They said your father had an accident: I was shocked at that moment

Osman Göktaş: A mining martyr who saved his life and saved 4 people with his son in the mine.
Her son, whom she saved, died in the same mine 9 years later.
The long-suffering mother gave up her last breath as she could no longer bear the pain of her husband and son.
In these lines, you will hear the story of that painful life from the children of Osman Goktas.
Emin Aydin.
Osman Goktas’s only daughter …
See how he tells the mining story of his father and brothers …

“I lost my father in the mine …”
My phone rang in the morning,
They said your father had an accident.
I was shocked at that moment …
My tongue was stuck …
What can anyone say in this situation …
9 years apart I lost my brother in the mine.
My mother… my loyal, tolerant mother.
He could not bear the pain of both his son and his wife and I buried him 6 months later.
In my hands, I have an older brother whom I call my family.
He also works in the mines.
I don’t know if it’s our destiny or how it was written …
We did not grow up in a very rich family.
But thank God my dad didn’t show up for us one day.
Although there was no work in those illegal queries, he worked but did not show our absence.
And I was always proud of my dad, still am.
My father Osman Goktas was a hero.
We have heard from the workers who survived the reactor,
The gas exploded in the mine.
The workers must be trying to leave the quarry.
Gas-stricken workers fall to the ground.
My brother also works in that stove, his name is Ugur.
The two of them came out and got rid of the stove.
My brother says, ‘Dad, people are dying’.
My brother Ugur is diving into the furnace again.
My father followed …
Ugur is also exposed to smoke and falls to the ground.
My father is saving my first brother Ugur.
He saved 4 of his workers who fell to the ground due to smoke.
But he can’t let go …
He saved them all and died in that furnace …
I don’t know how we survived this ordeal.
The Soma disaster occurred and 301 miners were martyred.
The people of Jonguldak understand their suffering the most.
We too, a city that constantly feels that pain.
We cried with them here every day … “

Nazif Goktas, son of Osman Goktas, who continues to work in the mines, describes his experience as follows;
“I started working in mining with my father when I was 14 years old.
I spent 7-8 years shoulder to shoulder with my father,
We worked together and took care of our families.
Of course, we acted illegally then.
No insurance, no insurance.
Then comes the military service.
When I left the military, I joined an insured mining company.
I have to work to take care of my siblings.
Digging has been my only occupation since I was 14 years old.
When I say poverty, the struggle for bread, I had to start working in the mines.
I have been working in mining for 20 years.
My father was like me.
He also had to work.
Husband / wife and children waiting for bread at home …
There is a house whose chimney must smoke …
So he had to work …
It’s stuck in my mind.
June 2009
The phone rang at 9 o’clock in the morning.
They said: “Your father had an accident.”
I was speechless then.
However, the people of the house ask, ‘Who is he? Who is it? ‘
I was confused as to what to say, I could not say anything.
“My father was injured in the accident. We will go to the hospital.” Says

The electric wire in the stove catches fire and the smoke from the wire poisons the workers.
My father gave his life to save my brother and his 4 workers.
Maybe if it were a mask we say OFK, it could be saved.
My brother Ugur also died in a methane gas explosion.
Father and son died on the same land at intervals of 9 years.
He was 29 years old brother …
I lost both my father and my brother on the coal road.
But there is nothing more to do.
My job is mine.
To Jongulda, we can’t support a house with the money we get abroad.
Also, if we get used to this job, we can’t do anything else.
This is what we know.
We go to work at 1 in the morning, and we return home in the morning.
We go to bed, rest and go back to work in the evening.
This is the life of a miner …
The purpose is to bring bread home,
To be able to take care of their children and family.
I am not afraid because I grew up from seed.
I work in every mine, I work as I please.
Once you become a miner, you have to do everything.
Sometimes digging coal, sometimes shoveling, sometimes driving …
This is the fate of Jonguldak.
You can’t change that!
Why is that?
Because no trader invests or opens factory in this area.
If there were factories and investments in this area, no one would go to work in the mines.
After the death of a worker in Soma, our salaries and allowances are controlled by legislation.
With double the minimum wage, we are beginning to receive some reward for our labor.
If that price had not been paid that day, the system would have continued. “

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