Sports News – Burak Ilmaz’s Hakan Chalhanoglu’s comment! After the match …

Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Umut Bozok answered questions from members of the press before starting work at the Koyuncu group Kayacık Facilities, where the half-star team hosted their first training session in Konya.

Recalling that they played against a team like Portugal, Hakan Chalhanoglu continued:

“We wanted to go to the World Cup, but we couldn’t. We’re sorry. We didn’t start the game the way we wanted to. But our performance in the second half was reactionary. We played well, we played well. From today, we will focus on 2024. We will start today. ” With our teacher. Of course, we have a lot to improve, we have to work hard. You see, we played triple defense for the first time. I am very happy to tell the truth in this system. Generally, everyone now plays triple defense. Why don’t we play it? The system too? “We also have enough players. Hopefully, from today we will focus on the new match.”

Hakan Chalhanoglu answers questions about Burak Ilmaz, who has left the national team, as follows:

“I’ve been sharing national team jerseys with Burak for years. I’ve been here since 2013. I love Burak’s brother very much. No one can understand his sadness. He was very upset after the match. He took responsibility. It’s an easy responsibility. No. It would have been nice if he had scored, of course, but it didn’t happen. It could be true for all of us. Maybe I could have missed it too. Brother Burak missed it for the first time. It was something no one expected. Good health. Sweating for this jersey. He has served us, always protected us. He loves us, he counts, nothing. He always wanted to be by our side. We thank Burak a lot. Of course, we’re really sorry he left us. Gone. “

Referring to the special match between Italy and Italy two days later, Hakan Chalhanoglu said: “Our goal was to face Italy in the final. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. My teammates called, they were very upset. I think it was even more difficult for them. “Because they played against Macedonia. They didn’t go through the rounds. They didn’t get a place in the World Cup again. We’ll start today. We want to beat Italy. The weather in Konya has always been good for us. We have a lot of memories here. “We have played against Iceland and we have always won. The Konya atmosphere has always been good. We have shown the new system and will continue to work on it. We want to win against Italy.” Evaluated her.

“We played perfectly in the second half, but it wasn’t like that.”

Umut Bozok, who attended the press conference, said they wanted to beat Portugal, but regretted that they had not achieved it.

“We wanted to lose. Everyone knows Portugal is a very talented country and they have quality players. Of course, it was very difficult for us. We had some difficulties, especially in the first 15 minutes, but then we came back to ourselves. We played very well. “In the second half, we played perfectly, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Good luck.” I hope we can participate in the European Championships with good luck. “

“Of course, the atmosphere in the team is very good. We have a lot of talented and high quality young players. We want to go to the European Championships. That’s why we have. We have to work hard. Why not?” Said Umut. We are a very high quality team. ” That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

When asked about Burak Ilmaz’s departure from the national team, Umut replied, “I watched Burak Bhai on TV. He is a great forward and an example for all of us. He has scored at least 250-300 goals in his career. We end his national career. “I’m sorry. We’re in his place.” We are very sorry that he left after the match. We hope to contribute. We will score goals in our national team, just like him, “he replied.

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