Defeating cancer is not a “motherhood” dream for women

The study was published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, an international peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Speaking to AA Reporter about the results of the study, Prof. Dr. A.S. Dr. Favji Altuntas explained that the clinical trial was performed on 86 female patients of childbearing age who recovered from cancer of the blood, lymph nodes and bone marrow after stem cell transplantation.

Noting that through this study, they aimed to examine the fertility rate of female patients in this situation, the factors that affect their fertility, the process of pregnancy and whether they have any problems with the baby after birth, Altuntaş shared the following information:

We found that a person’s pregnancy rate after a self-performed stem cell transplant, which we call an “autologous transplant”, is higher than that of a sibling, relative or non-relative called an ‘allogeneic transplant’. In other words, in 86 percent of pregnant patients who received autologous stem cell transplants, we found that 14 of them had allogeneic stem cell transplants. “

Pregnancy rates are higher among people surviving lymph node cancer

Professor Dr. “Pregnancy rates are higher among patients with lymph node cancer than with those with blood and bone marrow cancer,” Altuntas said. ” Used phrases.

Babies are born with low birth weight

Noting that about 20 percent of female patients in the study had successful pregnancies, healthy births and even multiple births, Altuntaş said:

“When we look at women giving birth, we only see that babies are born with a slightly lower birth weight than normal. However, we do find that there is no difference in the number of live births compared to healthy pregnant women. Cancer diagnosis. Only in these patients, Weighing babies are born. We do. “

– “Patients who beat cancer do not want to get pregnant because of their anxiety”

Professor Dr. Altuntaş said that in the study, patients who were not pregnant were also tested and 30 percent of these people did not have children because they did not plan to get married.

Altuntas went on to say:

“When we look at the situation of those who are married and have no children, we have determined that they do not want to get pregnant because of various concerns. A significant proportion of cancer patients did not get pregnant because of anxiety and various psychosocial reasons. It should be, and when we look at it from this perspective, it is invaluable information. In cancer, it is necessary to not only control the disease physically, but also to implement all the psychological, social, spiritual and rehabilitation programs together. “

“Rehabilitation programs are just as important as stem cell transplants”

Noting that Turkey is the 5th largest country in Europe in terms of stem cell and bone marrow transplants, Altunta said that they are proud of it. .

Altuntas stressed that in order to take Turkey’s current position further, emphasis should be placed on the holistic approach and the number of centers should be increased and the following assessments should be made:

“Pre- and post-transplant care, support and rehabilitation programs are as important as stem cell transplant treatment. Because although a significant portion of patients recover from the disease after stem cell transplant, they may face various problems. One of them is table. We are infertility. That is to say, comprehensive cancer centers and reproductive health centers need to be built.

“Hold on to life, we are optimistic for the future”

Professor Dr. Fevzi Altuntaş highlighted the importance of clinical research on cancer in terms of developing new treatments and called on all qualified individuals to participate in this research and support science.

Regarding women battling cancer, Altuntaş said, “My message to cancer patients is, please do not be afraid of cancer and do not delay your treatment during epidemics. It is possible to defeat cancer, defeat cancer and have a child. Our research also shows that even after stem cell transplantation, which is one of the most extreme treatments for cancer, it is still possible to have children. Please hold on to life. The success rate in cancer is increasing day by day. As scientists we are optimistic about the future. ” He said.

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