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We meet again at the Siirt Eruh on March 14th, Medicine Day, after 23 years, with my well-known physician couple. Dr. Sevim-Dr. What Earkal Aayek said was very interesting; In the violence of Eruh, we have not heard a single shocking word, let alone violence.


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Semra Cardesoglu

Exactly 23 years ago, we were in the Iruh district of Sirte on Medicine Day on March 14. We went to Eruh for the International Women’s Day event on March 8, organized by Anakultur, led by Ceylan Orhun, many organizations together. With a group of journalists and participants, we arrived in the city from the center of Sirat, accompanied by a military convoy and a convoy. While I was there I said that I would join the doctors of the district and make a news about them. There were four doctors, three of whom were women. I talked to them and shared their experiences on the page of Milliet, where I was working. One of the doctors said. Sevim-Dr. The story of the income couple was even more special these days. They met and got married in the city where they came for compulsory service.

When the doctors greeted the ‘G (example)’ home this March 14, when the violence they witnessed was repeatedly unpunished, when they were paying to save their lives, when it was said, ‘Let them go’, when the hour-long During the awakening they died on the street, the doctor reminded the couple I left Eruh 23 years ago. What has happened in the past? How’s it going? I found their mark on Gaziantep. I asked and they answered. Sevim was able to take part in a small part of the income conversation because he was very busy. Nowadays most of the income has answered our question.

We met 23 years later, albeit on the Internet. I remember seeing doctors from different provinces of Turkey in that small town. Most of them were 22-23 years old. You were in a small house with a stove. Most learned to make stoves there. What has happened in the past?
The time we lived in Iruha was the most special time of our profession. We didn’t know it then. I am a 28 year old doctor. I did not continue my specialization. I work in primary health care. After the compulsory service at Eruh, we continued for a while. Sevim has entered TUS. This is one of the most difficult tests in the world. Turkey was 13th. She won gynecology at Jakai Tahir Burak Hospital in Ankara. We have settled in Ankara. It took 4.5 years. I also entered the provincial health department. At that time we had two children. When you become a specialist doctor, it is time for compulsory service again. We went to Siirt again. This time in the city center. I continued to the Department of Health again. We stayed 4 years and moved to Batman from there. We were there for 4 more years. And finally, we came to Gaziantep, Sevim’s hometown. For 11 years, we have been working in that special and I government.

300 sick ministers!

Many doctors go abroad. The president said, “If they go, let them go.” How do you feel
Of course, we were as sorry as all our colleagues. What was the need for such a departure at the Women’s Day meeting? It has touched our dignity. But the term leads to an incredible bond between physicians. What are the doctors waiting for? First, the effective law of violence. If the wiper of the judge’s car is broken, he will have to go to jail. But you broke the ashtray on a doctor’s head, you’re shaking hands. A young assistant sees 300 patients a day in some branches. Is there any chance this kid will make a mistake? When the smallest thing happens to a patient, can the whole burden fall on a young doctor of 23 years? All the fault of the huge system is the burden of that young man. Why does he see 300 patients a day? This is not asking. The financial cost of the misconduct, that is, the professional error, is the responsibility of that young physician. If he works for a lifetime, he cannot be compensated as a result.

You are a medical couple. You are close to 30 years in the profession. They say you earn a lot? For example, have you become rich in this process?
Is something like this possible? My wife became an obstetrician. Secretly. Of course, we are better in that sense. We try to bring our children to a place where they can earn a living. But you know, the salaries of government employees. We get 8 to 9 thousand. Let’s get 10 thousand pi. Imagine a couple in Istanbul. In this environment, let’s say he clenches his teeth, doesn’t go out on the street, saves 5,000 TL a month. 60 thousand a year. Is it possible to buy a house like this? I passed it, a 38-year-old physician, a specialist in organ transplants. “I wonder how many lira diesel the car will burn on the way home after 9 hours of surgery,” he said. Shall we say “take the metrobus after surgery”? Doctors are paid 9 times the minimum wage. Now he gets double. If we continue like this, we will get the minimum wage.

Why didn’t you choose Istanbul or Ankara?
The big cities have created a fear in us. There is also the opportunity to reach everything we are looking for in Antep. And our lives are based entirely on work. Go home tonight, sleep. Despite the social environment, there is no such time. We haven’t seen TV in about 10 years. I am studying history with the rights of the second university. I will retire soon. Then maybe I will work as a professional doctor. My dream is to open a bookstore. A combination of old and new books. Sevim will continue for a year or two and leave.

About the problems experienced by physicians working at Siirt Eruh
News published in Milliat newspaper on March 15, 1999.

You were a doctor in Eruh’s violence. Was there a case of violence against you?
Never. We went in ’95. They brought us to the district with a military convoy. And then we went like that. In fact, we could be a simple target, it’s different. If there is a dispute, we go for autopsy. When we return, a mother brings a picture in her hand. “Is that dead?” Saying on the other hand, the soldier is the wife of our nurse friend, for example. So we are in such an environment.

How do you think it got to this point?
They have used us as political material. It is said that ‘we came to power with health care’, in fact we are that healthcare. This is what they call health transformation. Doctors were very readily available people. We are not saying that cannot be reached. A friend from USA called. Her daughter had some problems with the medicine they used. He asked me. Tell your doctor he will change the medication, I said. His answer was “Our impossible date is April”. What will happen to us? On the same day he will go to 3 specialist doctors and write 3 prescriptions. Both examples are not normal. Currently, many branch physicians see one patient every 5 minutes. If he stays a little longer in the toilet and drinks his tea, the patients get angry because I waited. Healthcare has a provocative expectation. Now patients do not come to me saying ‘this is my complaint’. “I came to get a serum, I came to check my cholesterol,” he says. He even said, “I’ve come to be hospitalized, but I want to stay in a normal room, not in the intensive care unit.” Well, is the hospital a hotel? Must have a referral chain. Headaches should not be in front of the professor. Serious patient work can be very difficult. For example, he cannot make an appointment. In short, we are not satisfied and neither is the patient. Can it continue like this?

Is the family worried about their child becoming a doctor?
What do parents want? Let him watch 36 hours a day, then he will be a victim of violence. I’m from Babayeski. I have another brother. My father was a soldier. My mother is a housewife. We lived in a house of 8-9 people in Bursa. Even then, according to my environment, I was a good one. There were very few affluent students. Sevim is a teacher’s son. 4 siblings. Her sister is also a doctor. He lived and worked in a 6-person dormitory room in Adana for 6 years. With great difficulty. Of course, I’m not saying it was too easy for other students.

What will you do on March 14?
We must be on duty. A statement on misdemeanors and violence will be issued on March 14 (today). We are also waiting for the news.


Eruh was the place where I felt most secure.

Obstetrician Dr. Sevim I barely reached the end of the conversation. “Thus all appointments, celebrations, birthdays for me, we move on to the end,” he says To illustrate what has changed: Eruhe was the best time of our career. We were such wonderful people together. We don’t have a bad memory about it. Okay, there’s a shortage, but you’re experiencing that problem with 5-6 thousand people living there. We feel incredibly safe. Then I did my specialization and chose Siirt. We returned to Siirt in 2004 with my family. Everything changed. The doctor was now screaming and flexible. The image of medicine was tarnished. Like femicide, it has become almost excruciating.

Antepe, where we are now, said. Ersin Arslan Training and Research Hospital. There is not a single day in the hospital where the name of the colleague killed by the relatives of the patient is mentioned. No lessons learned. So there is ice on the side of those who do it. After all these experiences, we are tired of working privately. We’re done. Doctors go abroad. Will we have a doctor to take care of us as we get older? What kind of education will the rest get? We think about it. Now medical faculties have been formed in the districts also. However, medical education is very special. It is not a faculty that will open everywhere. We must train good people and ensure that they provide good service, they must grow well in a supportive time. Education should be reviewed.

We are seen as a machine

The doctor is seen as the instrument. No right to eat, no right to go to the toilet. As if he had been chained. You can go out the door in the evening without the exceptional occupation. We can never close the door. How is the patient, how is the health of the child, is there any problem in the family? My phone rang at three in the morning. The patient called to ask something; “I thought you were awake,” he said. If you are a doctor, you do not sleep.

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