Will the health center be open on March 14? When the doctors strike? Is there a strike today?

The answers were asked whether the health center was open on March 14 or there was a strike today. When will the doctors strike to draw attention to various issues including health violence?

The President of the Turkish Medical Association, Prof. Dr. Fatima was present at the press conference held at the Istanbul Chamber of Physicians (ITO) building. Dr. President of the Istanbul Medical Chamber Sebnem Korur Finkansi, Professor. Dr. Pinar Saip and Secretary General of the Istanbul Medical Chamber, Prof. Dr. It was organized with the participation of Osman Kukosmanoglu. Representatives from medical chambers in other provinces attended the online meeting and shared their concerns.

In a press statement issued on behalf of the Medical Association, the President of the Istanbul Medical Chamber, Prof. Dr. Dr. Pınar Saip reads it. “The epidemic has shown everyone what an important and important profession, physicians and healthcare professionals, are doing. While we are trying to produce quality services in such an important field, the economic crisis has deepened with the epidemic. The difficulties we feel in our working conditions It has increased, and our economic rights have gradually diminished. ” Effort. However, we know that what we are going through is not destiny, “he said.

Explaining that all health facilities will not provide health services except emergency health services on Monday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 15, Saip said, “Again, with our medical chambers, we call on all those who are influential and approved, especially Turkish Grand National Assembly: “We do not have the patience for a day of violence. We are announcing that we will strike all health facilities across Turkey on Monday and Tuesday 14-15 March, unless action is taken. We have been taken for our labor, our rights and our urgent demands, ”he said.

In a press release, Istanbul Medical Chamber President Prof. Dr. Pinar Saip says they have listed our urgent claims and 10 urgent requests for physicians. The demands of healthcare workers are as follows:

  • The “Violence in Health Act” proposed by the TTB should be enacted immediately; Penalties should be increased above the limits applicable to the pending trial and the “suspension of judgment” provision.
  • Initial wages (salary + fixed extra pay) should be at least double the poverty line for general practitioners and assistant doctors who have just started working in government hospitals and at least two and a half times the poverty line for specialist doctors; Specific additional payments must be met from the general budget.
  • Social security premiums for physicians working in the private health sector should be paid by the organizations they work with above the “premium payment ceiling”; Wages must be at least two and a half times the poverty line.
  • The salary of family physicians should be at least doubled above the poverty line; All FHC buildings should be built by the public, equipped with the same standards, all costs should be covered by the Ministry of Health; The Family Medicine Penalty Regulation must be revoked.
  • Workplace physicians working in OSGB should be paid on the minimum wage set by the Turkish Medical Association.
  • Pension Fund, SSK, BAĞ-KUR The salary of all retired physicians (based on 25 years of retirement) should be increased to a minimum of 15,000 TL for general practitioners and a minimum of 18,000 TL for specialist physicians, regardless of the difference.
  • We should improve the working environment and conditions, give all physicians, especially assistants, the right to leave after shift without deducting shift fees and increase the minimum wage for intern doctors.
  • Covid-19 should be treated as a occupational disease without a “cause-and-effect”, 120 days depreciation should be applied for each year of epidemics, and an additional index of 7,200 for physicians.
  • Legal action should be taken to prevent cases of misconduct arising from health care and institutional problems and practices that condemn physicians for compensation that they cannot afford.
  • Imposing tests within 5 minutes, which are a source of violence against physicians and endangering public health, should be abandoned and patients should be given an appointment so that at least 20 minutes is allocated for each patient.

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