DNDER 6th “School-Parent Association Summit” was held

“NDER The 6th Parent-Teacher Association Conference, organized by the Imam Hatipilla Association, was held in Bursa.

Abdullah Silan, chairman of the association, said at the opening ceremony of the summit held at the Marinos Atatর্কrk Congress and Culture Center Orhangaji Hall that হিসাবেNDER, as a school-parent association, strives to look at education from a holistic perspective to increase overall literacy rates. The quality of education and Turkey should be taken one step further at this stage.

Emphasizing that they see “schools and educators”, “families” and “environmental and non-governmental organizations” as the three basic pillars of education, Ceylan said, “We put our students and children at the center. But unfortunately we are working with them. The problem is our dilemma in education and the cultural heritage of the society. We have made it a habit to impose the whole bill of social and sociological transformation on the shoulders of 21st century youth. We call it ‘Generation Z’, though to justify ourselves. ” Says

Noting that if there is a problem, there is only one cause and he is not responsible, Ceylan says:

“If we talk about educating young people, we need to take a step towards a common solution that will encompass all of them and melt them all into one container. Brings and works with the school-parent union at the center.We are a community organization.At this moment, with 71 years of acquisition as the Imam Hatip community, we have all witnessed that our school-parent union and parents process, our school, our school We believe that there is a family, and for that we have been working with our family union, school and parents for many years.

This big summit, which we have organized 6 times this year, is a great event that we have organized to lead and guide the work to be done from now on, the summit where our training activities, workshops and workshops that we will do. Hold on to today with three different sessions and a final report will be released. “

“The opportunities available today should be put to good use.”

Ake Party Deputy Chairman Ifkan Alao said that the opportunities available today should be put to good use.

Ala, who wished that Islamic countries would bless the younger generation who would help them get out of the situation they were in, continued as follows:

“Having a close conversation at your school, as a school-parent union, is the key to adding success to your children’s success. Because there is an incredible amount of data pollution. There is a negative environment for accessing information and mistakes, but at the same time very positive and good work.” There are good opportunities to do it. Yes, where will these children and young people turn? Here, school and family support give them the opportunity that allows them to.

“Imam-Hatipas grew up in the efforts and prayers of the holy nation”

On the other hand, Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat said that Imam Hatip School, of which he is proud to have graduated, is much more than just a school project.

Emphasizing that these schools have a mission in the words of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Canbolat said: “Those who study in these schools are the hope of the future. He has faced all sorts of obstacles since then, but he has always continued his path with zeal and zeal. The Imam has grown up with preachers. The blessings, efforts and prayers of this holy nation. ” Used phrases.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas said schools where parent-teacher associations are concerned and the issue is more successful.

Explaining that organizing and conducting school-parent unions is a beautiful and real task, Akta said, “We do not have oil or high-level mineral resources, but we are a very valuable country with a population of 84 million. We are an ancient civilization. Inheritance. Therefore, our manpower, our brain is our capacity. It needs to be cultivated and expressed well. ” Says

Hakan Kavusoglu, chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission, said the summit was invaluable, adding that “DNDER has raised awareness about school-parent unions. I think this study will be a source of inspiration for other schools. Imam has led preachers here as well.” He said.

The summit continued with the session in the presence of Bursa Provincial Director of National Education Serkan Gur, Mayor, Head of the Parent-Teacher Association of South Marmara Province, school principals, teachers and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

DNDER 6th Parent-Teacher Association Conference was held

DNDER 6th Parent-Teacher Association Conference was held

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