What can we do to improve the communication skills of children with learning disabilities?

Children with learning disabilities may have occasional speech and sometimes difficulty understanding. These difficulties negatively affect their friendships, school success, social life and family relationships. Children with learning disabilities can cope with this difficulty and even communicate like their normal peers, if appropriate and adequate help is provided. Families and teachers of children with learning disabilities should never give up their personal qualities such as patience, determination and perseverance when the child is empowered in the face of this problem. If the child, who has difficulty understanding and speaking, encounters negative feedback from adults during communication who he trusts the most, he may feel guilty and inadequate.

What can we do to improve our communication skills?

1) Be a good listener

When you communicate with someone who has an active hearing skill, your sentences become longer, your desire to explain things in detail increases, and most importantly, you feel a sense of hearing and understanding. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the speech of children with speech problems, but encouraging them to speak will be a good way to solve their speech problems and make it easier for you to understand their speech. Using active listening techniques when listening to children with language problems will be an important door opener. Yes, go ahead, I understand you, can you explain more, you can encourage the child to say uhhh with your verbal and accompanying body language.

2) Talk about what you do at work

According to research, children talk to their families the most when working on a topic. When doing a job with kids, talk about it. For example, when you are cooking at home with a baby, when you talk about which food you like the most, do you think that these thorns will be nice, encourage the baby to talk and respond appropriately?

3) Give easy directions

The most difficult thing for children with speech and comprehension problems is complex instructions. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. This will enable you to communicate effectively with her and make the baby more confident.

4) Use existing knowledge of children

Learning is a process that takes place as a result of a combination of existing knowledge with new knowledge. For this reason, when communicating with children, they need to add new words to the words they already know. This kind of child will learn new words more effectively based on the meaning of the old ones.

5) Expand the children’s sentences

For example, if a child plays ball with his friend at school, the question “What did you do at school today?” The answer might be “You played ball with your friends at school”. Thus, we secretly teach the child correct and explanatory pronunciation.

6) Talk to them as much as possible

Children with language problems often avoid speaking and need encouragement and encouragement. The following recommendations can help you get these kids to talk more;

* Work with them and talk to them while they are working because they may be more inclined to talk because their focus will be on the work.

* Encourage them to spend time with friends and create the right environment.

* Assign different responsibilities at home or in the classroom and talk about these responsibilities from time to time.

* Don’t forget to teach information like address, name, school name etc.

* Songs, nursery rhymes and poems will greatly contribute to the speaking skills of these children. Encourage them to learn and share with you. Sometimes even one round of applause can encourage a child to learn new things.

* Avoid yes-no questions, ask more open questions.

* Give them a choice and talk about their choice. For example, do you want to use water colors or dry paint? What color do you like, what color is this color in nature? Encourage speech in phrases such as:

* Encourage children to speak using active listening skills.

Mehmet Murat Altan

Psychotherapist / Psychological Counselor

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