Women’s Turkish Cup 2022 Final Press Conference Held – Basketball News

TBF Board Member Serap Yücesir, TBF Secretary General Serhan Antaliali, TBF Executive, Club Head Coach and Team Captain were present at the press conference of the Women Turkey Cup Final held at the Atatুrk Cultural Center Peace Hall of the Mersin Yenisechi Municipality. Murat Tumar, director of the TBF Women’s League, who delivered the inaugural address, said everyone was happy that the final was held in Marseille, adding: “I wish success to our teams who made it to the finals. I am confident that we will see another good fight in the final I also congratulate you The teams that have qualified for the Eurolig and Eurocup 4 finals and I wish them success, ”he said.

“Women’s basketball has dominated our country for many years now. Seven Mersin teams have taken part in the league. Five of them are women’s basketball teams. We are proud of that. Most recently Eurocup in France.” Istanbul will also host the Euro-League Final-Four. I am sure our teams will win the trophy for our country. We believe in it wholeheartedly. “I invite members of the press and Turkish basketball. I want to thank the staff of the federation,” he said.

Fenerbahce head coach Victor Lapena said he felt at home in Mersin. Mentioning that he lives in Spain in an area along the Mediterranean coast, Lapena said, “Therefore, these places always remind me of my own home. I would also like to thank the people of Turkey. I have been working in Fenerbahçe for three years and I have always felt at home, they are very friendly, it is a very good country. Therefore, I always wish good luck to both Turkey and Turkish basketball. “

“I think tomorrow will be a very good final.”

Congratulating the municipality of Chukurova basketball Mersin Yenisehi, who advanced to the final, Lapena said: “They had a really good fight and we will meet in the final. We started with the derby in Galatasaray. I think we had a very good match there too. I think tomorrow will be a very good final. ÇBK is a really good team. But then the ball is in the hands of the players. I think they will give all their performances and struggles from now on. We believe them for ourselves. I think they will give their best. “

Tuğçe Canitez: “We are a team that is aiming for the championship everywhere”

Team captain Tuğçe Canitez also mentioned that they are happy to play in the cup in a beautiful city like Mersin and said, “Tomorrow’s rival Kukurova basketball is one of the most valuable teams in both Turkey and Europe. They also have the facility to play at home tomorrow. As our coach said, the derby match was supported by a very good team of our supporters and there was a nice atmosphere. We hope we feel the same environment again. As Fenerbahçe, we are a team that is always aiming for the championship everywhere. However, our competitors have a very valuable staff. I think it will be a very enjoyable match. I wish both teams success, “he said.

Aziz Akkaya: “I hope tomorrow will be better and we want to leave the trophy here.”

Aziz Akkaya, head coach of ersukurova basketball Mersin Yenişehir municipality, thanked everyone who contributed to the organization. “In fact, women’s basketball is now a growing place in Turkey,” she said. We have a team that has seen two Olympics, European finals and third place in the world, but unfortunately we don’t see any value. I’m happy here; There is a very good organization here. Tomorrow the hall will probably be full. After all, when you look at it, both teams play for the championship in Europe. Next year maybe we will play Super Cup together. I hope so I hope so. I want to thank those who contributed. I think the organization of ukurova basketball is very valuable. When you look at it, Fenerbahçe is a well-established club, but on the other hand, Çukurova basketball is a club that invests heavily in women’s basketball. This is an important place for the future of women’s basketball. I’m here to add this value. I hope tomorrow will be better and we want to leave the trophy here. Of course it is not easy. Fenerbahce is a good team. The two big teams will face tomorrow. I look forward to seeing all the fans in the match, because such an opportunity may not come for long. Have a good game tomorrow. I wish all the best for our opponents, “he said.

Esra Ural Topuz: “We want to achieve our first goal”

Kukurova basketball captain Esra Ural Topuz said it was a great opportunity for them to participate in the organization as organizers. They aim to be champions on every track they participate in this year, Topaz said, “For us, this is the first path to our goal. We want to achieve our goals by playing good basketball. We want to go to Europe with more confidence and we will get a better result here. I wish Fenerbahce. I hope it will be a healthy match and it will be a pleasure to watch high and win the best. “


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