Valerian Ismail Beşiktaş – Signed for TRT Spor

Beşiktaş hosted a signing ceremony for French coach Valerian Ismail, with whom he agreed for 2.5 years, with an option for 1 year. President Ahmet Nur Sebi and Sporting Director Sehun Kazansio were also present at the press conference.

President Sebi, “Our teacher came to Istanbul to contribute to Beşiktaş from now on. We made a deal. We trust our teacher endlessly. We did good research. We believed he would be a suitable teacher for our plans and projects.” Used expressions.

“Valerian Ismail thinks about young people and knows we have good young people.” Who says Sports Director Ceyhun Kazancı “I am pleased with the decision of our esteemed President.” Says

At the signing ceremony, in Turkish; “Not one day, every day Beşiktaş” Valerian Ismail, who speaks of her; I think I’m on duty now to know the league and the team. I can promise for sure: Beşiktaş fans will see the profile of a manager who pays 100% to win on the sidelines. “ Says

The statement made by Chairman Ahmed Noor Sebi at the signing ceremony was as follows:

“During my presidency we had big administrative and financial problems. We spent some time clearing them. During this time we won 3 trophies last year. From now on our club will have a strategy in terms of material and ethics.”

“Last year, we won 2-3 cups during the hardest time during the epidemic. This plan and project will continue with my teacher surgeon, my teacher Onder and now my teacher Ismail. It’s a relay race. During my presidency, we had administrative and financial There was a big problem. We got rid of them. Then our club will have a strategy, both materially and spiritually. “

“I especially thank my teacher, Onder Caravelli. He took the team on his back after my teacher surgeon. However, for some reason we don’t know, he got tired on social media. He said he did not want to continue his responsibilities. For Beşiktaş. . “

“Our teacher has come to Istanbul to contribute to Beşiktaş from now on. We have an agreement. We trust our teacher endlessly. We have researched well, we believe he will be a suitable teacher for our plans and projects.”

“I chose to walk with the teachers who will contribute to the future of Beşiktaş”

“So far, I haven’t sent a coach.” I stood behind Sergeant Hodge until he said, ‘I have to go.’ I also insisted. I also stood behind Wonder Caravelli. I said the same thing to Abdullah Avcı. I didn’t send a technical guy who was gone. Look at what I have done in the past and you will see how I will protect the teacher. I have never been a president who came here and said, ‘I want this teacher, let that teacher come’. I was not the president who came up with the famous professors. I chose to walk with the coaches who will contribute to the future of Beşiktaş. I value institutionalism. I will continue to be corporate. An example of our institutionalization is our sports director, work and jobs … I will continue to work institutionally like this. “

“We need the support, patience and confidence of the Beşiktaş supporters. I look forward to the match. We have brought our coaches here to argue often and eliminate them. Let our fans believe us.”

“Wonder Caravelli will continue to contribute”

Chairman Sebi, when asked about Caravelli’s future, “Leader Caravelli succeeded. Unfortunately he was beaten and tried unjustly. I urge you not to continue. There is criticism, but not lynching.” He feels tired, they feel him. He said it would be nice to have someone new in his place. Wonder Caravel is with us. He has contributed a lot and will continue to do so. Our teacher Wonder Caravelli will be on the road with us. It will continue to play a long-term role in infrastructure. He has contributed a lot to us and will continue to do so. ” Replied.

Q: There is a “Terminator” analogy for Valerian Ismail, did Besiktas find his “Terminator”?

“If most fans love their coach, they will find a suitable name for them. If the fans say Terminator, if the coach agrees, that’s fine.”

Highlights from Ceyhun Kazancı’s speech:

“Congratulations on the new term. We talked about a project a few months ago. The flag will change from time to time. The important thing is the continuity of the project. As a result of our studies, we met a few professors. “

“Our criteria were clear. We have a dream of Beşiktaş that can achieve great success not in the short term, but in the medium and long term. I think we have made the right choice. I hope we will go even higher this year and fight. . ”

“Valerian Ismail thinks about young people and knows we have good young people. I am pleased with the decision of our esteemed President.”

Here is the story of Valerian Ismail:

“I would like to thank our President and Ceyhun Kazanci for their trust in me.”

“First of all, I want to thank you for the confidence you have shown in me. It has fascinated me a lot. I am really proud. I know I have been to one of the biggest clubs in Turkey and even Europe.”

“There’s a lot of responsibility, but that’s what I’m looking for. I’m an ambitious coach. It’s a very high club and it’s an honor to be here.”

“I have a very important connection with this club and with the fans. Beşiktaş has a winning vision and I have the same vision. We have to work hard to achieve this. We are fully prepared to fight this path together.”

“The club has a really enthusiastic fan base. Although we haven’t been together yet, they have made me feel their passion on social media from day one. It really gives me a lot of joy. I can’t wait to meet the fans.”

“We will work 24 hours a day with my team. We now feel black and white in our blood.”

Valerian Ismail’s Turkish words at the press conference: “Not one day, every day Beşiktaş”

“As Mr. Sehun said, the infrastructural problem is very important. We will analyze for young players. The age of the player who meets the criteria is not important at all. If he is 17 years old, if he meets the criteria, he will have a chance to play.”

“We have 8 games left this season. In these 8 games, we will try to win as many matches as possible and finish the league in the best possible place. These 2 months will help us a lot in terms of who we can build. With this game. We analyze the players. I will. “

“My playing philosophy is based entirely on high speed. We need a lot of energy, we need to get that energy to the opponent. Beşiktaş is a team that wants to dominate the league. For that, we have to spend time with our players. The team.”

“Beşiktaş is a team that already has the ball. It’s a team that is trying to dominate the league. You have to combine it with speed. To do everything we have to spend a certain amount of time with our player group. We have to work with them. To do. “

“I think it’s right for me to be in charge right now to know the league and the team.”

“My team plays 3-4-3”

“I must promise: Beşiktaş fans will see the profile of a manager who pays 100% to win on the sidelines.”

“We’ve been talking to Sehun Kazansi for a long time about squad planning. The reason I’m here now is to announce the squad for next season as soon as possible and see who we will continue with.”

“One of the most important roles of a coach is to develop players. Maybe there are players who are not very visible at the moment but whose quality will help a lot in our game philosophy, we will try to discover them.”

“Football has both victories and defeats. There is nothing to fear. Beşikta is the champion of this league. We will go out and play our game.”

“There is nothing for us to fear, we are Beşiktaş. The Trabzonspor match is a tough match, but we will see it as an opportunity.”

“Conte and Simeone have a significant impact on my game philosophy”

“Every teacher is influenced by a certain teacher when they start their career. Simeon and Conte are my inspirational teachers. I care so much about playing together, being together, being a team. We have 10 days for the Trabjanspar match, of course I can’t share our thoughts here. “

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