“We are the only country that is responsible for ending the war.”

Minister Soylu, who came to Diyarbakir for various contacts, attended the inauguration of “Jazari’s remarkable machine exhibition”, where machine drawings were written by Al-Jazari in the 13th century, whom the metropolitan municipality considers a renowned Islamic scholar. And the founder of cybernetics, became a working machine.

During the opening of the exhibition, which included Turkey’s first flying car “Sejeri” and the included, Saylu expressed his pleasure to be on display. “It is an honor to have the opportunity to embrace this understanding here again in our history, civilization and cultural heritage.” Seoul thanks Governor Munir Karaloglu and Deputy General Manager Nissanur Chaliskan for making possible the opening of the Sejari Museum in Istanbul in 2019 to meet the people of Diyarbakir. Wishing for the benefit of the exhibition, Saylu said, “We are the children of a great civilization. Those who wanted to separate us from our civilization, first defamed our civilization, tried to marginalize and suspend our unity and solidarity. Then they tried to snatch our civilization. Confidence.” ‘We can do it, we can do it, we can do it.’ Then they see what the outside world produces with admiration and say, ‘We cannot do it ourselves, but we follow and imitate.’ They say they wanted to push it into an understanding.

“We are the only country that is responsible for ending the war.”

“From Pir Reis to Harezmi, from Ibn-i Sina to Sejeri, we are the children of an intelligible and powerful character that binds the spirituality of science, science and technology to this civilization.” Saylu mentioned the Ukraine-Russia war. Soylu continued:

“We are the only country that believes in peace and an end to this war. Because we are children of understanding who know that peace, tranquility and brotherhood can preserve both humanity, the future and the legacy of the past. You can only build these in peace and tranquility.” Only in peace can you pursue knowledge, you can produce correctly. Otherwise, you cannot realize it. You cannot produce in chaos. When you wake up in the morning, you will be worried, ‘I wonder what confusion I am today. He’ll be in chaos, can I go to school or go to university? ‘ If you think about it, you will be detached from science, your history, what you have left, what has been entrusted to you. It follows your thinking. “

“Together we must give the world a stronger voice.”

Referring to information provided by Nissanur Chaliskan, Deputy Director General of the Istanbul Sejeri Museum, Soylu said, “For 20 years, we have been trying to combine only museum and museum works. It is only for 20 years. What about those savings? ” Evaluated her.

They are here for Al-Sejeri, the chief engineer at Artukid Palace, the scientist who has come up with fascinating inventions and who understands what could have happened centuries after science, Sowloo says they remember Al-Jazari with gratitude and appreciation, and set an example. .

“They can’t survive this barbarism. That’s why we all need to give the world a stronger voice and be stronger,” he said, referring to the deaths of children in Syria and Ukraine. He said. Saylu says:

“Our president has said that universities should be opened in 61 provinces of this country.” When he said, “What is the need? It is enough to stay in some provinces of the country. They thought that only something belonging to this period was being put forward. In fact, he didn’t think so, we open it, we decorate. That is, we give opportunities to our children and youth, those who come after us develop much more and they can enable our youth, our children to compete with the world. We have a lot of work to do. But I want to ask the question: Children in Syria, Iran, Iraq have been bombed year after year. Do Afghan children ever have the ability to think that way? Do the children of Ukraine who have to go to school have such talents? They think about school, university, science? They are trying to do something in the world. Please do not fall into this trap. They want to increase hatred and enmity. Our path is clear. “

Sowloo noted that they did not set an example for those who burned, destroyed, and destroyed cities and libraries and pushed people into a climate of hatred, saying that they would say good deeds and avoid evil.

“We will make the world a better world.”

“We will make the world a better world and we will gain knowledge and benefit the people there. We have to do it. Is it something that only belongs to our geography? No, has Al Jazari met the requirements of innovation? Science, science and strategy. Where did he grow up in geography alone? Not that. ” Sowloo said that the whole world benefits from what scientists do. “We need to set a standard not only for our own geography, but for the geography around us and for the world. Will Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen always be that way? And he is sending food,” Soylu said. He said.

“Let’s not fight, war, chaos or confusion, but peace, friendship and swim together. Welfare will rule the world and it will emerge from this geography. We have full faith. We will do it. We want you to accept it. Harezmi, Ibn-i Sina and Piri Reis as examples and do that journey. ” Saylu expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the exhibition.

“I wonder what happens, our own invention”

Munir Karaloglu, the governor of Diyarbakir, said scientist Al-Jazari was born and lived on the land and had been the chief engineer at Artuklu Palace for 26 years. Revealing that Sejeri understood all his inventions and experiments in Diyarbakir, Caraloglu noted that the machines he invented appeared in Diyarbakir 800 years later. Referring to the show as a message for the future, Karalolou said, “Our dear young people, if you are curious, if you are not tired of trying, you can become a new cesarean. Surprisingly, we invent inventions ourselves. We want You invent. ” Says

Governor Karalolou thanked Minister Soylu for participating in the exhibition.

“We hope it inspires children.”

Kaliskan, the deputy general director of the Istanbul Sejeri Museum, said they wanted to bring together the most important things in the museum in Istanbul with the people of Diyarbakir. Kaliskan says:

“My late father Durmush Chaliskan designed machines and automatons based on engineering methods from Sejeri’s book for 20 years. In doing so, we established the Istanbul Sejeri Museum. Then we lost him and had to repay the debt of our loyalty. We reconsidered. All projects for production. Sejeri “In addition to Al-Jazeera’s machines and vending machines, we have reproduced all the basic principles for understanding the mechanical principles of Sejeri for children and adults. We hope this will be an inspiration for children in particular. “

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