Turkey’s most acclaimed artist

1- Haluk Levant


3-Sejan Aksu

4-Sem Ilmaz

5-Sahan Gakbakar

Research firm Metropole has done it. This is how the results of the survey called “Turkey’s Pulse March 2022” came out. The survey, conducted with 1,535 people from 28 provinces, determined Turkey’s most acclaimed artists. Think about it … Great Turkey … I don’t know how many million inhabitants, 1,535 people have determined my favorite personality.

Personally, I have no objection to this list. I like these names too, but is that enough? Because I like it, no one else has to like it !!!

My objection to the election.

I do not understand my argument. Based on these lists we will say, “Yes, we will love these names now, we will believe these names, these names are our leaders, we will vote for this name”?

This survey is done for sports as well as for politics. And it strikes me as something that is seriously meaningless and affects people.

For example, the rating rating of the screen is the same. The rating measure in the home of 2,000 people determines what I look for and it is up to me to pick it. When I look at the screen, I can never be with these 2,000 people. Sounds meaningless, sorry.

I don’t like what they see, what they rate. I do not see and I strongly oppose some of them. So what happens now?

Then a nationwide survey.

Keep all home ratings measured.

So let’s say thank you …

Selkuk Ural said, “Bergen’s name would not have been mentioned if he had not thrown Apocalypse in his face. We love pain.

He even said, “It’s not a movie made by Baris Manco or Sam Karaka, because Turkey’s reputation is based on scandals.”
He said, “If I run out of panties, the agenda will change the next day.”

Of course, if the Selkuk Ural runs there after panties, it will be talked about for a few days. Even it is so pronounced that there is no place where it is not verified. Lock their phone. Everyone is trying to get Seluk Ural on the show. It became his barren day and the main theme of the coffee house. There is no such truth. But after two days he forgot. Because another incident sits in the corner.

As Bergen. “If Bergen had not been thrown into bitterness,” said Selkuk Ural. However, if Bergen’s face had not been cast, it would have been known somehow. Because his voice is beautiful. And that woman has to talk about herself. If he had not been shot, he would have survived. This is an individual issue. However, there is one thing, Selkuk Ural, I totally agree with the fact that in our country fame prefers the agenda.

Yes, we love pain, we hold on, we see, we applaud, but we defend the name without scandal. Names like Cem Karaca and Barış Manço are an asset to this country. But if the movies were made, it would not have touched 40 crores at the box office. This is a very specific fact. Because you have to make this person cry. Crying is inherited.

It’s not fun in our code. Most people do not like to have fun.

If there is drama, there is an agenda, this is the first time I agree so much with Selchuk Ural.

This is how many celebrities developed in the nineties. She was dazzled by tears, drama, and pain. We are still talking about many celebrities of the 90’s, there is always a scandal, there is always a drama in their fame.

Especially in the nineties, most of the beautiful voices and talented people disappeared due to lack of dramas and programs. However, it becomes an agenda for the person whose voice is beautiful and small enough to be involved in an event. When he became famous, he wrote his own rules and followed the path he knew. He laid the foundation.

At the very beginning of the basics;

1-You will be beautiful.

2-You will sign beautiful and eventful love.

3-You will be handsome.

4-You will fall in love with a handsome and famous woman.

5-You will have a sharp tongue.

6-You will create your own agenda on each topic.

7-You will be brave.

8-You will not be afraid of scams.

9- You will find a place for yourself in TV series, commercials, music and theater.

10- You will show yourself in every environment, in every invitation. And you will create a name for yourself.

You will find your place on the agenda with your outfit, you talk to someone or you leave. You will be on that wheel without getting tired, without giving up, without getting tired. Once you have laid that foundation, don’t be afraid … the rest is like tearing socks. We are still talking about the celebrities who laid the foundation of that scandal.

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