Breaking Sports News: TFF officially announced! How many teams will play in the Super League?

TFF President Nihat Ozdemi said in a statement to BIN Sports, “Our main target in the Super League is 18 teams. It looks like it will be tough with 20 teams. We will reduce 4 teams in 2 years to 18 teams again. I’m doing it. ” Says

Dezdemir touches the most curious listeners and many things next season.

We want to play with less capable spectators

We want to play the league, which we will start in mid-August, gradually with the spectators. Our main goal is to reduce the number, if the vaccination system is successful, we want to play games with low capacity spectators.

Round line technology

We are also ready if the goal line technology is applied in Europe. We are working with Hawk-Eye. They all work in big tournaments. We created the tender during the Demirören period. The whole management has decided for Hawk-I. An indication of what they will do.

About the pre-1959 championship …

Fenerbahçe first applied. Many clubs, from Samson to Ankara, from Eskihir to Izmir, have applied to benefit from this article. Some parties had opposing views. These are on the law board. We believe we will make the right legal decisions in the near future. After we make this decision, the appeal is open. There is arbitration, there is general assembly. We will decide. Some will be satisfied, some will not. We make the right decision as soon as possible. Everything is available in the TFF archive. The investigation continues. We plan to announce it as soon as possible.

They said “fennation”.

Fenerbahce has a very good squad. He has moved a lot. He has started the season very well with the new coach. Everyone said ‘Fenerbahce season, TFF is helping, Fenration’ this season. Even though such a conversation was going on, this time they said in Galatasaray. ‘Support Galatasaray, plans and programs,’ they said. Beşiktaş led. This leader has finished the first half of the league. ‘They have set up orders for Beşiktaş,’ he said. 3 teams entered last week with equal opportunities.

Explanation for the board

Until the new general assembly, we want to continue the law-and-order-arbitration-MHK. There is a financial general assembly before the start of the league. We want to change the law. We will align the law with the ECHR and sports law. These changes, which are not within our authority, can be made by the General Assembly We are doing the necessary work.

Thanks to MHK

We are happy with MHK, discipline and arbitration. Thanks MHK. MHK has done a great job in this difficult process. I am very happy with all of them. We are very satisfied with MHK presided over by Serdar Tatli. Mr. Itac, President of PFDK. Murat, chairman of the arbitration. We are very happy with all of them, we will continue with all of them.

I’m talking about what I have here

Sometimes a lot of things happen in my mind that I say, ‘What am I doing here? It’s a task. On June 1, 2019, the TFF General Assembly gave us this task. We have been on duty for 4 years. For a long time we were nominated only once.

Champions League and more …

We were following Chelsea’s game minute by minute. It was a tough match. One went, one came. We are happy for Beşiktaş. They will take part in the Champions League directly. It will be a lot of income. Beşiktaş will take on Turkey in the Champions League. He got great success in the last performance. It provides a very significant income.

We wanted Lille’s championship

We really wanted Lily to be the champion. Won the penalty at the end of the first half. 1-0 ahead Lily, I was wondering who the coach would throw. Their teacher chose Burak. It gave me a special joy. He trusted Burak so much that he wanted Burak to throw it away without hesitation. Neymar, one of the best footballers in the world, missed, but Burak blocked the ball and scored from his penalty.

Proud …

“Our players have introduced Turkish football. Burak Ilmaz has become one of the best players, he will be selected for the top 11. I am proud. I will hug and congratulate the 3 players of Lille. I want to continue their success with the Turkish national team. Introduced Turkish football to our players. Burak Ilmaz “He has become one of the best players, he will be selected for the top 11. I’m proud I would like to hug and congratulate our 3 players from Lille. I want to continue their success. With the Turkish national team. “

National team program …

We will play against friendly Azerbaijan on 27 May. We were going to play against Ireland on 31st May. The match was called off at the decision of the United Kingdom. On May 31, we will play Guinea in Antalya. On 2nd June, we will go to camp in Germany, we will play a friendly match against Moldova. On June 11, we will play the opening match against Italy. We have requested viewers from UEFA. Then we will play in friendly and fraternal country Azerbaijan with Wales and Switzerland. We want to say goodbye to the group after getting points from these 3 matches. Our goal is to get out of the group and continue to eliminate.

Explanation of foreign rule

Speaking about the foreign rule, Ozdemir said, “We have received a request that we sign an agreement with 14 foreigners so that as many foreigners as they can play on the field, we are evaluating it, we will announce this decision tomorrow.” Says

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