Don’t be putinized, there is no “boom boom boom” in love!

Two actors from the movie ‘Love Tactics’. Demet Ozdemir With Sukru Ozildij They explained that they thought “there is no strategy in love”.

Of course, I don’t know how the producer of the movie felt after reading this news at the top of the magazine.

It seemed to me like a shampoo commercial actor that “I never wash my hair”.

“If there is no strategy, there can be a strong and healthy relationship,” said Demet Ozdemir.

Şükrü zyıldız sharper: “There is no strategy in love, do not do such a thing!”

We are fortunate that the number of people who read these statements in the newspapers has dropped significantly.

Therefore, ruining their lives by this “wrong strategy” was out of the question for many young people.

What I would say to Mrs. Ozdemir and Mr. Ozildiz is that I do not know what you describe as love, but you cannot go too far with this mentality.

Because the history of love is also the history of “pick up”, that the development of a love relationship begins by attracting the attention of the opposite sex. (I speak of the opposite sex, but I also mention that I do not deny homosexual love, love is the same feeling for everyone, my only language practice!)

Of course, I’m aware that the two players in question have no problem with that.

The girl is very beautiful, the boy is very handsome.

Maybe they don’t need too much to get anyone’s attention, I admit.

And this situation can cause serious problems for those who want to get their attention, I mention it temporarily.

We recently commemorate his death with love and compassion. Yasar KamalSeen on the street Gulrez SururiShe called out, “Hush, Little Lady, can we see you,” but couldn’t find her face. Gulrez Sururi later recalled the incident in an interview and said: “If he had said he was the author of Ins Meme, everything would have happened!”

When I say “attention” I mean this kind of thing.

I still don’t understand how a great master like Yasar Kamal can say “haha” to a woman and then think that she will accept the invitation with peace of mind. I think it’s more accurate to consider this a “youth mistake.”

However, being the author of İnce Memed, Hawaii is enough to attract women, even if you have no other qualifications.

You should not expect someone you do not like and fall in love with.

And naturally I will talk about “conscious temptation” in this post.

In other words, the process of starting a relationship by liking and attracting the attention of a man or woman.

Of course, there are moments when this “conscious temptation” is done unconsciously, but it is a situation related to facing the opportunity.

This process starts in the morning before you even leave the house.

Showers, toothbrushes, men’s shaves, women’s make-up. “Temp” is annoying. We know that a person who smells bad is attractive, but that does not mean positive attention. Then the dress is worn. Trousers or skirts should be ironed and shirts should be starch. The hair is combed, a final check is done in the mirror before going out!

Consciousness is not yet active

In doing so, your purpose is not to get out on the street and get your attention.

Of course, everyone wants to be beautiful, to look beautiful and to take advantage of the benefits that this image can bring to people in social life.

Since we were taught that way, the sum of our actions may be the result of drawing attention to ourselves, but it is unconscious.

The next stage of consciousness comes into play.

At the stage of movement of mutual interests!

Relationships begin when people like each other’s intimacy. This is how friendship develops, so does love.

The basis of all this.

In the beginning, ’cause’ does not work in these matters.

What starts a relationship is a change of interest, which can happen for any reason.

One glance, her hair flying in the wind, the way her wrist bends when her hand is brought to her mouth, she’s a very successful person, she gets in a weird car, a lot of “human states” that have nothing to do with each other!

The mind then becomes engrossed in the game.

Do I want to deepen that relationship?

If you don’t like it, it’s easy, you just turn your face away.

The general attitude of all living things

If you want, you can start using your mind, which is done not only by “smart people” but also by other creatures whom we consider “wise”.

The reason we think they are stupid is because they do not sit and chat with us, or they learn, repeating the learning movement.

When our mind tells us how to work, it doesn’t give any friend outside advice.

It is an inner force that shapes our identity and it controls, evaluates, warns and directs every step we take to improve or end a relationship.

What we call “strategies” are behaviors that filter through these arguments.

So, friends, don’t be fooled by Mrs. Demet or Mr. Shakru, there is a place for love strategies like every human situation, you can’t get out of here without the strategies we’ve created.

We do not fall in love with our heart because our heart beats or something happens when we fall in love.

Our heart is an organ that loves advertising, think about it.

We fall in love with our brains.

This is a work of “selection”.

Of course, I should not be unfair to Mrs. Demet and Mr. Shakru.

As a result, I continued to comment on the series of words reflected in the headlines.

I don’t know what was at the beginning and end of that sentence, in what context.

Who knows, maybe they wanted to emphasize the need for honesty and openness when they said “there is no strategy in love”.

In other words, if you are “tactful”, they can use it in the sense that you are cheating another person, you are not in the real situation.

This is an abuse, but of course we can’t criticize them for it. We can’t take it to court.

Because they may witness many people and situations in social life who use “tactics” to hide their true purpose.

And we have a morality that makes it a shame to behave like that in human relationships.

Yes, even our relationship with our spouses and lovers is a relationship of mutual interest, and attitudes and behaviors that will upset the balance of this relationship and obscure the real purpose are not considered normal, even condemned.

This “interest” can be a material thing. The range of definitely measurable “things”, from beautiful gifts to a wonderful holiday!

Or is it purely psychological? A sound, a look, a hug that makes you feel good when you wake up in the morning.

Great admiration for a political idea that would make anyone else feel crazy!

This is the main reason why the politicians of the country have put us in this situation.

Their wives and girlfriends may find their ridiculous ideas so logical that every politician, male or female, will truly believe it.

This is called relationship fairness, which is one of the favorite topics in classical psychology.

Now I want to think that you are assuming that I am not intelligent enough to push this issue and want psychologists to come to me; I’m passing it on to her.

The types of psychologists who are tempted to think that they do not like their parents very much, but pay reasonable fees for it, are out of our reach.

The “trick in love” is a form of action that is commonly expected of women in our male-dominated culture.

It’s ridiculous, but unfortunately that’s our social reality.

The main effects of sex are seen in personal relationships, not social ones, as is thought.

Our minds are reflected

Our minds, conditioned to accept gender inequality as a given, tend to project these unjust attitudes externally.

The hegemonic culture imposes a defined role for both sexes and naturally in this view the woman herself is the devil.

For example, if a woman wears a miniskirt, it destroys my uncle’s morals.

If the woman does not wear it, my uncle’s morality and ablution will remain intact. That’s why they should cover themselves, know their place and not use “tactics” that will blow men’s minds.

This is the case in almost all religions, but I will not write more to avoid the fire of hell.

I would like to end by saying: to love, to fall in love is something that can be learned, as long as you want it.

Like everything that can be learned, love goes step by step.

First you memorize the table of properties, then arithmetic, then algebra, then geometry, trigonometry.

So is love.

It develops at certain stages and becomes stronger.

You use your mind, you like and want to like and you develop “strategies”.

So don’t be fooled by Demet Hanım and Şükrü Bey, love moves forward with strategy.

Don’t act like Putin, there is no “bam bang bang” in male-female relationships.

This article by Mehmet Y. Yılmaz is taken from the Oxygen newspaper.

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