“I dedicate my championship to my father who was diagnosed with lung cancer.”

Nadire Saipak, a 17-year-old high school student living in Gungoren, started playing kickboxing on the advice of her older brother. Saipak, who developed himself in a short time in the game starting in 2019, also attracted the attention of his teachers. Saipak, who cares for his father, who has Stage 4 lung cancer, continued his education and sports career while participating in the Turkish Kick Boxing Tournament held in the youth section from 19-27 January 2022.

As he struggled, he woke up thinking of his father, who had cancer.

The young athlete, who participated successfully in the first championship against his toughest opponent, was able to stand up thinking of his father when he had difficulty in the ring. Saipak, who said he was very excited when he came to the final, was able to win the ring. The young athlete, who won his first Turkish Championship, gifted his success to his father, with whom he spoke before and after each match, even in the hospital. Aiming for the World Championships, the young athlete said he wanted to study law after his university exams.

“I was going to the hospital for my dad, trying to train in the evening.”

“My brother used to kickbox,” said Nadir Saipak, 18, who won the Turkish Championship at a young age. He knew Hassan the teacher; ‘There are many champion students. You start too, there is a hobby, ‘he said. When I started, I first saw Emin’s lessons, they were for women only. Then, when my teacher Emin saw that I was improving, he instructed me to take mixed lessons. I started preparing for the Kick Boxing Turkey Championships. It’s been a little difficult for me. Because my dad was taking treatment, as a stage 4 cancer patient. Besides, I was going to the hospital for her, and trying to exercise in the evening. And I was putting my school together. I have tried to combine all three. I actually won this championship for my dad. I struggled so that she could be a little more proud and happy. Thank you very much. Now I will prepare for the World Kick Boxing Championship for youngsters. I want both my teacher and my dad to be more proud. My opponents were tough, the year I participated in the first Turkey Kick Boxing Championship. When they came for a moment, I stood up and said, ‘I’m wondering if there’s a match.’ But then my father remembered, I went straight to the gas and continued, I did not stop. I got into the mentality that if I stopped the match would go away, I fought endlessly.

“4. I am dedicating it to my father who has stage 2 lung cancer.

Saipak, describing the emotion he felt when he found out he was a champion, said, “I felt a very good thing. I tasted that championship for the first time, raised my hand, an indescribable feeling. I couldn’t hold back my tears at that moment, it was a little hard, but it was beautiful. As a result of hard work, people feel better when they taste that success. He says he will achieve more, he puts it in his head. Let me raise my hand more, let there be more championship. The championship was held in Urdu, I went there, my father was also receiving medical treatment in Istanbul. He kept calling me, ‘What happened to your match, how is it going?’ I was happily looking for him when I got my match. Making him happy made me happy too. I am preparing for the university exams right now, but I want to study and continue my training completely and get ready for that World Kick Boxing Youth Championship and be a champion. I want to make my father more proud. I want to read the law. I came first in the Turkish Kick Boxing Championship. I dedicate this to my dad, who has stage 4 lung cancer, so he can be happier and prouder of me, so I became a champion. I hope there will be more success, ”he said.

Sen: “We look forward to being world champions this year”

Kickboxing national team coach Hassan Fahri Sen, who has achieved significant success in the sport in a short period of time, said of his athlete: He took part in such a big tournament for the first time and became the champion of Turkey. We hope he will be the world champion this year, our work is moving in that direction. She was admitted to our club, Women’s Class, in 2019, after which her teacher Emin Arslan told me, ‘This girl is very good.’ He also started taking my classes. He attends boxing classes 6 days a week and we fall a little over. He is one of the rare people to have won the first championship in two years, which is a great achievement indeed. We found out that Nadir’s father had cancer and I found out that he also took part in this tournament to please his father. At the end of the game he meets his father, his father says he is very happy. It also gives him a great morale. The biggest support for cancer patients is morale, ”he said.


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