Call from Izmir to Synap Nuclear Power Plant: Nuclear Resistance, Longevity

IZMIR – EGECEP, the Izmir Bar Association and the municipality of Ghazimi have issued a press statement against the planned nuclear power plant at Sinop. The slogans “Long live the atom despite having atoms” were frequently uttered when representatives of various organizations participated in the statement held in the nuclear waste area of ​​Gazmir, also known as Chernobyl in Izmir. EGECEP co-spokesperson Seval ACC, who issued a statement on behalf of the group, recalled that a number of organizations, bodies and individuals had filed lawsuits against Samsung’s 2nd and 3rd Administrative Courts over the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for nuclear power. Plant (NGS) is planned to be set up at Sinope.

The decision hearing will be held on March 28-29

Noting that experts appointed by this court have given negative feedback on the SINAP NPP EIA report, the ACC said that the hearing of the landmark decision will be held on March 28 and 29 at Samsung. Explaining the process since 2018, the ACC said that with Russia’s war against Ukraine, attacks on the Zaporizia NPP and Chernobyl NPP, the world has once again become aware of the dangers that nuclear power plants will pose to the lives and environment of all living things. .

The ACC said: “Following the experience of the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters and Russia’s war against Ukraine, the need for nuclear power plants was questioned and action was taken on nuclear power plants. In our country, political power, in support of nuclear lobbies, has misled the people with irrational statements like ‘domestic, national and clean energy’ rhetoric, ‘meeting growing energy demand, reducing energy expenditure, ending foreign dependence’. That doesn’t reflect reality.

‘The resources allocated for these projects must be used according to the needs of the people’

Emphasizing that political forces, which work for nuclear power rather than meeting the country’s energy needs, are not aware that this is leading the country to the biggest catastrophe, Eksichi said, “We believe that political power cannot solve this problem. The crisis of non-management with nuclear power plants, nuclear power plants are not an option, they have been politically understood since the 1970s. We emphasize that this is a choice. We want the construction of Akkuyu NPP to be stopped immediately, the Synap NPP project to be canceled immediately and the NDK to be stopped. Utilizing the resources allocated for these projects in the national economy in line with the needs of the people; We want to invest in education, science and technology.

‘We’ve been waiting for defenders all our lives to decide.’

In addition, the ACC said its concern was heightened when it was considered that Ghazimir’s nuclear waste, described as Izmir’s Chernobyl, could not be dealt with.

“With the creation of the energy plan, we want the opinion of universities, professional chambers and society to be directed towards the right options, which are people-oriented and there is no objection to their implementation and urgent legal action is taken.” We do not allow nature to be plundered and public places to be taken away. We condemn non-public policies that legitimize the profit-oriented nuclear projects of the capitalist system that blinds science and the voices of the people. We will not give up; we protect our lives, the existence of humanity and the future of our children. “

The ACC summoned all nuclear adversaries and lifeguards on March 28-29 for the final hearing of the cases before the Samson Administrative Court.

‘I can’t imagine what those who can’t take a step here can do in Synopsis’

Ghazimi Mayor Halil Arda said in a statement that Ghazimir’s waste has not been cleaned up year after year, adding that “I can’t imagine what those who do not take steps to clean up here can do to Sinop.”

Ali Osman Karababa, a board member of Izmir Medical Chamber, said: “More than 10 years have passed but no action has been taken. There are 10,509 cubic meters of radioactive material. Attempts have been made to clear this area. There are people under the nose of the field, children go to school. It is a shame that despite knowing so much, there is no effective initiative. This is a sign of violation of constitutional rights, “he said.

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