 1
Trojan Physiotherapy No 1
Jonguldak KMYAGER No 1
ARTVN Audiologist No 1
SKHR Audiologist No 1
OSMANE Audiologist No 1
BNGL Psychologist No 1
Gamhane Salik Teknakar Anesthesia One
Stanbull Salik Teknakar Anesthesia 2nd
Kirklerel Salik Teknakar Anesthesia One
KTAHYA Salik Teknakar Anesthesia One
Again Salik Teknakar Anesthesia One
YOZGAT Salik Technakar Anesthesia d
MERSN Salik Technakar Electronophysiology 1
Erzurum Salik Technakar FZK Therapy 1
Stanbull Salik Technakar FZK Therapy 1
KARS Salik Technakar FZK Therapy 1
RZ Salik Technakar FZK Therapy 1
Unliurfa Salik Technakar FZK Therapy 1
Again Salik Technakar FZK Therapy 1
Trojan Salik Technakar FZK Therapy 1
Batman Salik Technakar Audiometer 1
BTLS Salik Technakar Audiometer 1
Unliurfa Salik Technakar Audiometer 1
Ardahan Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
BAYBURT Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
HATAY Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
IDIR Salik Technakar Medical Secretary2
Stanbull Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
Karabak Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
KARS Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
Kirklerel Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
NDE Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
Sakarya Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
Again Salik Technakar Medical Secretary 1
BAYBURT Social receiver No 1
BTLS Social receiver No 1
Gamhane Social receiver No 1
Hawker Social receiver No 1
MU Social receiver No 1
Samson Social receiver No 1
Van Social receiver No 1
GAZANTEP Sociologist No 1
Stanbull Technicolor NAAT 3 TwitterClick to follow

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