The Ukrainians who fled the war and came to Adana shared their experiences with tears

With her children, 11-year-old Mark and 10-year-old Daniel, with her from Kyiv, 36-year-old Alona Lunyakina came to Turkey via Moldova, Poland and Bulgaria.

Lunyakina, who temporarily settled in the city with a family with the help of the Adana-Ukraine Friendship, Culture, Education and Solidarity Association, shared her experiences with the AA correspondent.

Loniakina said that after the Russian invasion began, her mother woke her up very early in the morning and told her to hide on the subway.

Luniakina said her mother did not want to leave the country, saying she left home with only their passports and her children’s birth certificates.

Explaining that they stayed on the subway for about 6 hours, Luniakina said, “Then I contacted a friend. My friend said, ‘We have a village, it would be safe to go there.’ “My mother didn’t want to come, I just left with my kids. We were in the village for 3 days. Many bombs were dropped there. There was a gas station. There were a lot of rockets and bombs thrown. “My kids’ mentality got worse.” He said.

Mentioning that they often met with his ex-wife, who went to war in the country during this process, Lunyakina continued:

“We finally had a chance to leave the village. We found a car and drove first to Moldova, then to Poland and Bulgaria and then to Turkey. We were at the border for more than 7 hours. The children were so scared, they were crying. Even this pressure was enough. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of 2,000 people, according to the Associated Press. We were too scared to go to the border. There were many civilians. Killed on the way. “

“I came to Turkey to save my children.”

Revealing that he had left the country early, Luniakina said:

“There was a lot of destruction on the road we were going through. The places we went through were horrible. The planes flew over the houses, there was the sound of bombs. People were trembling with fear. They dropped bombs on a gas station. There was a loud noise. I was scared. I have all my relatives. I have no relatives abroad, but I am saving my children. ” I came to Turkey to end this war. Many children have died. I want peace now. I want peace from now on. Let Putin live the worst life in the world. The condition of the children is bad. They cry when they hear the sound of bombs. They lie on the ground all the time. Soldiers come down from the sky and visit the house. They kill people. ‘ We do not touch civilians. They say we would turn off the lights in the house so that no one would notice. We were lying on the floor, there was no food. It was very difficult. “

“I never thought I’d feel that way.”

Antonina Zaikina, 37, a survivor of the war, started her journey from the town of Mykolive with her children Diana, 17, Angelina, 10, and Eva, 9, after the attack began.

Jaikina, who visited her relatives in Adana, said her husband had stayed in Ukraine to fight and that she had to leave the country to save her children.

“They’re bombing everywhere. They’re bombing civilians. It’s a very scary scene. It’s an indescribable thing. They bomb people. They don’t choose children or the elderly. They don’t. They shoot at anyone they see. Tanks are moving around the city. They are dropping bombs, burning houses. My city is on fire. ” He said.

Mentioning that he was worried about his wife, Jaikina mentioned:

“Because the internet is so weak, I can’t always reach him. I’m scared because the helicopter is flying. The rocket could hit my wife at any moment. It’s a terrible thing. I never thought I would have such an experience. By killing, we can do nothing. Our troops are trying their best to save us. I want the war to end as soon as possible, I want peace in the whole world. I want Ukraine, let there be Ukraine, there is no one. I’m in a very difficult process. The kids were scared, they couldn’t sleep at night. We slept in clothes at night to get ready to escape. It’s a very difficult thing I don’t want. Anyone can feel that way. “

Diana Jakina insisted she wanted to end the war as soon as possible and said, “I want to go to my own school in my favorite Ukraine, my favorite city. I want to see my father and hug him. My relatives are there, I want to see them. Want and want to hug them. ” Used phrases.

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