Romantic words from Alison to his wife on the verge of divorce!

Alishan and famous actress Buse Varol recently had a marital crisis in their celebration of Eliz’s first birthday. Alison celebrates the birthday of his wife, Bus Varol, 32, on social media.

The Allison-Bus Varol couple, who for some time had been in crisis in their marital life and talked of divorce, left behind bad days. Varol, one of the compromised couple, turned 32 today. Alishan celebrated her husband’s birthday on her social media account.

The famous singer, who published an old photo taken with Bus Varol, said, “It’s been 5 years since we took this picture … our first picture together … and I hope we still have a long way to go … happy birthday my love. I love you …” Mentioned their statements.

Bus Varol and Alison

Between his mother and his wife!

After the death of his brother Selkuk Tektas in July 2021, Alison fought for recovery. The crisis erupts when his wife begins to influence Bus Varol. As dark clouds hovered over their happy home, the couple returned from the brink of divorce a week earlier. But the news that Alison’s mother, Suzanne Tektas, is still angry with her daughter-in-law, Bush Varol, does not fall off the agenda because of her attitude during the process.

Suzanne Tektas did not forgive her daughter-in-law, Bus Varol, and withdrew herself. Alishan is now trying to break the ice between her mother and her husband.

Their hands were shown!

The ice has melted between the Alison-Bus Varol couple, who have been on the agenda with dark clouds over their marriage and divorce allegations in the past few days. Bus Varol shared her pose with heart emoji on her social media account with her husband Alison.

Actress Bass Varol, who actively uses her social media account, shared a pose with Alison from her Instagram account, which has 1.5 million followers and left a heart emoji the day before. Alishan also published his wife’s shares on his own page. The couple put an end to the divorce allegations through this sharing.

Alishan Bus Varol

Showed her wedding ring

Recalling that her husband Bas Varol’s 31-year-old wedding ring had been removed, singer Alison, 45, did not neglect to show reporters the wedding ring on her finger.

The media has decided!

Celebrating the birthdays of Alison and Buss Varol’s daughters, Eliz, separately, demanded divorce. It was even claimed that the couple had decided to divorce and had given the necessary instructions to the bus Varol lawyer. Alison has decided to avoid this news.

Turkish singer Alison, who appealed to the Istanbul Anatolian Family Court through his lawyer Emek Emer, said his divorce from his wife Buse Tektas had nothing to do with it. Alishan said in her application that the news of her divorce was false, and that she had recently lost her brother and that she was deeply saddened by her family.

Systematic news

The petition states that over the past week, news of planned divorce and divorce has been published in media outlets about Alison and her family, who want to live a quiet and peaceful life. “Although our client and his wife, Buse Tektaş, made a statement that there was no divorce or divorce, the companies that did not slow down their fake news started the news service on February 8 that our client and his wife must divorce and that legal process. It has begun. ” It was said

He wanted to decide not to talk

The petition states that the media agencies have put Alison and her family in a difficult situation with false news without any divorce situation and family privacy has been violated. “Media outlets should not engage in violence, threats, insults, insults or derogatory words and behavior against Alison, should not be harassed or shut down through communication.” Request.

Bus Varol, who is in trouble over her marriage to famous singer Alison and is reportedly on the verge of divorce, was photographed during a shopping tour the day before. Varol intervenes with members of the press and tries to stop them from taking pictures.

Varol did not comment on the matter.

The bus stopped

Bus Varol, who went shopping with Alison’s friends, gets excited when reporters see her. Alison’s boyfriends acted as bodyguards for Varol, who did not answer reporters’ questions.

He tried to stop the journalists from taking pictures

Bus Varol also supported his friends, who tried to block the camera and block the way to the press with their hands. Varol also intervened and tried to stop the journalists from taking pictures.



Bus Varol and his friends, who interrupted the shopping tour after the excitement, hurried to the parking lot and exited. It is noteworthy that the wedding ring on the finger of Bus Varol was not in the shopping mall that he had visited the day before.

First statement from Alison

Alison, who had been on her wedding agenda for a few days, finally rebelled.

Alishan has denied the news of the divorce. “Petition was made. Decision was made. No, she was right, no, she was right .. When you feel the pain of losing your brother and just trying to recover, please leave my mother, my wife, my dead brother’s wife. Kids, my nephew who is the only one who sheds tears every day .. These things can happen in the family .. If we decide, we will explain.

According to sources close to the couple Alison and Bus Varol, the couple decided to divorce. The couple, who started the legal process secretly, were as careful as possible not to hear the news, but close sources in the couple confirmed the divorce.

What happened before?

In 2018, Alishan and actress Bush Varol were married. In 2019, their son Burak was born. Expressing their love for each other at every opportunity through their social media posts, the couple welcomed their second child Eliz in their lap in 2021. The daughter of the famous couple, Elise, has turned one year old. The beautiful actress gave a birthday party for her daughter at one of the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul.

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It was not uncommon for Alison to join the party. The famous couple then celebrated their daughter’s birthday in various frames. The first statement came from a famous couple who created a post in support of the divorce claim.

Alishan, “It was a party where men weren’t present so I didn’t go.” I mean, if Varol “We have no problem with Mother Suzanne. No one invited me home.” Says

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Bus Varol deleted picture

The first gossip about the couple came when Bush Varol removed photos with Alison from her Instagram page. Then the bus stopped “I am contracted for another play. I’m going back to the set, hopefully starting a new project in December. For this reason, I also did a clean up on my Instagram. I just deleted some pictures just to keep things related to my own pictures and post work. “ Says

Bus Varol: I was not invited to the party at home

Bus Varol, who did not attend the birthday party hosted by Alison and her family at home, said in a message sent to servers. “Alison hosted Eliz’s birthday at the hotel. Selkuk’s wife Marve is coming too. They didn’t want it at the last minute. I respect it. I’ve never had a problem with Marve or the girls. We have no problem with Susan. Mom. I was never invited home. I am never such a girl, I respect all their pain, but Eliz will never be one year old again. “ Used expressions.

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