‘It is enough to go astray to become an event’

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How “I’m an introvert. Although he said, ‘I’m not a very chat-caking person,’ he became a quiet person after drinking coffee together and trusting you.
The fancy dress makes her look both beautiful and sexy. She based her new play ‘How Did I Become a Phenomenon’, saying, But I went to Ekşi Sözlük and read ‘extremely sexy’. I thank them a lot. It’s all about how you define sexy though, “she says.
* ‘How I Became an Event’ has started, the movie ‘Ersan Kuneri’ is coming soon, the program called ‘Electro Monologue’ will continue to run on social media and a one man drama is coming … Work alongside your drama, you have moved on to comedy lately. . Drama or comedy? Which do you prefer?
They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. But as you said, I recently started to make my way from comedy. My guess is there aren’t many female comedians in the new generation and this kind of work comes straight to me.

* Well, are you a funny woman in your personal life?
I’m not at all. Sometimes I have a normal sense of humor because of some stupidity.
* Like what?
For example, a friend of mine recently sent me a COVID test. I thought it was a pregnancy test, I texted “Congratulations, I’m so happy”. It was so bad! I’m not a woman who blows up with her jokes. But I guess I’m good at imitating what people like.

My name is based on a lie

* Is there any difficulty in being a female comedian? For example, if the abuse of male comedians is considered normal, women may react …
When I said that, I thought you were right. For example, in ‘Just Exactly’, because of my character’s oath, there was an idea that “this girl always curses”. My name went to the cursed woman. But usually I don’t swear, I don’t like it. I don’t like it myself. But some people like it too.

* Your name is very beautiful. Does it have a special meaning?
My grandfather wanted it to be a ‘fairy’. Because he saw in a dream a grandfather with a white beard,
The grandfather said, “Name this baby Perry.” My grandfather was very impressed and told this to my mother. My Mao wanted the blue name. My father said, “Then let the blueberry be.” I know this and have been saying it for years. Recently, my mother explained that this story is not really like that.

* What is the truth of the matter?
My uncle actually called my mother and made fun of me saying that her father was dreaming. Our people also believed and I became Nilperi, so my name is based on a lie.

* You were born in Senegal; You went to elementary school in Paris and secondary school in Switzerland. Then you come to Turkey and start a French high school. Why do you travel so much?
My father was a diplomat, an ambassador.

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I am a victim of racism

* How did studying in different places affect your relationship?
I had a lot of difficulty. I never thought I was anywhere abroad. I always want to return to Turkey as soon as possible. It can also have an effect on my upbringing. Because my mother and father always raised me to talk about Turkey and Turkish friendship.

* Have you experienced difficulties there?
Of course. There was a time when I faced racism. For example, when I was buying food from the school canteen in France, the woman who provided the food would say “Where are you from”, and when I would say “I am a Turkish”, she would say “You are not”. And dry. “I’ve had a lot of fights with this kind of thing. So any polarity makes me very angry.

* How did you decide to return to Turkey?
My parents are divorced. My mother and I were in Ankara. My father continued his foreign assignment.

* How did being with mother and daughter affect you?
They went through a difficult and abrupt divorce process, I was shaken financially and morally by my mother. On top of that, my mother lost her mother to cancer at the same time. All in all, my high school and college years were tough.

* Did your parents’ divorce shake your faith in men?
Of course. I didn’t believe it then, but now I’m thinking about it, yes. I chose not to be with any man for long. I thought, ‘Whatever I do if I don’t go. I couldn’t really connect with anyone.

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1 million followers makes you feel strong

* ‘How I came to Phenomenon’ live on BeIN Connect. Ala what kind of woman do you play?
He doesn’t care much about social media, he doesn’t even have an Instagram account. The daughter of a very rich family, already known to him. But lost everything overnight. And everyone around him turned to face him. On top of that, Ala became ambitious and decided to become a social media phenomenon. His purpose is to listen, to seek prestige and power.

I never thought I was anywhere abroad. I always want to return to Turkey as soon as possible.

* You also have 1 million followers. Do you use it as energy?
No. But it also makes you feel stronger. There are people who complain about space. Sometimes I think of doing it too, write, but delete. It should not be abused.

* Which social media phenomena did you use while preparing for the role?
Our director Mostafa Kotan showed some named accounts and videos. But I can’t say who they are.

* How do you think someone became an event?
You are becoming an event by doing something that everyone wants to do but can’t. Or we may be tempted to do something else that attracts us somewhere inside us.

* Are you an event?
I don’t because I got most of my followers from acting.

* Talent and production need to become an event, or enough to go astray?
Production and talent are not necessary, I think enough to go astray. Of course, I’m not saying that all the facts were distorted, I have influential friends that I like very much. But going astray is more effective than becoming a phenomenon.

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My heart breaks when I say ‘this is a time spent’

* You have been in the industry for 12 years. All we know about you is that ‘this is a time spent’ … what do you think of this series now?
A very difficult time is coming. When I say ‘such a passing time’ …

* Why, are you sorry?
No, the work was wonderful, but I had a hard time. I just moved to Istanbul and I was trying to adjust. On the other hand, it was a very difficult set. I never imagined the sets would be so difficult. Now I see, that set was extra difficult. It was a slap in the face for me. Also, people hated the character of Messiah. Everyone hated and recognized me. At that age it was not a pleasant feeling. It was insulting when I was waiting to say “how well you play”.

* Are you used to these social media comments now?
I don’t read because I get bored when I read. Such people know very well where and how to talk. He is evil and
I don’t want to go to that power either.

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'It is enough to go astray to become an event'

“It is very risky to establish your entire source of income and identity only on social media! If anything on social media, your whole life will be gone.

I was deceived and caught

* Do you have fake accounts on social media?
Yes, I just opened one.

* Who do you stalk?
I never say … all players do it. Because sometimes you have to look at the pages of the newspaper.

* Do you know your boyfriend’s phone password?
No. I’m not jealous at all. I believe 100 percent. If the other person does something, it is their problem.

* Since you speak like this, you have never been deceived …
Oh I was deceived.

* When?
I was in college and I caught it.

* How?
That was when I was in Istanbul. I doubted. There was a site where we watched movies together. I logged in to your Facebook using that password. I came across a letter with a girl.

* What did you do?
I immediately called and said, ‘How can you do this to me’ and the relationship ended.

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My biggest regret is my tattoo

* When I search his name on Google, the first ‘Nilperi tattoo’ appears. How many tattoos do you have?
I have one on the left side of my back. A very large unicorn … and a huge peacock’s head to the right of my waist … if you ask me “What’s your biggest regret?” I would say these are tattoos.

* Why are you so sorry
In fact, under these tattoos I had other tattoos from my childhood. To cover them, large parts were tattooed in black.

* Wonder about an aesthetic.
When I hold my teeth too hard, part of my jaw swells, now I have Botox in my jaw. I also recently did a lip filler.

* What is your biggest obsession?
I am very designed and programmed, highly …

* Give an example …
For example, call me and invite me for coffee, I can never come that day. We should call the day before and talk about it in this hour, here or something so that I can at least prepare myself mentally.
* How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?
It’s very active and exciting … My heart is pounding all the time … I’m introverted. I’m not a very outgoing person.

'It is enough to go astray to become an event'

Nilperi Shahinkaya says that her biggest obsession is to live in a very planned and programmed way.

It’s a relationship that I feel complete

* You are with contemporary artist Emre Yusuf …
Yes. My first long relationship (laughs).

* How did you meet?
Three years ago, I went to Ankara to visit my mother. We went shopping in Atakul. My mother said, “I’ll show you a statue, you’ll like it,” and with Vespa she showed me the statue of Hercules’ Emer. I fell in love with the idol. My mom never said anything like that but she said that day “Tag now and put in your story”. I also kept. Then Emre sent a message from DM.

* He did not miss this opportunity, so …
He never missed. But they had a very respectful message.

* What kind of love do you have?
We’ve already become a family with Emmer, I feel like I’ve started a family. It means faith, peace and a great friendship. It’s a relationship where I feel complete in every sense.

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