Why does the government beat the doctors?

2022.02.28 08:48


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We can say that violence against health workers has become normal instead of increasing. Only when the ‘incident is big’ or the exposed doctor can get a place in the media. Part of the job, especially for emergency medical technicians (ATTs) and nurses in emergency services, is abusive, insulting and threatening. Research shows that 80 percent of health workers are exposed to violence and the threat of violence at least once while working.

If there is a lot of public pressure, the attackers are procedurally detained for a period of time. This is often forgotten in long court proceedings. While this is not the real solution to the violence against healthcare workers, there is a very simple way: preventive punishment. In the 2000s, snatching incidents became very rare in the country, with more snatchers than MOBESE being included in extortion opportunities and their penalties starting at 15 years. In the past, if he was caught and the police took him to court instead of slapping him twice, kidnapping became a rare occurrence when kidnappers were sentenced to 5-10 years and children were released from the hands of gang leaders.

So why not edit this?

The workload of health workers is inhumane, and meeting the health needs of the public is very intense. There are doctors who have to take care of 200 patients in their eight hour shift and there are emergency services with 500-1000 cases per day. Giving a patient only 3-5 minutes of test time actually forces that patient to apply repeatedly. Patients complain of not being able to be examined, the treatment given does not work and they have to go to the hospital repeatedly. On the other hand, doctors are tired of caring for 4-6 patients during the test period, which should be at least 20 minutes for one patient.

Patient appointments are made through the Central Hospital Appointment System (MHRS). That is, when the doctor enters the examination room in the morning, how many patients do you see on the computer screen that day? “It must be done” He saw. I give 20 minutes for each patient and she can’t say I will take care of her as much as I can. An investigation was opened immediately. The next patients are waiting at the examination door, who have already made appointments with difficulty for a few days and do not know that 200 more people like him have been given appointments that day. A doctor tries to say that there is no time to look at you today. “A doctor who takes away his examination rights and avoids his work” Becomes

Most “Stupid” Since the manager will also know that it is not possible to examine 100-200 patients in 8 hours, there must be another reason for implementing the central appointment system in this way. Due to this the number of patients cannot be more. As there is not enough time allotted to increase the number of patients, the health center has to come 5-6 more times.

Another consequence of taking care of patients in such a short period of time is that the doctor has to prescribe a large amount of medicine for diagnosing multiple possible diseases and says that one is beneficial if not more. This has led to a dramatic increase in drug use and almost every household has unused drugs.

So why this irrationality?

The salaries of doctors are very controversial. There is more or less something weird. The average doctor’s salary in a private hospital is lower than the government doctors! The government is telling doctors that if they want to work in a more comfortable condition, they have lower wages, if they want to work for a better salary, they get 200 patients and beatings a day. The doctor who went private became a worker and had difficulty in retiring. The contribution that a government employee receives from a revolving fund is not counted in his retirement. If you want to get good healthcare for patients, go private, pay for it, no, if you just want to be tested with your SSI assurance, the doctor will give you 5 minutes, you can kill him, he says. Violence against health workers in private hospitals is almost non-existent. There is no day without violence in government hospitals.

Thus, with money in his pocket in a private hospital, and in every wish, “Purchasing Services”, Power without money “We have given you 5 star hotel comfort” Lying, waiting for an appointment at a city hospital for months, then working 5 minutes, maybe 30 hours if lucky, and tired of seeing how many patients he saw. “Greedy, greedy” She can go to the doctor. Moreover, he is convinced that the doctor should give the patient what he wants, not what he needs.

The talk of good doctors going abroad makes people in power laugh the most. If 5-10 thousand doctors go, it doesn’t matter. Thousands of doctors are graduating and even opening medical schools in the districts. Pharmaceutical companies are happy to sell drugs, health technology companies are satisfied, Istanbul alone has more CT-MR devices than the whole of Britain. Those who sell test machines and kits are satisfied, millions of unnecessary tests are done. City hospital owners are satisfied, they get Ticco guarantee money, private hospital owners are satisfied, they hire cheap doctors. Rich people are entitled to good health, what else!

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