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French ice dance couple Gabriela Papadakis / Guillaume Cারsarron became world champions with another memorable performance. This pair, whom we are accustomed to breaking records, have again improved their own record.

Fifth world title

2015-2016-2018 and 2019 World Champion French couple Gabriela Papadakis / Guillaume Cicero completed this World Championship with a gold medal. Introducing a breathtaking series, the couple asks listeners questions whether it is a sports performance or an art work. Competing with Gabrielle Fauer’s Elegy, the couple received high practice scores from all components, including high difficulty.

Since the introduction of the new scoring system, there has been growing criticism that there is little room for creativity in the ice dance department due to the many elements that skaters have to perform and the sharp rules. The Papadakis / Cizeron series has gone down in history as perhaps one of the most original shows on the subject.

Papadakis and Cারsarn, one of the best performers in the ice dance industry, who we can define as the fine craftsman of roller skates, have had an impressive end to the season. By creating a magical atmosphere for four minutes on the ice of their own country, the pair made a big difference in points with their rivals. Reaching 137.09 free program points, 77.39 technical and 59.70 material, the couple earned a total of 229.82 points. Thus, they set their own highest score record of 226.98.

Goodbye to the competition

Second place went to Madison Hubble / Zachary Donohue from USA. He got 4.45 out of 5 practice points for a combination of standing and reflex lift at the beginning of the Hubble / Donohue program. This was the highest practice score given by the judges overnight. Presenting their series with the song Anne Seeler, the couple recorded in perfect synchrony. With 132.67 free program points, 74.37 technical and 58.30 elements, the couple earned a total of 222.39 points.

The Hubbell / Donohue pair finished second at the 2018 and 2021 World Championships and third in 2019. The couple, who became the third world runners-up in their careers, also reached the highest individual score of the season. The championship was the last match for the Madison Hubble / Zachary Donohue couple.

They are back on stage

The Madison Chuck / Evan Bates couple, who competed to represent the United States, finished second at the 2015 World Championships and third in 2016. The couple, who were then floundering and away from the podium, reclaimed the stage six years later. The couple, who successfully presented their series about an astronaut and an alien encounter on an alien planet, showed off interesting lifts. With 71.89 technical, scoring 57.43 material points, the couple reached 129.32 points. The Chuck / Bates couple, who finished the competition with their Rhythm Dance Points with 2126.83 points, won the bronze medal.

Italy and Canada are off the stage again

Italian couple Charlene Guigard / Marco Fabri, who finished fourth in the rhythm dance, came to the championship hoping for a podium. Competing with the soundtrack of the Redemption movie, the couple has performed one of the best performances of the season. However, they could finish 4th with a total of 209.92 points.

Another couple with podium hope is Canadian couple Piper Giles / Paul Poirier. The couple, who had a problem with an elevator in the Olympic free program and ran away at the last minute, lost a lot of points because of it. Gilles / Poirier, who switched lifts before the World Championships, competed harder for the inlet and outlet connections of his tweezers because they could not get as many points as they wanted. These changes have been positively reflected in the couple’s points in the championship, but they looked uncomfortable, especially in the first part of the series. The pair, who failed to show tough belt style, scored a total of 202.70 points and finished the championship in fifth place.

The frustration of the Spaniards

Spanish couple Olivia Smart / Adrian Diaz, one of the top five most important candidates, started the series with hesitation and hesitation. In the first tweezers, Smart lost his balance and had to keep one foot on the ground.

At the entrance to the choreographic sequence of steps, Diaz stumbled. As a result of these mistakes, they got less score than expected. The Spanish couple finished the championship in 7th place with a total of 194.63 points.

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