Mothers on Saturday reminded Maksut Tepelli of the file in the Week 881-Video

Pirha-Saturday mothers gathered for Maksut Tepelli, who went missing on February 2, 1984, after being injured during the 881st Week Meeting in Istanbul. Maksut Tepelli’s wife, Ihirban Tepelli, mentions that Mehmet Agar, who is the head of the political branch of the Istanbul police and his party, is primarily responsible for the loss of her husband, Tepelli’s lawyer Gulsaren Yolire. The family also said that Maksut Tepelli had been detained and that action had been taken against him.

On Saturday, mothers and people held their 881st weekly protest online to ask about the fate of missing relatives in their custody and to demand punishment for the perpetrators. This week, justice was sought for Maksut Tepelli, who went missing on February 2, 1984, after being taken into custody in Istanbul.

Maksut Tepelli’s wife, Shahriban Tepelli, mentioned that her husband was wanted by police after the September 12, 1980 military coup, and said, “She was arrested along with two of her friends on February 2, 1984 in Kukuk Bakkalki, Istanbul. , Including injuries. Although he was bleeding profusely, he was tortured in security instead of in the hospital. According to his friends, when the two policemen were talking, they said that we had tortured the man so badly that he was injured and he still could not say his name. It’s been exactly 38 years. For 38 years, we have been fighting our legal battle for the location of Maksut’s grave and the trial of tortured police officers. “

“We will never give up our fight for justice.”

Mentioning that Mehmet Agar, who was the head of the political branch of the Istanbul Police Department at the time of the arrest of Maksut Tepelli and whose party was mainly responsible for the loss of his wife, Sehirban Tepelli said:
“The case is being heard in the European Court of Human Rights. I want to tell you a memory about this. When my daughter was 7-8 years old, she said of her father, ‘Mom, well, we lost my father. Can we find a burial place? ‘ I told my daughter that the court in Turkey would not be very positive. My daughter said, ‘Then what?’ I told him the case would go to ECHR. My daughter said, ‘Well, will the European Court of Human Rights find my father? When he asked her, ‘No, my daughter, ECHR will fine Turkey. Then my daughter said, ‘Mom, I don’t want that dirty money, I want my father.’ Maksut and my daughter Diren Solmaz had a very good relationship, they liked each other very much. He wrote two poems for Maksut Deren Solmaj, the theme of which was separation.

In one of his poems, he said, “This incident is unique to you, you have hundreds of children like you, hundreds of fathers like me, hundreds of mothers, for separation.” In one of his poems, Maksut came to see our daughter one evening. Our daughter cried a lot after she left. She wrote a poem after she left, I want to read that poem a little.

Soon separation / This separation that I forgot / It came and broke on me with all its burdens / She senses my child and runs away to her mother, Your mother is leaving, Mother / I know this sadness is not like black The wound / income goes to your two lungs and sometimes to your heart / It will consume you slowly / You will endure your tender heart / You will hold it firmly / No matter how much strength is enough, separation is inevitable / I am still ten meters from home Far away / My child’s voice is ringing in your ears / Go mother, go mother “

“Unfortunately, the mentality that did not show us our cemetery on October 27, 1983, prevented us from assembling in Galatasaray Square,” said Sehirban Tepelli, adding, “We will never give up our fight for rights and justice. To our missing relatives.” Gathered in Galatasara Square to search and gather in Galatasara Square. “

“We will not fight, we will stay with his family.”

Gulserin Yoleri, lawyer of the Tepelli family He further added that witnesses had witnessed that Maqsoot Tepelli was taken into custody on February 2, 1984 in an injured condition, was taken to the political branch of the police headquarters instead of being taken to hospital and was interrogated under torture.

“Later, the Maksut tape was never heard again. All attempts to find out where he is, unfortunately, do not elicit any positive response. In 2003, her husband, through his lawyer, made another appeal to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kadiko, demanding that Maksut be found and his fate announced. During the course of the investigation, which lasted from 2003 to 2006, the prosecutor’s office constantly sought answers to questions and documents from the forensic medicine institute, the hospital and the police department. However, we find that even death test reports were included in this file until 2006. Speaking of 2006, it is written that Maksut died and was buried in the hospital on 5 or 6 February at all insistence. It is written that he was buried as an orphan by the municipality as he was not there. And in this regard, a burial place and the name of a grave are determined, but unfortunately, the family that asks them for a funeral receives a negative answer. Therefore, Maksut’s tomb is still missing.

From this file it is possible to see the document related to the person

During this time, we see in this investigation file that an investigation was actually opened by the Office of the Martial Law Prosecutor after his death. In this prosecution investigation, of course, non-prosecution decisions are made and the perpetrators are acquitted, but at the same time, it is possible to see the documents of the perpetrators from this file. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

We will not give up this fight until the fate of Maksut is revealed

In an investigation opened in 2003, the prosecutor’s office closed the case on the basis of restriction rules before reaching the stage of punishing the perpetrators or finding the whereabouts of Maksut and handing him over to his family. The appeal against this decision was rejected, the appeal to the Constitutional Court was again rejected due to the restriction rule, and a decision is pending before the ECtHR. It is a significant fact that it shows that the disappearance of Maksut continues even with the disappearance of the grave and that impunity has continued for decades. We will not give up this struggle until the fate of Maksut is decided, we will stay with his family. “

“Stop blocking our freedom to seek rights and explain the fate of Maksut Tepli”

The 881st press release was read by Fatma Gore, Turkey Amnesty International’s regional coordinator, and the people on Saturday.

Görür, emphasizing that in a fair system, the judiciary oversees whether the laws made by the legislature are properly enforced by the executive branch, “therefore, it is a guarantee of individual rights and freedoms. However, Turkey’s justice system, which does not work well and does not live up to expectations, is far from producing results consistent with justice. This system, which is closed as a legal authority, cannot provide a fair and competent service to those whose rights have been violated. However, the state is obliged to remove all restrictions that restrict freedom of claim and to ensure the administration of justice by extending judicial review.

  1. Mentioning that they are speaking to the public with the Maksut Tepelli file, where the right to truth and justice has been denied for 38 years in one week, Fatma GuruSays:

“Maksut Tepelli, 28, was a teacher, of all the teachers’ unions and solidarity associations TOB-DER Was a member. She was arrested on February 4, 1980 in Erzincan, where she was married for a week and spent four months in prison. After his release from prison, he moved to Istanbul with his wife. On February 2, 1984, Maksut, who was visiting his friend’s house in Kukbakkalki, Istanbul, realized that the door had broken down as he approached the house, and was wounded in a police firing while trying to escape. Inside a police station. Despite heavy bleeding, he was not taken to the hospital, but was taken to the political branch of Gyretep on a blanket. According to the statements of the three defendants arrested during the same period, Tepelli was hospitalized in a coma as a result of the severe torture inflicted on him on February 5, 1984 at the Giretap Political Branch and was never heard from again.

Following the search for Maksut, who has been denied custody, his family and lawyers have found official documents stating that he died on February 6, 1984, at Haiderpasa Numune Hospital, 22 years after the incident. After three years of relentless efforts, government authorities acknowledge that Maksut Tepelli was buried in Baker Cemetery in Helvasside, but Maksut Tepelli’s grave was not found because the cemetery was not disclosed.

To date, there has been no effective investigation into the disappearance of Maksut Tepelli in custody. Despite having evidence and documents, 3 investigations have been started on the basis of the family’s allegations which resulted in no trial. The identities of the police officers involved in Maksut Tepelli’s injuries and torture and interrogation were determined, but it was decided not to prosecute them. The case, which was brought before the judiciary again for trial, was closed in 2014 with the statute of limitations and the appeal against the decision was dismissed.

The family has now appealed to the Constitutional Court. In 2017, the Constitutional Court ruled that the application was inadmissible in terms of time. After completing the home remedies, the family applied to the ECHR

We will not wait for Galatasaray

Stop denying the freedom of relatives of the missing by demanding a law of restraint. Enforce the law for Maksut Tepelli, who went missing 38 years ago while in the custody of the political branch in Guerrero, and fulfill your responsibility to reveal his fate and bring the found criminals to justice. No matter how many years pass, we will not leave Galatasaray, our meeting place on our record, which has been banned for 182 weeks for Maksut Tepli, seeking justice for all our records and reminding us to work within justice. Universal law. “

Pirha / Istanbul

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