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Due to the growing interest in archery in recent years, a significant number of athletes are advancing in the archery branch in Lুলেleburg. Athletes who continue to work at the Umayyad Archery Sports Club Association, the first registered archery sports club in Lুলেleburg, are sweating to hit the puta in the training they perform with their traditional attire. The interest of female athletes in this sport is also noticeable.

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Established in 2021 as the first registered archery sports club in Kırklareli and Lüleburgaz, the Umayyad Archery Sports Club Association is one year behind in training the first archers in L লleburgaz.

The association, which was established in March 2021 and began its activities in the 39 Burda AVM area in August of the same year, continues its efforts today to train professional students and licensed athletes.

The Umaya Archery Sports Club Association’s traditional archery course, founded by the couple Uluku Eren Oz and Sigdem Oz, caters to citizens of all ages, young and old.

Due to the growing interest in archery in Turkey in recent years, a significant number of athletes are advancing in the archery branch in Lুলেleburg.

They are prepared with traditional clothing

Athletes prepare for the Turkey Archery Championships in Edirne until March 27th, sweating to hit the right side while training in their traditional attire.

While the association’s 17 athletes keep fit through two hours of training 3 days a week, coaches Çiğdem Öz and Eren Öz also guide the athletes technically and physically.

Sigdem Oz, president of the association; “The clothes they wear are made in the style of traditional Turkish and Balkan clothes. The red headdress worn by the girls and the red belt at the waist of the boys symbolized the honor of the Calenderi Bektashi saints, such as Geckley Baba, Orman Baba, Balim Sultan, who played an important role in the conquest of the Balkans, so red was chosen. Börk, the men’s strategy, was inspired by the Turkish men’s and women’s strategy in Central Asia. Competitors train an average of two hours at least 3 days a week, with training taking place every day during the competition week. Traditional Turkish archers are getting more and more attention. We trust our athletes, and in that sense, I think if we get support we can reach out to more athletes, “he said.

The interest of girls in archery is increasing

In addition to the growing interest in the ancestral sport of archery, the sport attracted the interest of female athletes.

Female athletes who started archery after watching on television and on the advice of a relative are working to reach the top level in this field.

The female athletes explained how they started the game and their goal in our newspaper as follows;

Sumey Tunsar (13); “I started watching Archer in a TV series. I told a few friends that I would start archery, most people said you can’t do it, but I didn’t mind. I want to be rewarded for the hard work I have done for 9 months. My goal is much bigger. The archer gave me a lot. Thanks to my teacher and my family. This game requires hard work, discipline, a strong psychology and physical strength. I urge everyone to start this game. “

Irem ilul topalogullari (12); “I had a passion for archery when I was younger. One day my father said to my mother, ‘I want my daughter to be an archer.’ My mom was weird at first, she thought it was a men’s game. My father argued that it was not so and admitted me to the archery. “My daughter will score, I want her to be the first in Turkey,” he said. My current goal is to be first in Turkey, I also want to participate in the Olympics. “

Elif Batmaz (16): “I learned that there was an archery club at the school I attended in Istanbul. It was mostly based on Olympic archery. I ran for about 2 months, I found out that Umaya Archery was opened in 2021 in Lুলেleburg. When I met Irene, my interest in traditional archery increased. I am currently improving this area. I want to compete in traditional Korean archery. “

One to Attention Disorder

On the other hand, it is accepted by the authorities that archery is a sport that requires regularity and discipline, as well as a very important sport for child development.

Some of the athletes’ parents I spoke to during training said that the change and development that their children experienced after starting archery was remarkable.

Some parents reported that they noticed that their children with dyslexia or hyperactivity disorder were relieved of this condition by archery and that they had overcome the difficulty of concentrating or focusing for a long time.

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