What happened to his post-war dream?

Suppose one day we meet a civilization like ours in space, Arrival Like a movie … At that moment, who knows, maybe our scientists will prepare a playlist with music samples from our planet to promote world culture? The chances of such a confrontation are of course extremely low. One thing is for sure, Pink Floyd must be on that list.

On the one hand, the reason why we think of Pink Floyd is because of the number of albums sold or the number of views. We still remember Pink Floyd boldly trying to translate society and life with their music to touch a place in history. Today, however, the name of the team has come to the fore in a surprising way to the fans. In a statement on the group’s official page, it was announced that in response to Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, it would remove all its activities from Russia and Belarus digital platforms after 1987. [1]

Roger Waters, who left the group in 1985 despite being one of Pink Floyd’s founding names, wrote a more detailed statement, explaining that his side was different from supporting Ukraine or Russia. Waters responds to a letter from his 19-year-old fan, Alina, who sent him a scathing letter from Ukraine. In his response, Waters condemned the war, but in doing so, he avoided hypocrisy and did not neglect to mention past and present warlords. [2]

Today, many parties do not hesitate to get caught up in the war and make similar decisions. But going to Pink Floyd’s Self Sensor makes different sense. After all, this is a group that is concerned about telling more than one generation what war really is. Naturally, such a general statement called Pink Floyd and the choice of the party has disappointed many fans.

This is exactly why Pink Floyd himself will give the best answer Pink Floyd. How? Last week was the anniversary of the release of The Final Cut (1983). On this occasion, let’s take a look at this Pink Floyd album, which focuses on the war and its cover reminds me of military positions.

What happened to your post-war dream?

We face perhaps the most controversial Pink Floyd album. Some consider it a failure, while others find it ineligible. Either way, it’s one of the band’s most ‘Sharp’ albums. We see Waters behind most of the songs on the album, which in many ways is seen as a continuation of The Wall. The final cut with the band before leaving is also his last job. However, the most important thing is when the album is released. Because the Falklands War with Argentina was on Britain’s agenda in those years. So at the center of this album is war. Let’s continue with some songs if you want.

The first song ‘The Post Dream’ is a great introduction. It starts with the destruction of the war with the voice on the radio. Will nuclear war bring the end of the world? Rising violence, drug trafficking, occupations … news of the dark world. The lyrics of the album’s summary are hidden at the end of the song: “Should we shout? Should we shout? ‘What happened to his post-war dream?’ Oh Maggie, what have we done? ” [3]

The dream implied in the song can be read as the hope of an atmosphere of peace expected in the years leading up to the end of the Cold War. According to the album, Falklands War reveals that this dream is ‘very optimistic’ for England. If we move a little faster, we will see that the same terms apply to the post-1990 world. Aren’t those who say that the one-polar world Pax America will bring after the break up of the Soviet Union, aren’t they around today?

‘It advised the commander to take my father from me.’

However, there is a very important phrase at the beginning and end of the song: “Tell me the truth, tell me why Jesus was crucified / was it for my father’s death? / Was it for you? Or was I? “Roger Waters lost both his father and grandfather in World War II. Therefore, we see that the narrator is Waters, in this song and in other songs as well.

The grandfather of the famous rock star George Henry worked in a coal mine. He is also an organizer of the local Labor Party. However, when the First World War broke out, he was sent to the front. Soon, George Henry’s name was recorded as one of the thousands of people who died in the French trenches in 1916. George Henry’s 3-year-old son, Eric Fletcher Waters, who was left without a father, shared the same fate with his father during World War II. In Italy, he was shot and killed as soon as he set foot on the beach where the Allies were landing. His son Roger will also grow up without a father.

In an interview with the BBC, Waters described everything from his father’s opposition to the war to his voluntary enlistment in the army, from his staunch Christian faith to his membership in the Communist Party: “I am proud to carry my father’s genes. He was a wonderful man, he died at a very young age. He was only 30 years old when he fought against the Nazis in Italy. But he must have been an extraordinary man, dead to his ideals. He was a conscientious objector at the beginning of World War II. And then he worked as an ambulance driver during the air raids. He was a volunteer in the bombed area, where he met my mother. Together they became interested in politics. I think both of them were members of the Communist Party, either at that time or earlier. In the end, his ideas of communism and the need to fight fascism overcame his Christianity. He was religious and went to the recruiting office: ‘Sorry, I changed my mind. I want to go and fight ‘,’ Come on, you have a diploma or something, let this young man sit like this … ‘As a result, he gets basic military training, then officer training and boom, he dies. ” [4]

We remember it from the movie ‘Pink Floyd: The Wall’ (1982) shot by Alan Parker and included in The Final Cut album. When the Tigers were freeA song where Waters openly talks about his father’s death:

“(…) The old and kind King George / When he learned that my father had died in battle / He wrote a letter to my mother. I remember, / It was all covered in gold leaf / It was a scroll-shaped piece of paper . / And one day I found it in a drawer where the old photos were hidden. There are no survivors. / All are left behind. / Most of them are dead. The rest were supposed to die. [5]

Route to Kanakkale

Now this will take us to a very interesting story. Gunners dream For the song, it is probably one of the most emotional and captivating songs on the album. The first line of the song, which speaks of a sniper / bomber’s dream, begins with “Swim through the clouds / Memories are coming fast to meet me now / But in the middle of the sky / And a foreign land in a corner / I had a dream”. The line referring to ‘foreign lands’ here is a reference to Rupert Brooke, who used the same expression and is known as the ‘war poet’. The same expression is used in Brooke’s poem The Soldier, and the poet praises England’s war strategy, which is plentiful.

So that he “If we were to become a more military nation and all the young people were going to join it, I would be one of them.” He joined the First World War. More interestingly, his death is hidden; While on his way to battle at Chanakkale, he was bitten on the lips by a fly on the warship he was aboard and died of blood poisoning. His friends also buried the poet on an island along the way. Gunners dreamBritain’s Imperial Dreams deal with unconscious death with reference to:


In the song ‘Now nine people’ we see the current reflection of the war. The words uttered by the British also criticize US foreign policy: “Vietnamese / Russian bear need not worry about kneeling / well, it may not be a Russian bear / maybe Swedes / we showed them to Argentina / let’s show them now / It makes us feel strong. ” [6]

Dare to stay out of bounds

We can talk about many more impressive songs about Pink Floyd’s war. Moreover, when we find references and images of these songs, we see again that this group has a deep view of the war. This is exactly why the decision to name Pink Floyd today has received a response from fans. Wasn’t this a party that built its political position year after year without following anyone’s word of war?

No matter where you are in the world, if your country is directly involved in the war and presents it as a ‘national cause’, your freedom is, to a lesser extent, strictly limited. We clearly see the operation of this known rule in Russia and Ukraine. The Kyiv administration has formally suspended the activities of opposition parties and intimidated its opponents with its decision to impose “15 years in prison on those who spread false information” about the Moscow war.

But it was not just Russia and Ukraine that were actively involved in the war; The bloc, which we can call the United States and its smaller allies, took a clear and unequivocal side in this war. As a result of this extremist attitude, some administrative authorities or heads of state did not see any harm in banning any media outlet they intended at once.

The issue is not ‘which party has more freedom’; How the state of war affects the citizens of the parties, what kind of mood it imposes. At such times, it takes more courage than ever to line up against the current.

That’s right The final cut And The wall Since Pink Floyd is a music group that first points the finger at the rulers of its own country, especially like the album, we find its position more daring. A group that has taught and opposed this idea to many generations, today they have decided to take sides and screen their own songs – to be honest, there is no feeling other than despair.

Back to the list we sent to aliens, let’s not forget that we should be a little more sincere when introducing ourselves. Shouldn’t we be honest about the world we live in? So in addition to the Pink Floyd song, we’ll need another song from Roger Waters’ solo album: Brave to be out of bounds

“(7) Yes, the question is annoying: / Who will be your next murder, the disgusting old man / Who will you kill next, you old man. / Hey bartender see here / Two more drinks for us / And two more beers / Turn on Mr. TV / War has started on earth. / I love those guided missiles / They are a real surprise / To correct the mistake / You hit the target / You win the game. / 3,000 miles away from his bar / 3,000 miles away. / We play games / With the courage to stay out of bounds. / We zap and cripple / With the courage to stay out of bounds. / We are bombing the train / With the courage to stay out of bounds. / We occupy the land / With the courage to stay out of bounds. “

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