Health centers and schools built by the Republic of Korea were inaugurated.

In Sunliurfa, Yubiye District Yenis Migrant Health Center and Haran District Seoul Secondary School, whose construction work was completed within the framework of humanitarian aid funded by the Republic of Korea, the service was launched through a ceremony.
On Ik Lee, the Korean ambassador to Ankara, who was in Sanliurfa to attend the opening ceremony of the completed projects in accordance with the protocol signed between the Sanliurfa governorate and the Republic of Korea, visited the governorship.
Reception by Governor Abdullah Erin, welcomed by Ambassador Ein Lee after Governor Erin signed the Governor’s Honor Book. Informing Ambassador One Ike Lee about Sunliurfa, Governor Erin said they were honored to host Ambassador Lee.
Ambassador Leo expressed his delight at Sanliurfa and thanked Governor Erin for his hospitality.
After the reception at the Governor’s Office, Governor Abdullah Erin and Ambassador Li attended the opening ceremony of the Yenis Migrant Health Center and Haran Seoul Secondary School, which was completed in Yebei District.
Yenis Migrant Health Center
At the official opening ceremony of the Yenis Migrant Health Center, the construction of which began and was completed with the protocol signed between the South Korean Embassy in Ankara and the Sanliurfa Governorate, and will begin in July 2021; Sunliurfa Governor Abdullah Erin, Korean Ambassador to Ankara Wan Ik Lee and the accompanying delegation, Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Gulum, provincial director of national education Favji Kurt, and five Korean veterans living in Sunliurfa, Mustafa Nazir Goksel and Osman Ukar.
Ambassador Wan Ik Lee, who spoke at the event, which began with a moment of silence and the singing of the South Korean and Turkish national anthems, expressed his feelings and thoughts that Sunliurfa is a city where human civilization was born and which welcomes Syrian refugees.
Referring to Korean veterans at the event, Ambassador Lee said that the veterans of the Korean War have come thousands of kilometers away to show what humanity is, and that today’s Turkey has also shown what love of humanity is by embracing refugees. To the applause of the Korean veterans who attended the ceremony. Expressing his delight as the Korean government to contribute to the education of both Syrian and Turkish children, Lee wished the health center to be beneficial.
Sunliurfa Governor Abdullah Erin said they were honored to host Korean Ambassador Lee and his wife in Sunliurfa and drew attention to the loyalty of Koreans.
Recalling that the South Korean state had previously built an immigrant health center in Akkale and a school with 16 classrooms in Haran, Governor Erin said: And the state of South Korea. We want to express our sincere thanks. “
Despite the thousands of kilometers between Turkey and South Korea, there is a strong, strong, historically based cultural similarity and friendship between the Turkish nation and the people of South Korea, Governor Erin said, adding that the friendship was reminiscent of the Korean War 62 years ago. For the hero was martyred.
Governor Erin, who said that the Korean people will not forget the Turkish heroes who sacrificed their lives for their freedom and showed their loyalty, thanked the Korean people for their sensitivity.
Governor Erin, Korean Ambassador Wan Ik Lee and guests at the event visited the Yenis Immigrant Health Center, where they cut the inaugural ribbon at the end of the lecture and received information from the authorities about the services provided there. The Sunliurfa Provincial Health Department’s Yenis Migrant Health Center, funded by the Republic of Korea, provides health care services to Syrians who have been affected by the war in their country under temporary protection in Sunliurfa, providing polyclinic services, women’s health counseling centers and community mental health centers.
Haran Seoul Secondary School
Following the opening ceremony of the Yenis Migrant Health Center, Governor Abdullah Erin, Ambassador Wan Ik Lee and their team, who visited Haran District, hosted the opening ceremony of the 24-classroom Seoul Secondary School within the framework of the South Korean state. Of humanitarian aid. After the opening ceremony, Governor Erin and Ambassador Lee visited the school and met with the students, talked to the children and wished them good luck in their school. Ambassador Lee, who presented a variety of educational materials for children, said he hoped the Seoul secondary school would be useful for educating Turkish and Syrian children.

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