It was hard to find a lawyer to protect my father.

Kocaeli owns the local news site Gungar ArslanThe office where he was killed has been reopened after the seals were removed. The daughter of the slain journalist Nazlikan Arslan, He said he had a hard time finding a lawyer to protect his father Gungar Arslan. “No lawyer from the Kokeli Bar Association wanted to take part in the file,” said Nazlikan Arslan.

The incident took place on 19 February in the Sedit district of Muzaffar Fidan Street. Ramazan Ozkan shot Gungar Arslan with a pistol one by one as he was walking to his office. Gunger Arslan, who was shot in the chest and right leg, died at Kokeli State Hospital, where he was taken. Eleven suspects have been arrested for contacting Ramazan Ozkan, who fled after the incident. The instigator of the incident, Burhan Polat, Hassan Emre Chelik, who brought Ozkan to the scene with a gun and arrested 10 people, including lawyer Ersin Kurt, 2 suspects were released on condition of judicial control.

Shot marks on the back of his desk

After the incident, the office where the news website was located was reopened with seals removed and cleaned. Nazlikan Arslan began his career at the table where his father was killed. Shot marks were seen on the back wall of the desk. There are also bullet marks on the ground floor of the office.

“We had a hard time hiring a proxy.”

Explaining that it was difficult for them to find a lawyer to defend Gunger Arslan as soon as the trial began, Nazlikan Arslan said: Do not want to join the file because he had previously passed from the same table and the same kitchen. Finally, I hired a deputy from the Cokeli Bar Association, he presented his power of attorney in the file. There are currently 10 people. And the detentions and interrogations are still going on. All 10 of these people are either murderers or murderers in this file. ” Persuaded In other words, 10 people are not my father’s enemy, “he said.

“Our lawyers are not given statements”

Nazlikan Arslan, who claimed that the statements of the accused were not given to them or their lawyers in any way at the police station and subsequent court proceedings, said: “We are experiencing a serious problem with the trial. Our lawyer, whom we act as a proxy, cannot take the statement of the accused as per CMK 153 and no reason has been given for this. It just says, ‘I don’t think it’s appropriate to make a statement, read it if you want’. It is not possible for a person to defend himself by looking at the statements of 10 people. Especially after the dead person. As a person of both media and legal profession I am sorry. Tomorrow one day, after I get my license, I will face those people in court. It is very painful to have stones placed in front of us like this, ”he said.

“Fake statement requested”

Nazlikan Arlsan also referred to Burhan Polat’s allegation that Gungar Arslan had sent his girlfriend Tughba to the UK to send flowers and wine, causing embarrassment in his statement to the police:

“We have not found any statement of Tughba U in the court. As far as we have learned by hearing only, he himself has denied the statement. We heard that he never knew the person named Burhan Topal and 3 people came to him and said, ‘You will testify like this, you will say like this’. “I don’t know them in any way, I have no connection with these people,” he told police. Other than that, I would say unfortunately, my colleague Ersin Kurt, who is currently under arrest because his car was only used, and I don’t believe Ersin Kurt was detained for so long because he was driving, and that he was later arrested. Is. I hope they don’t let this thing go, I hope there is someone behind it. This person will not be sent to prison because his weapon was used, at least he will not be brought to justice.

“We complained, nothing came out.”

Nazlıcan Arslan said that before the incident, they did not receive any threats or signs of the incident. Revealing that his father Gungar Arslan had been attacked several times in previous years, Nazlikan Arslan said, “Our newspaper building was shot down earlier. We did not ask for any protection and they did not give us any protection.” We went to the office. The chief public prosecutor and made a complaint. We had a petition. We said, ‘This guy is threatening to kill me,’ and nothing came out, “he said.

“He has fought against corruption and negativity.”

Referring to his father as a dissident journalist, Nazlikan Arslan said: “My father had many friends but many more enemies. At that moment, they came to see if he was really dead. Maybe they shook hands with me to make sure he was dead. Maybe they were surprised by the coffin. It’s not just the last two news. We’ve fought all the corruption, all the negativity in this city.

“There is no guarantee that we will not be killed.”

Expressing that the reopening of the office after his father’s death was very emotional for them, Nazlikan Arslan continued his speech as follows:

“Believe me, it’s very painful. My father was murdered on February 19 and this place was sealed. Believe me, it’s very painful to be sitting here at this table right now or really taking pity on this table. As a child, as a person.” That grew up in her kitchen. Tomorrow is the day after tomorrow. It could be you, I’m walking down the street, it could be anyone. There is no guarantee that we will not be killed the next day. As he said, he was not the first to be killed, nor will he be the last. ” (DHA)

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