Low cost health insurance premiums

Atila Benli, President of the Insurance Association of Turkey, at a meeting on “Reflection of the Covid 19 Epidemic in the Insurance Industry” held at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce on “Reflection of the Covid 19 Epidemic in the Insurance Industry” against Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Health. There is no end to premium growth. ” He stressed that it is currently below its cost. Benley said that health insurance premiums have to be increased due to health inflation and said that “health insurance premiums are below cost.”

‘Health costs more’

Speaking at the meeting, Ali Ersoy, deputy chairman of the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency, said that all sectors of the world had been affected by the global coronavirus. Motor vehicle damage records. “Life-loss compensation increased. Job losses have also increased. With Kovid, risk awareness has also come up. Problems in the supply chain and cyber attacks have increased. Reinsurers have limited cyber security. Control over job losses has increased and job loss compensation has increased in some countries, “he said. Explaining that he expects new products from now on, Ersoy said,” For example, commercially entitled insurance. Interest in policies such as work bar insurance will increase. So is health policy. There is an increase in health in the world and in our country. Prices for health are rising. There is free duty, but there is free duty. “The price is so high,” he said.

Looking at writing medical inflation

Contrary to Ali Ersay’s statement, TSB President Benley underlined that health prices are based on actual calculations, and said: “I cannot agree with Ali the President on this. It is even less. We gave coverage even though it was not. We have supplementary health insurance (TSS) agreements with private hospitals. But after the epidemic, private hospitals started refusing to ask for TSS. We have to look at medical inflation here. “There is competition. It’s good for the citizens. We can’t come up with technological pricing. Prices are very low in both healthcare and automobiles. We will solve them in the open market.”

Drawing attention to digitalisation in insurance, Benley said, “The industry needs to move together. It does not impose a huge burden on us at the moment, but we must be prepared for it. Agencies, which are the main distribution channels, need to be prepared. “Sales through channels that provide platform-based services in areas where agencies don’t need a lot of consultation. Insurance is a viable business and it’s number one in the world’s financial sector,” he said.

The importance of credit insurance is well understood

Explaining how important insurance is in this process, Benley said, “Which digital channel would you use to explain this? Financial insurance, building completion, parametric … these are not products that can be sold digitally. The best thing we can do as an agency distribution channel is to sell. The real thing is, we have to grow up there. We are still in childhood, we have a very clear road ahead. We have 17,000 qualified insurers. The focus should be on what will be sold by people who know health, insurance, building completion. Traffic insurance can be high income, but the commission is low and it should not be the focus of the company.

Ask for 17 percent commission

Levent Corkut, chairman of the TOBB Insurance Mediator, chairman of the Icar Committee, also demanded an increase in the commission for insurance intermediaries in traffic insurance to 17 percent, saying: Agencies continue to provide uninsured services to uninsured people during the Elazig and Izmi earthquakes. We also provide Internet services for TCIP policies. We have a strong bond with our customers. Their children, families, jobs, factory owners trust us. They trust us. Otherwise we are for them 24/7. Their confidence is disappointed. Not lost, but some of our agency colleagues in Anatolia were in a difficult situation, small and medium In order to keep the size of the agencies active, the base commission is 17 percent and we should get it out. Our colleagues fell into 10 and were in a difficult situation. We want the old ratio of 17. We also want the pool commission to be increased from 8 to 10. Since 80 per cent of rural agencies are doing business in this sector, they will be satisfied. Harmful to the screen sharing industry. There is a loss of confidence, but we can not only achieve results under our supervision, we have to work together. 120 agencies produce 20 million lira. We cannot escape digitalisation, we know it. The company is not against the internet. We support digital. We believe that digital agency will grow. “

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