How did I get the coat that cost 300 lira for 10 lira?



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The zipper on my son’s coat is broken. One of those thin, light, hand-shaped coats when folded. I called a tailor downstairs in a mall to fix it. He said he would change the zipper for 300 lira. “Extra “ Says “The coats are like that, a little expensive. “ He replied.

The coat is fine, I don’t want it to break while sewing, I want it to be passed by a master who does his job well. I agree that it is a little expensive, but this number is too much for me.

I went online and searched and came to I called, Vehabi Bay phone came. I explained the situation, he asked for a picture of the coat. “Let’s see if we can fix this, otherwise we will replace the zipper completely.” I asked the price. “8 lira for new zipper, 30-40 lira for sewing, maximum 50 lira” Says

I was not lazy, I got up and went from Maslak to Uskudar.

Vehbi Selkuk, 52, is married and has two children. He has been repairing zippers at his haberdashery store in the Atlas Çıkmazı Grand Market in Üsküdar for 35 years.

I’m glad I went, I’m glad I went. Once a new zipper was not needed, Vehbi repaired the zipper and received 10 lira. I wanted to give more, he refused. So it saved me from paying thirty times the original cost of the service!

All your belongings, which were damaged in Zipper Hospital, are revived with the skill and equipment of the master.

When you say zipper hospital, don’t think of huge space. We are talking about a 10 square meter haberdashery shop in an old passage of Uskudar. As I was zipping up, five people were waiting in line at the door. We started the conversation. Two people like me came from Europe. There were also known customers. Everyone was sure of Vehbi’s dominance and honesty.

Mr Wehbe said he had repaired a coat zipper worth 35,000 lira (yes, there are coats for that price). Mont belongs to the son of a bank’s top executive. The manager’s driver brought it in for repairs. The driver was very happy that he got the job, he wanted to pay more. Mr. Vehabi, “I pay for my services” He replied.

As stated on its website, Vehbi Seluk repairs all types of zippers, including zipper teeth. Parachutes, divers, boots, bags, suitcases … it gives life to all your belongings with a broken zipper.

So how did he start this business? What’s his story?

Zipper Hospital’s ‘surgeon’ Vehbi Selchuk has embroidered the logo on her sweater.

“My father’s job is to repair zippers. My late father Emsetin Seluk entered the career at the age of eight. When the late Hyaretin Caracas was head of the factory, he led a long business life of 70 years, ranging from Çift Geek Caracara’s sales manager to Eminun Wholesale Market and then Aydin Haberdashery. We opened this store in 1987. Until 2018, that is, before my father died, we worked together. I graduated from an art vocational high school. My dad had a heart attack after I left the military. I had to stay in the store, we didn’t bring my dad to the store for two years, so I had no other business idea. My dad has been mad at me for years for breaking a new zipper while repairing it. At that time the keys were not so plentiful and the variety we wanted was not found. I insisted we sold the zipper at the counter and got the same money.

My father alwaysBecome a coveted person, not an investigator. “When our shop became known for its zipper repairs, they told their friends,” he said.Now he is the desired man. Began to say. “

From time to time, such rows are formed in front of Vehbi Selçuk’s small shop.

Note: I shared this story on my personal Facebook account two days ago, it got about 5 thousand likes, it has been shared more than 2 thousand times and hundreds of comments have been written below it. I thought it was not just about repairing the zipper at an affordable price. We desperately need people who do their job well, that’s for sure. But we are basically hungry for people who do their work honestly without being greedy. What did Vehbi Bey actually do? He did his job well and wanted a reward for his labor. In a sense, he did the normal thing. But suddenly he became our hero. May the path of him and people like him be clear, may money rain down on them. It is my sincere wish. ZGU

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