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Either a scholar, a student, a listener, or a science lover. Do not be the fifth and you will be destroyed. (Prophet Muhammad)

One night spent with knowledge is better than a thousand nights spent with worship. (Prophet Muhammad)

Acquiring knowledge is obligatory for all Muslim men and women. (Prophet Muhammad)

There is a way to everything. The way to heaven is also knowledge. (Hz. Muhammad)

Knowledge is the lost treasure of a believer, he takes it wherever he finds it. (Prophet Muhammad)

Learn wisdom from the cradle to the grave. (Hazrat Muhammad)

Knowledge is the lost treasure of a believer, he takes it wherever he finds it. (Prophet Muhammad)

Preserve and preserve knowledge by writing it down and turning it into a book. (Prophet Muhammad)

Do not seek knowledge, do not be arrogant and haughty towards the scholars, do not argue with the ignorant and do not take part in the elite corner of the assembly. (Hz. Muhammad)

Learn knowledge, because learning knowledge for the sake of Allah is a blessing. (Prophet Muhammad)

Knowledge is more valuable than wealth. Because you protect wealth, where knowledge protects you (Hazrat Ali)

The garden of knowledge is the garden of paradise. (Haj. Ali)

If knowledge were with hope, then all the people of the world would be scholars.

He who is on the path of seeking knowledge will be on the path of seeking him in Paradise. (Haj. Ali)

The end of knowledge is the confession of ignorance. (Haj. Ali)

The rank of knowledge is the highest rank. (Haj. Ali)

Learn astronomy in a way that will guide you on land and in the sea. (Hz. Ömer)

Science; He unknowingly raises the low and lowers the high. (Haj. Ali)

There is a lot of knowledge hidden in my chest. Ah! If only I could find men who could carry them. (Haj. Ali)

Be serious about science, don’t take science as a joke, because science loses its value. (Hz. Ali)

Learning knowledge is better than higher worship. (Imam-e-Shafi)

Science means knowing science, knowledge means knowing yourself, if you don’t know yourself, what happens if you read a lot. (Yunus Emre)

The characteristic of science is that; Those who have little will be happy, those who do not have will always be sad. (Imam Shafi’i)

Knowledge is not an abundance of rumors and dry information. Knowledge is that which is beneficial and is acted upon. (Imam-i Malik)

Wisdom is a cowardly bird, it will run away if it is not tied. (Imam Sharani)

Teaching knowledge without civility means giving a sword to a robber. (Mevlana)

The greatest enemy of science is impatience. (Sams-i Tirmidhi)

The last darkness of the road without knowledge. (Hacı Bektaş-i Veli)

Intelligent knowledge is science that is supported by experience and has applicable features. Knowledge is a combination of science and art. (Elmalılı M. Hamdi Yazır)

Knowledge is a treasure that grows with sharing. (Bhartrihari)

Religion without science is lame, science without religion is blind. (A. Einstein)

Science depends on three things; Qualification, intelligence, perseverance. (Laughter Weisszade)

Science; But it is taken with decency and is understood with decency. (Yahya bin Muaz)

Science; Wealth in poverty, adornment in wealth. (Jubayr bin Abu Bakr)

Wisdom is the expression of the sea, the waves crashing on the shore. (AFY)

The one who combines knowledge and faith will reach the truth. (H. Zia Ulken)

We move forward with science, with religion, and with art, with beauty. (Payami Safa)

Rich people without knowledge and skills are a kind of poor.

Knowledge is knowing one’s limits; Sufism cleanses the heart. (Kunid-i Baghdadi)

It is clear that those who possess external knowledge will go to heaven. (AFY)

Science; It is not to know and narrate much, but to fear Allah. (Ibn Mas’ud)

Knowledge raises the low, ignorance lowers the high (Socrates)

The one who learns knowledge and does not work is like the one who cultivates and does not sow seeds. (Sheikh Saadi)

It is science, and the only science that has always held us above the animal kingdom. (Edmont Goblet)

A person who does not act according to his knowledge is nothing but an animal carrying a book. (Sheikh Saadi)

Science is not learned, it survives. Knowledge that does not survive is like money that is not spent. (Senap Shahabetin)

If you desire worldly life with them, the light of knowledge and wisdom goes out.

(Yahya bin Muaz)

Science; It is a resource in good times, a refuge in bad times and a good guide.


Wisdom is like an unprocessed intellect, and your ion is like a broken watch. Sometimes it goes forward, sometimes it stays behind.

Your interest in knowledge is such a thirst that the more we drink, the more thirsty we become. (Lawrence Stern)

Knowledge is a thing that will not give you even half of it unless you give it all your strength. (Abu Yusuf)

A leak known; Science is knitting sweaters. If you do not take the skewers in your hand, it is just consuming. (M. Alexander)

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