About my daughter Mother’s meaningful and emotional words to her daughter

From mother to daughter

My first tears are words for my daughter, 1 birthday message from mother to daughter, meaningful words for my daughter are waiting for you in our article below. What birthday message can I send my daughter? If you think so, you can find the song below.

Here are 10 emotional words from mother to daughter;

1. If they told me to hug the earth, I would go and hug my daughter.

2. You are the bird of our heart, my daughter, do not let your wings break.

3. Some love cannot be described. Like my daughter!

4. Happy birthday to my princess. May health, success, happiness and love always be with him.

5. Happy birthday to my angel who was sent to me on earth today, my dear daughter.

6. Let the new age make you forget your troubles and sorrows and fill your heart with happiness. Happy birthday, my lamb.

7. I want to give my beloved soul a heart full of love. Happy New Year my dear girl.

8. My dear daughter, may your smiling face always smile, if you cry one day it will be from happiness.

9. My dear daughter, who has not bothered me for a second since birth, I love you so much.

10. When I have a daughter as beautiful as the world, I will face all kinds of difficulties in this life.

About my beautiful daughter

My daughter, you are the subject of the sentences I make; The crown in this house, you are dear in this house.

You have impressed everyone with your success and hard work. You are my hardworking bee.

You comb your curly hair, you can’t open it, you call my mom to help me, I comb my daughter’s hair and wear colorful hair pins.

My little twig has grown up and become a big girl but you are my beautiful little baby at the age of thirty. My baby, I miss you so much.

She presented a mother as the best daughter. Because the mother has made her daughter human. You are a much better person than me, my dear girl, I miss you so much.

Your birthday was our holiday. My dear daughter, I am glad to have you. May Allah grant you a healthy and peaceful life.

I don’t think one day fate will be caught in the air, it will fly out of sight. Little did I know then that words would bring tears to my eyes. How did I know when you left that I would look for you in songs, poems, talk on paper and pen? Now on the first line is your wish, my daughter, and at the end of every sorrow of the written poem.

When did you grow up, when you became young, now you will go far away without me, new life, new home. I don’t know how to get used to, my dear girl, but I will miss you so much.

My heart will bleed when I see you angry and sad. But my daughter, you can understand me, what a mother’s mind is like.

If you ask what you left behind, your mom didn’t pick up your chair, your plate is always on the table, even if it’s empty. The food you like is no longer cooked in our kitchen, we don’t play the songs you like. We put his picture in the corner of the room, we see it that way, we are left without our baby.

If you only knew how much I missed you girl. When you are gone, my eyes are still searching for you, counting your future days. You are reading our beautiful words to my daughter.

My daughter, you are the smile on my face, my words with two syllables on my tongue, you are my soul, my heart, my hands, my feet, my two eyes, you are my mountain-like longing. Good thing my daughter.

I never thought that my daughter would one day fly away from this nest, that fate would separate us from each other and give our hearts a burning fire, my dear daughter.

You hold my hand, the most beautiful hand, the most beautiful eyes looking at me, my dear girl.

May God always be with you and help you. My prayers can come to your aid when you are in trouble. My dear daughter, may your path be clear.

My dear daughter, may Allah make you a good boy. May he always do the good things in the world.

It is written as my daughter, it is read as my angel.

My daughter, don’t ask us about your next life, because we have stopped living after you. I can’t go to your house, I opened the door because you will hug me because when you open the door my dear mother will come in front of me, but when I don’t see you I will sit and cry. Your place on our table is empty, I can’t fill your void, I can’t drink a drop of water without you.

Even if my daughter is on the other side of the world, a splinter in her hand will make my heart bleed.

My daughter! You are the smile on my lips, my words on my tongue. My heart, my darling, my two eyes. You know, your name is always hidden behind my sigh. I do not say, I do not cry, I do not suffer, all the flow of the river is inside me. My longing, my tears, my silence is for you. I can smell you in the east wind, my tired eyes always go that way.

When you gave birth to me, my eyes filled with tears, now that you have moved away from me, my eyes are always looking for you.

About my daughter

My daughter is one of the most precious diamonds in the world.

Someone like you who doesn’t have a daughter will never understand the happiness of a daughter. Boys like you are not for everyone. You hold my life, the reason I survive. I love you so much, my daughter.

Not everyone knows how good a person you are. Such a sweet child is not possible for everyone in the world.

They say angels are invisible, but my angels are visible. My dear daughter, you are an angel, I miss you so much.

Oh honey, you hugged me tight, kissed me on the cheek. Your smiling lips that say “Daddy” will be my happiness. In your presence all the black clouds will disperse from our lives, all the storms will calm down in your presence.

Your music was the most beautiful melody, your footsteps, your line of songs with meaningless words will captivate my soul. Why did you grow up?

Hey young lady! My longing, my heartache, my black love. My everything, my two eyes, baby. My insomnia, the way I look, the one I miss every breath.

Oh, my little girl! I couldn’t get enough of your love for the children to survive, the years have slipped away like water from the palm of my hand, I couldn’t hold it. How fast time passed, how fast fate snatched you from our hands, my child. When did you grow up and walk behind the snowy mountains?

I’m happy when you smile, I’m upset when you cry. Always be happy, always smile, my dear girl.

When I can’t sit back and think about myself, I have a favorite girl who always thinks of me.

You are a rose that never fades, a pond that never dries up, sings like a cuckoo, my daughter.

Please remember, this message was sent from the mother to the sweetest in the world and it contains an extra amount of love. You can fall in love coma while reading the message.

You were the joy in our house, you were the dove of peace between me and your father, you were my merciful angel. I miss you so much, my dear girl.

My dear daughter, I missed you so much, I couldn’t sleep after you, I saw your way every day, I missed you every time I breathed.

If my daughter’s leg breaks and she falls to the ground, it will hurt me, if my daughter has a problem, my heart will bleed.

Just yesterday you were small, how much you love to play on my shoulders, you caress my face with your small hands. You had curly hair, you tied colored hair pins and cried with a tight look.

Travel away from washing dishes, wiping windows and vacuuming the house. You take leave and let your mother do all the work.

There is no better friend than a girl. There is no girl like you.

Life is very hard without my daughter, living without my daughter is like living without breath, like soulless, hopeless soul only in body.

My hope is that I hold on to life, my dream, you are my tomorrow, you are the only owner of the smile on my face, you are always my little angel.

You were the most beautiful tune of my life, you were the grip of my life, the reason I was alive, why you grew up so that my daughter would always be small, you would stand on my knees.

Mother’s daughter’s birthday message

I hope the new year in front of you will always bring happiness for you. Happy birthday my sweet girl.

Happy Birthday to my trusted, my TV comrade, my dear daughter, who had prepared me for that day. I miss you so much, I’m waiting for you to come.

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter who has not grown up. May health, success, happiness and love always be with him.

My princess, may your smiling face never fade, may you be healthy, successful and beautiful. Happy birthday my princess.

May Allah make you a good boy. May he be blessed in the good times of the world. Wishing you a gracious day.

It’s a birthday surprise, it’s here to bring you luck. So just close your eyes and make a wish. Happy New Year, my sweet girl.

The cake can have your loved ones around, love around your heart and dreams around you. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter.

You look at life with the smile that my eyes look at, you dream of my hope when you look at them. Happy birthday my dear daughter.


Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter, with healthy, happy and beautiful days. Happy birthday, we love you so much.

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl. A healthy and successful year.

May Allah protect you there. May the angels always be your companions. Happy birthday is the happiest day.

I want to fulfill all your wishes from God today. Happy New Year, my dear girl.

Even if you are on the edge of the abyss, smile to disturb life. Happy New Year, my dear girl.

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. Good luck with a clear lesson in mind. Have a nice day

Be a good boy, you made me laugh, may my Almighty God make you laugh. Happy birthday my daughter.

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