He saw his ex-wife, Elvan, whom he burned.

The incident took place on January 12 at the site of Erguvan Anatolia, Mahalsi, Daluna, Fatsa District. Erkan Emeroglu went to her home to talk to Elvan Sozkesen, a mother of two, whom he divorced last year after 10 years of marriage. Emeroglu, who was upstairs on the 7th floor, waited for Sozkesen without opening the door.

Elvan Sozkasen, who had picked up items brought from below by his ex-mother-in-law and returned to his home, met Emerolu in front of the apartment. During the discussion between the parties, Erkan Amiroglu poured burning gel on Elvan and set him on fire. Elvan Sozkesen, who was engulfed in flames, helped his neighbors who heard his screams. Neighbors who put out the fire reported it to the 112 Emergency Service. Elvan Sozkesen, who was taken by ambulance to Fatsa State Hospital and had a second-degree burn on his body, was transferred to Samson Training and Research Hospital after the intervention. Amiroglu, who fled after the incident, was caught by police and arrested in the court where he was produced. The moments when Ameroglu and Sozcasen entered and exited the building were captured on security cameras.

Claims are prepared

Erkan Ameroglu was charged with “attempted murder by design with a terrible feeling or pain” and his father, Tahsin Emeroglu, who assisted his son in aiding and abetting the crime of attempted murder. The chargesheet was accepted in the Fatsa High Criminal Court.

‘I tried to run away in fear’

Elvan Sozkesen said in his statement in the affidavit that he was annoyed by his ex-wife and tried to flee because he was scared when he met her. Sozkesen said he did not put out his ex-wife’s fire and saw her burning. “My ex-father-in-law called in the morning on the day of the incident. He came to the complex and brought things for me. He told me to go downstairs. I got off the elevator. I found food in front of the door. I took the elevator to my apartment on the 7th floor. I got out. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. I didn’t go to my house. Unable to do so, I caught fire. Then I screamed. ‘Mom, I thought I was dying. At my screams, my downstairs neighbor opened the door. He took me to the bathroom. My neighbors helped me put out the fire. I went to the hospital. Erkan didn’t have a cigarette in his hand, he didn’t try to put out the fire on me. Followed “ Says

‘Three deaths’

In words, “Before the incident, my ex-wife had been threatening to kill me for 15 days. She told me, ‘I am young, I took 35 risks, I will not let you live.’ You were in my house. I think you did it. “ Used phrases.

‘I think of pet bottles and throw them away in a friendly way’

Erkan Amiroglu, on the other hand, said in his statement in the complaint that the plastic bottle was by the window and he angrily picked it up. “I parked the car at the back of the house. I was too lazy to use the front door, so I jumped over the wall and entered the apartment. I went to the floor where the house is located. I met my ex-wife. Where is the house on the floor. I wanted to talk. I didn’t say what I wanted to say. Then he started walking down the stairs. So I got angry and took the plastic bottle that had a little white liquid on it. There were cigarettes. The liquid caught fire. Elvan later said, “I heard her scream. He was quickly descending the stairs. After the incident, I called my dad and said, ‘I did it, I burned your daughter, go take care of it now.’ “ Says

‘I want maximum punishment’

Elvan Sozkessen, who is still receiving treatment, described the horrific moments he felt in his hospital bed. Sozcasen, who wants his ex-wife to be punished severely, “If my neighbor who heard my screams hadn’t opened the door, I would have been a murderer too. Thank God, thank you my neighbor for opening the door, I was saved. The most severe punishment. I want the murder to stop now. I don’t want them to survive. I don’t want murderers, monsters, despicable, unprincipled, ruthless, psychopathic people to roam among us, so that one is burned alive. Everyone is scared now. No one can trust anyone anymore. So the family should. Don’t marry their children to psychopathic murderers. No one is the cause of their children. Don’t bother anymore. In this situation when I didn’t have any health problem. Says

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