Fincancı: There is no health without democracy

Shebnem Korur Finkansi, president of the TTB Central Council, said in a statement that their demands had been rejected by the legislature. Ignoring democracy, we cannot make it possible for us to survive humanely in this country, ”he said.

In Van, the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and Van-Hakkari, Urfa, Batman, Beatles, Mardin, Diyarbakir, Moss, Mugla and Ankara Medical Chambers issued a press statement with the slogan “There is no health without democracy”.

The statement in front of the Van-Hakkari Medical Chamber was attended by TTB Central Council President Sebnem Korur Finkansi, former TTB President Sinan Adiyaman, the head of the medical chamber and representatives of the city’s private sector.

The statement contained slogans such as “We are not afraid, we are not silent, we are not moving away”, “There is no salvation alone, either all together or none of us”, “We will win by resisting”. .

The disease has increased

In a statement, Ali Karakoচ, president of the Ankara Medical Chamber, recalled the Hippocratic oath and said the government would lose the health policy it would follow. Karakoz said, “The last example is the bankruptcy of the health system which prefers to deal with the Kovid-19 epidemic in hospitals and does not take care of preventive health services; This epidemic causes extra deaths. Turkey has not yet been able to explain these numbers, “he said.

Karakoz says tuberculosis, which is even more resistant in Turkey, and resistant scabies cases, which have recently increased in incredible numbers, cannot be dealt with by a single therapeutic approach. He mentioned that there was no disease.

Without democracy …

Sebnem Korur Finkansi, chairman of the TTB Central Council, said there would be no health without democracy and said:

Health means not only our physical condition, our mental condition, our social well-being, our political well-being. When we cannot express ourselves freely and discuss, experiences make us unhealthy. We saw it together during the epidemic process. As the epidemic began, the TTB tried to be criminal and hostile in all situations when it demanded transparency about the epidemic. In the ensuing process, we were confronted with criminal and hostile behavior, this time taking steps that we had taken for months while we were fighting for our rights together in the streets, forums and processions. Unfortunately, Van shows the way in this regard.

Emergency continues in the van

Noting that the Emergency State (OHAL) van has been in operation for 6 years, Fincancı said, “There are obstacles to the exercise of our democratic rights. So who is losing? Society loses. The community is aware of this, “he said.

Fincansi, who is critical of the government’s health policy, said: “Unfortunately, society is on our side. Despite all efforts to criminalize and hostile, it makes the rulers even more angry. Because this epidemic has shown us all that they Condemned for poor health. Our professional chambers and organizations have shared this visibility with the Turkish society as a whole. It has achieved this through all its efforts and struggles to find a way to socialize health. That is why we have continued this work Thanks to our supportive community. ”

By refusing we will get nowhere.

Recalling AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s words, “We give you your rights, let them go”, Fincansi concluded by drawing attention to the following:

They have put forward several legal proposals for our rights; But when our proposal was tabled, it was written in red letters above the text in Parliament that it had been rejected. By refusing we will get nowhere. It is not possible to survive humanely in this country ignoring democracy. That is why we must prioritize the struggle together to live in democracy, peace and humanity. We physicians know that the only way to protect public health is to protect our body and soul. An article was published in the British Medical Journal two days ago. “If you disappoint our physicians, you will leave society unhealthy,” the article said. We are not just saying that we, physicians and health workers around the world are actually fighting against this unhealthy system. In the end we will win. Because we do not give up in the struggle.

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