I will never let go of your hand Silvery hurricane

Speaking at a meeting organized by Selimpasa Yavuz Selim Primary School Parents Association, President Ilmaz gave information about the new services that have been created and will be created in Selimpasa. Addressing the women, President Ilmaz said, “I swear we will never let go of your hand.” Says

A solidarity meeting was held by Selimpasa Yavuz Selim Primary School Parents Association. Silvery Mayor Vulcan Ilmaz, Deputy Mayor Emre Sarsalticoglu, Yavuz Selim Primary School Principal Sami Adam, President of the Parent-Teacher Association Deniz Erguvan, management of the Parent-Teacher Association and parents were present on the occasion. Speaking at the meeting, Mayor Yılmaz Silivri gave good news about education investment and new projects run by the municipality.

Ilmaz: If I could serve Silveri today, it would be a work in progress

In his speech at the meeting, Chairman Yılmaz said, “We have always said this before and after we take responsibility; ‘I will always, always be with you.’ The women of Silivari held my outstretched hand firmly in the air. If I could serve Silvery today, it would be the work of these women. Believe me, we work 24/7 for you, for your kids, even though sleep is forbidden. The Silvery Municipality is no longer the Silvery Municipality we have occupied. It has become a municipality that has repaid its debts, stood on its own two feet and invested heavily in education.

“We will renew our Yavuz Selim School Finish”

Saying that Silvery is not just about the market center and the beach, we said that our 12 village schools will not have a village school without a library, computer room and theater and we have done this in our 11 village schools. We have completely renovated all our school toilets. We paint the exterior of our school. We have also started a study in our forgotten schools in the center. We are renovating our Yavuz Selim Primary School library, computer room and painting workshop in the Selimpaşa Yoğurthane area. Here’s the good news for you. We will completely renovate our Yavuz Selim School. ” Says

“We will continue to serve Selimpasa”

In his speech, Mayor Yılmaz described the services provided in the Selimpasa area and said, “We have poured 10,000 tons of asphalt on the roads and streets in our Selimpasa district, starting from school roads so that our children do not get mud on them. Legs when they go to school. In the new time we will work and illuminate the boundaries and sidewalks.

“We aim to make the region a center of attraction in Yogarthan.”

We aim to turn the yoghurt region into a center of attraction. Again, we need health centers in the Yoghurt region. To fill this gap we have allocated 2.000 m2 of land in our municipality. As a result of our meeting with the Governor of Istanbul, Mr. Ali Yerlikaya, I would like to share with you another piece of good news, the tender for which will be held this year. Construction will begin on a 32-classroom school in the Yoğurthane region. This is our good news for you.

We have opened a music school in Selimpasa in collaboration with Silvery Municipality and Nishantasi University.

We will build a technopark in the area of ​​Qadir Has University, Selimpasar bleeding wounds. We have allotted 3 buildings in our vicinity to the Ministry of Family and Social Services. Disabled families, needy people, relatives of martyrs do not have to go to Baileekduju for this service. We have established the Yedam Counseling Center in Green Crescent, which provides services to combat substance abuse in Selimpasa. We took care of our health center in Selimpas. Shaheed Emin Ishpi Thana was completed and services were provided. Till yesterday, we laid the foundation of Cover Marketplace which is suitable for our Selimpas. Good news here. Congratulations to our 7.000 m2 off market Selimpasa. Our market place will be used for many social occasions such as weddings and engagements. We provide educational support to our children. We have given 500 TL scholarships to our students who started their first year of university. We have paid the examination fees of all our students who have taken the MSU exam. We pay examination fees to our students who will take university exams. We will continue to say education, children, youth and women, which contains all this. We will continue to serve Selimpasar. We have full confidence in Turkish women. You held my hand tightly. We will not let go of your hand, I swear. We will continue to work hand in hand with you, wholeheartedly, with a love of service to Silivri. ” Used expressions.

At the program, Sami Adam, principal of Selimpasa Yavuz Selim Primary School, and Deniz Erguvan, president of the Parent-Teacher Association, presented a plaque of appreciation to Silvery Mayor Vulcan Ilmaz for their support.

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