A Blessed Man Omar Farooq Elverisi (1920-2013)

Good morning dear Ottomans. Today, Emrullah Elverisi, the son of a math teacher, will tell you the life story of Uncle Omar Farooq Elverisi, who raised the most beautiful and enlightened people in the Jemisi neighborhood of Osmansik, whom we loved and respected in our student days. , And he raised his beautiful children who were beneficial to the country.

My dear brother, Emrullah Elverisi, a mathematics teacher, whose personality, upbringing and cultural equipment I have had the opportunity to get to know more closely at the Ottoman meetings held in Istanbul over the years, has spoken of his blessed father Omur Farooq Elverisi and him. Siblings

Now Imrulla Elverisi, a math teacher in words:

I would like to give you a brief overview of my late father Omar Farooq Alvarezi, whom many of you remember from his student days as uncle, uncle and brother and our family, which he raised with great difficulty. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank my dear compatriot, colleague, brother Mehmet Ojata for giving me this opportunity.

My late father Osmanci was born in 1920. He was one of the 9 brothers of Ali’s son Emrullah, whom you know as ‘Emur Hafiz’. My father, who grew up in a family environment where all siblings were educated with understanding beyond that time and even educated in certain branches of art, reflected this tradition to us.

My father, who did not have a comfortable economic life despite various misfortunes, saw life as positive and optimistic after so many things. With the help of my father, who started working as a shoe repairman for someone else after his father’s shoe store burned down and his economy was strong before his marriage, he started working as a clerk at Ino Jaferi Primary School. The elders of the family. In her past, her interest in education and her love for reading increased the respect of all children in the workplace where she worked.

On 23.11.1944 my father was married to my late mother Nassie with five children. He raised me and my siblings in a two-story building in Kay Mahalsi, married and raised them. My dad was always with us like our 6th brother. We still remember the books my father loved to read. One of the things that influenced me and my siblings the most was the handwriting of my father, who was an elementary school graduate.

All my school-going siblings and what I liked the most was that my dad proudly spoke of our accomplishments to the guests who came to visit us during the holidays.

At the moment, those who know us know that it would have been almost impossible for my father to receive our education without Osmansik, where high school and high school were not within his means.

However, the love of education that he created in us was combined with our perseverance and faith in him, which allows us to receive education in free boarding schools in different cities. As a math teacher, my brother Rasim, me and my brother Asim began to support both themselves and our father financially with the lessons of our classmates.

However, the opening of a high school in Osmansi allows our younger siblings to feel a little more comfortable in education. My brother Shakru got medical education and became a doctor and my younger brother went to Bullet Military Academy and became an officer.

It’s too much to describe what my dad did for us, but I want to tell you a little bit about his underworld. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Yes, it is hard to believe, but in none of our memories did he insult or humiliate us or anyone else until we received God’s mercy. He was tolerant and merciful to all living beings, not just us. He was always cheerful and full of incredible energy.

He used to play with us. And what a game. He even built a volleyball court in our backyard and opened a table tennis in our house, which no one thought. He taught us all coffee games and played with us.

The purpose here was to prevent us from playing uncontrollably outside.

Gratitude is a quality. My father, who thanked him for all the good work done to him, set an example for us in every moment of his life. He didn’t hurt her, and with this feature, no one wanted to hurt her. Although she suffered a lot, the most disturbing thing I think and almost certain is the untimely death of my late mother. Hearing the word ‘life is empty’ in his mouth for the first and last time deeply affected all of us. But that was all his rebellion.

Maybe he kept his grief to himself which is why he met both our dead mother and God’s grace in the same year (13.12.2013).

Next week, I will tell the life story of this beautiful and blessed man, Ömer Faruk Elverici, and our 5 precious brothers, who have benefited the country, raised his esteemed wife, Aunt Nassie.

March 25, 2022 / Mehmet Ojata

(This photo was taken about seventy years ago, in our home garden, pictured above. It shows some family members who lived outside Osmansik then and are no longer alive. One of the two children in front and my brother Rasim in the middle, the other is me.) Amrullah Elverisi)

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