Immigration Debate: Racism or Foresight?

Mayor of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality: “Giving Syrians the right to citizenship, to vote and to be elected was a big mistake. If this continues, we will be in the minority. After 12 years, there will be Syrians on hand,” he said. The immigration debate is at its peak again.

If the president of any European country had said these words, racism would have been judged. We should say that the predictions of the President in the near future are not racist. Hatay population 1 lakh 80 thousand, the number of Syrians is 835 thousand. One in two is of Syrian descent.

During the war I went to Syria with an official delegation. I witnessed the dangers, difficulties and tragedies of emigration in a moment.

Of course, Turkey, which directly intervened in the war in Syria and even determined the course of the war, is one of the main actors in this migration. So immigrants have no chance or right to be reprimanded.

My guess on this Is it possible for Turks to become a minority in Turkey in the near future? I wrote the title. But the issue is so controversial that; I think we should look again with generous sympathy.

Aftab Razak, Zahid Hossain, Naeem Hasan Council member or mayor Sadiq Khan They are not staying in any city of Pakistan. Sadiq Khan is the second elected mayor of London. Moreover, despite supporting many organizations in the UK who can be described as extremist Islamists. Manchester City Councilors Aftab Razak, Zahid Hossain, Naeem Hassan City Councilors.

Preeti PatelHome Secretary of the United Kingdom; Sage altarMinister of Finance; Sajid Javid Minister of Health. This is impossible for a political party in the UK that does not appeal to immigrants to succeed. As can be seen from the ministers of the government, the immigrant background of the conservative party who have no luxury to ignore.

Lebanese Sami Kanan He was mayor of Geneva in 2020.

One out of every four people in Germany has an immigrant background. Former Minister of Integration in Germany Aidan OzoguzThe current Minister of Agriculture Cem Ozdemir

9.5 million people live in London. One in three Londoners was born outside the UK. “I saw an Englishman in London today.”

In Enfield, one of London’s cities, the mayor and council members are mostly Turkish. In some German cities, it is difficult to find a German family

In England, France and Germany, forty percent of the population was not born in these countries. Despite the measures, the irresistible flow of immigrants from all over the world to the West continues at the cost of death.

Since the situation is not discussed in Turkey, there are allegations that Western countries do not accept immigrants. However, this is untrue. Turkey will be a part of this sociological reality in the very near future. As we have seen from past examples, this future cannot be avoided. Over the years, endless research has shown that immigrants do not return.

The most striking example of this happened a while ago in Germany The German government offered a very attractive return package for immigrants who wanted to return to their homeland, but only a few of the 3.5 million officially registered Turkish families applied. Children born in immigration geography never return. Syrian immigrant children born in Izmir or Antep do not know the country of their parents.

The political preferences of the immigrant groups are also quite realistic. Immigrants who have voted in favor of a policy that suspends human rights in their country; In the country they go to, they basically vote for leftist parties like socialist, green, labor party and form their main force.

Immigration is changing the country of origin very fast and in a direction that is very difficult to predict. To give an interesting example, honor killings that have not happened in Western culture throughout history are now quite common in Europe. These are known as ‘honor’ murders as they cannot be associated with the word ‘honor’. Sharia courts were set up to try family and civil law matters ‘in their own culture’. Although the exact number is not known, it is estimated that there are about 100 Sharia courts in England alone.

The Western world, with which we will share the same reality in the near future, has changed more rapidly with immigration than any sociologist had predicted. Immigrants, on the other hand, argued that change for adaptation has been harmonized and resisted and has been successful. As they come, more off …

ArtThe problem worries ordinary people in Turkey, who have returned to the country that received the largest number of immigrants from the country of first immigration. In the TV debate in Europe, when it comes to immigration, rating cars jump and break records. Now it’s our turn.

In that case, it is necessary to define the situation as clearly as Lutfi Savas and formulate a policy for unification. Moreover, we are lucky with the Syrians. We have lived together for over five hundred years. Our faith and culture partnership is very strong. Immigrant populations are much more likely to adapt to European culture than they are to adapt.

What we really need to talk about is that immigrants from countries that have never met us, have no historical or cultural ties and whose numbers we don’t know will change us …

Hybrid society is the absolute reality of the near future. The important thing is to understand this in advance and to formulate policies that will transform immigration into equilibrium.

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