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A national football team has earned the right to play in the play-offs for the finals, winning second place in the European qualifying group after collecting 21 points in 10 matches, second only to the Netherlands.

The Nationals faced Portugal, who won the 2016 European Championship and the 2019 UEFA Nations League, in a play-off semi-final. The Crescent-Stars lost 3-1 and left the field in another spring.

The hope of coming up with a penalty goal is gone with a penalty miss

Turkey were optimistic about the play-offs after a last-minute penalty kick by Burak Ilmaz in the 2-1 win over Latvia in the qualifying round.

After playing Latvia, the national team defeated Gibraltar 6-0 and Montenegro 2-1, finishing second in the group and qualifying for the playoffs.

The Nationals lost 2-0 to Portugal in the play-off semifinals but failed to capitalize on the final. After scoring 2-1 on penalties, Turkey squandered the opportunity as Burak Ilmaz missed a penalty and was knocked out 3-1.

The first World Cup was in 1954

A national football team has reached the World Cup final only twice in its 99-year history.

For the first time, Turkey shared World Cup excitement for the 1950 World Cup final. Despite losing both matches against Austria, the national team got another chance after the country decided not to participate in the final. The national team, which faces Syria in the final, dropped out of the final in Brazil on the grounds that it would be “expensive” despite a 6-0 defeat to the opposition.

In 1954, Turkey won the right to reach the final for the first time as a result of a draw by an Italian boy named “Franco”. Turkey lost 4-1 to Spain in the first match of the qualifying round and won 1-0 in the second match. Due to the status quo at that time the third match held in neutral ground (Rome) ended 2-2 and the work was left in a draw. As a result of the lot of an Italian boy named Franco, Turkey has won the right to participate in the final.

In the first match of the final, the national football team lost 4-1 to Germany and was able to defeat South Korea 6-0. According to the rules, the Turkish national team faced Germany again and lost 6-2 in the 1954 World Cup final.

Turkey did not participate in the 1958 World Cup qualifiers when FIFA wanted to play their match in the Asian Group.

Unsuccessful period

Competing in the European group again in the 1962 World Cup qualifiers in Chile, the national football team defeated Norway in both matches, but lost to the Soviet Union in both matches and failed to reach the final.

England failed to qualify for the 1966 and Mexico 1970 finals, and Turkey again lost the opportunity to participate in the organization, finishing second in its group after Italy in qualifying for the 1974 World Cup in Germany.

The Crescent-Star team did not find what they were hoping for in the 1978 Argentina, Spain 1982 and Mexico 1986 qualifiers.

Italy fled for a short time in 1990

In the last match, Turkey missed out on a chance to reach the final of the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

Turkey, in the same group as the Soviet Union, Austria, East Germany and Iceland, came hoping to get a final visa in the last away match against the Soviet Union. The match ended 2-0 with Turkey in third place in the group, with the Soviet Union and Austria winning the first two places to advance to the final.

A national football team failed to reach their target in the 1994 World Cup in the United States and the 1998 World Cup in France.

Historic breakthrough in 2002

A national football team qualified for the 2002 World Cup final for the second time in 48 years.

After finishing second in the group stage with 21 points in the qualifiers, the national team faced Austria in the play-offs. Turkey, dominating the opposition with 1-0 and 5-0 scores in two games, bought tickets to the World Cup.

In the 2002 World Cup, hosted by national teams Japan and South Korea, he achieved a historic milestone under the guidance of coach Shenol Gunes.

The Crescent-Stars were in the same group with Brazil, Costa Rica and China in the company. The Crescent-Star team lost 1-1 to Brazil in their first match of the group and drew 1-1 with Costa Rica. In the last match, the national team defeated China 3-0 and was able to move up to the second position from the group on average.

In the second round, the national team defeated Japan 1-0 and reached the semi-finals by defeating Senegal 1-0 in the quarter-finals. Turkey, who face Brazil again in the semifinals, lost 1-0 to their opponents and lost the chance to reach the final.

In the last match of the organization, Nationals defeated South Korea 3-2 and came third.

Swiss Break 2006

In the final of the 18th World Cup held in Germany in 2006, Turkey could not participate in the play-offs due to a sticking with Switzerland.

The Crescent-Star team lost the first match 2-0. Although Turkey won 4-2 in Istanbul, Switzerland managed to reach the World Cup with an away goal difference.

Big disappointment in 2010

In the 19th World Cup held in South Africa in 2010, a national football team could not participate due to not being in the top 2 of the qualifying round.

The Crescent-Star team suffered a major setback, finishing third in the Spanish group behind Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they came first.

Frustration in 2014

Turkey failed to qualify for the 20th World Cup in Brazil in 2014 after failing to qualify.

National teams in the same group, such as the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Estonia and Andorra, finish 4th and are out of the final again.

Started qualifying well in 2018, ended badly

A national football team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia due to a failure to qualify.

The national team got off to a good start in the qualifying group stage with Iceland, Croatia, Ukraine, Finland and Kosovo. The nationals, who are fourth in the group with 15 points, have never been to the World Cup.

Turkey did not qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and regretted failing to reach the final for the 20th time, with 5 in a row.

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