Boxer Seren Ay Chetin will challenge the world

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Turkish female boxer Seren I. Chetin said, “I have won 9 out of 9 matches in my career and 6 of them in knockouts. I have also been able to enter the top 15 in WBC. ”

Seren Ay Çetin, who wants to break new ground in the history of professional women’s boxing in Turkey, is continuing her preparations for the WBC (World Boxing Council) Silver Belt match without hindrance.

Turkish female boxer Seren Ay Çetin will be in the ring with Eva Voraberger, the two-time world champion on WBC, where champion names like Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali, Austrian Eva Voraberger, nickname Golden Baby, will be at Caferaga Sports Hall in May.

Kadıköy Boxing Club athlete Seren Ay Çetin, coached by world champion and WBC Asia silver belt holder Serdar Avcı, made a statement to the Demiroren News Agency (DHA) as he continued to prepare for the competition with the camp he held in Izmir.

Seren Ay Çetin, who has won 9 international competitions in her career, said, “I started boxing with my teacher Serdar Avcı. At first, I practiced boxing as an amateur, then I became a professional. I became one of the first women to become “Professional in boxing.” I also made it to the top 15 on WBC. I have created new places here too. I qualified to play for the Silver Belt. After the Silver Belt, there is the World Championship Belt. That is my main goal, “he said.

Be the first Turkish female athlete

“I will fight for the most prestigious belt. Our Izmir camp was very productive and then our camp in Istanbul will continue. I work hard so I don’t have time. Excited and Getting stressed. I trust my schedule and my coach a lot. Comfortable. My opponent is a very experienced boxer. I will face Eva Voraberger. We will have a match at Aga Sports. I am waiting for everyone, this is a very important match. WBC has never played before in Turkey. I am the first Turkish female athlete to compete in it. Organization. I believe I will be the first female boxer in this organization. “I want to be a permanent champion, my goal is always big. I play for this belt at a very young age, my opponent is 32. Eva won her first champion at 29 Yonship, I 24. I may be inexperienced, but I am a believer. Speech

SERDAR AVCI’s confidence is complete

Seren Ay Çetin’s coach, Serdar Avcı, says he trusts his athlete a lot. “Seren Ay is a very brave girl,” said Avcı “Seren Ay is a very good boxer. He really sleeps and wakes up after boxing. He trains in the morning, trains in the evening and eats regularly. He has a very professional life. There is no reason for him not to succeed.” Our goal is to win the world championship. None of our Turkish athletes got a chance to win a belt on WBC. Serene will fight to be the first among income women. The opponent is a very experienced athlete, he has played many big matches. Playing against an athlete who has won the title twice is a matter of concern. ” “Even if the situation is like that, we will try. According to statistics, they said 60 people. Eva will win the match by percentage. But Seren Aye is very loyal, I trust her very much. We all gave our best as a team, I hope we win the match, ”he said.

Tickets are on sale, waiting for the room to be filled

Tickets for the organization, where the most important reception in Turkish boxing history will be held, are being sold. Seren Ay Çetin, as well as Seren Ay Çetin, are giant companies that sports fans can follow who buy tickets through

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