No arrests have been made in the case of child sexual abuse by 20 people

Wall – 17-year-old AS was sexually abused by 20 people aged 8 to 15. Living in Umrania, AS was first abused by her cousin at the age of 8 on the pretext of playing games. When she tells her father about her experience, she is abused by her father and then by her uncle, teacher, father’s friend, neighbor, villager and relatives.

Allegedly, when she was just 14 years old, her uncle forced ASK into prostitution in exchange for drugs and her father for money and alcohol.

The incident was reported on 3 December 2020 through a report from Atashehir to the Istanbul Police Department of Juvenile that “the 15-year-old AS was sexually abused by school principals and teachers, uncles, fathers, cousins, neighbors, villagers and acquaintances.” Assessing her sister’s condemnation, police said after the AS’s statement, “In an interview with AS, who was born in 2005, he was sexually abused more than once by his father, uncle, cousin, friends. His cousin, his father’s friend. , Village acquaintances, teachers and school heads.

Subsequently, the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched two separate investigations, separating the files of seven children among the sexual abusers.

Child Monitoring Center Report: Amazing

The evaluation report of the meeting with AS of Marmara University Pendic Training and Research Hospital Child Monitoring Center states that “he still feels the traumatic effects of the torture he suffered during the forensic interview. And describes the place where the work took place, which he described as spontaneous events. “

The report further commented, “No matter how secret the history of sexual abuse is, the experience of traumatic symptoms, the experience of sexual abuse is terrible.”

Appeared with the epidemic

Experiences of violence and persecution by AS emerged during the epidemic. The epidemic began in 2020, just days after visiting her sister’s home in Atashehi. He lived with his sister when children under the age of 20 were forbidden to go out. Shortly after the ban was lifted, her father asked ASK to come home, but AS did not go. His Mao called but AS refused to go home again. Then, her mother asked AS to find out if her sister had a problem.

At her sister’s insistence, AS spoke of the torture she had endured since she was 8 years old. AS, in 2013, because his father was at work, his aunt S.Ş. He said he was taken from school and OS

Mom said black and spots …

AS’s mother, who gave a statement to police within the scope of the investigation, said she did not know about the abuse of her 8- to 15-year-old daughter by 20 men and that she found out about it. The 2020 mother said in her deposition that she occasionally saw signs of injuries on her daughter’s arms, legs and body.

In her statement, AS further stated that she was abused by IT at home by school principals and teachers in her 7th and 8th grades while visiting relatives with her mother in 2019. He said he was constantly called by his principal and teachers while in class, had to go every time he was called, and was abused in the school’s laboratory department. Although the principal and teachers denied it, most students in the same class testified that he was called about three times a week while in the AS class.

AS said that when she finished high school and entered high school, she escaped abuse by principals and teachers, but continued to be abused by her parents, uncles, neighbors and relatives until the last month of 2020.

10 accused will be tried without detention

Following the AS’s statement, the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against 20 people on charges of “qualified sexual harassment.” Defendant AD, AT, BT, YS, EO, N.İ., Ö.Ş., TS, Y.Ç. And AS has announced its interim decision. The court ruled that the trial of all the accused should be adjourned by a majority vote, subject to judicial control. The court, on the other hand, returned the charge sheet prepared from the prosecutor’s office for elaboration and elaboration. It was decided to hold the next hearing on 13 May 2022.

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