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A few years ago, when I was three years old, I arrived in Karaman from Istanbul, where I was born. My mother is from Adapazar, my father is from Karaman. Our origin is from the village of Pınarbaşı. It’s luck, these two young people somehow crossed the path. Time sorted time. Her family sent my mother to Istanbul. They may leave their children. My grandfather’s only condition. Although they married and settled in Istanbul, my father later brought us all to Karaman.
My father was always anxious for his mother in Istanbul, where he came to study, so he always wanted to go back to Karaman. After a while, my mom’s resistance breaks and we come. This time my mother is longing for her mother!
As the story goes, we live and leave as a nuclear family of five with my sister, who was born in Karaman. I am studying in primary and secondary school in Karaman. My first exit from Karaman to high school …
My father moved to the Eternal Kingdom at the age of 48. We live in his ancestral land. Although my mother is not a resident of Karaman, the funny thing is that she lives in this land. Because my father’s family ties are strong. Love must be kept.
We are growing. We all have dreams and a written destiny. I am alive for a while because of what is written in my destiny. Then I say; “What if I add some purpose to this notebook?” I add and my path is going to Carmen. Because then this city does not fit my life expectations and dreams; Karman Tight is coming!
I go, but my mind and heart are behind; I have loved ones all over town. When you go and come and go, between Istanbul and Karaman, 30 years goes by fast!
Summer 2021. From the holidays; Eid ul-Azha. I’m in Karaman again. I came to see my mother. I stay awake with dreams for three days in a row. I’m always in the old house; Sometimes familiar, sometimes different places. Looks like I’m packing up, going out, scattering again, packing up again … it’s like a nightmare. Terrible pain in my head when I wake up, heavy!
We’re having breakfast with a friend; “Come on, I’ll show you around Karamon,” he says. A mall was built. Parks, gardens … the places I visit are not attractive at all. Istanbul has a shopping mall at every step. We are upset. I say; “Can you save me, Karamon? But old …”
It took me to my grandmother’s house, the current location of the Karaman Chamber of Architects. There is a woman on duty, we want permission. We visit the rooms one by one; “This is where I cried, this is where I ran, this is where I fell …” I’m happy but still looking for something. I collect my childhood pieces one by one from inside the house …
We toured a few more old houses. We are in Tapuchak district; Tartan Mansion, Yunus Emre House … Although I went to those three houses, after returning to those three houses with a headache, it seems that a significant part of the puzzle has fallen. I’m careful. After that day, the dream of this series and the biggest thing, relieve my headache! Why is this important? To understand the universal message I have received; To me pain is the arrival of knowledge, and hearing it is understanding.
Today I used to stay in Karaman, where I used to come. I can stay a long time. My house is no longer narrow. I have dreams and I have a lot to share. Creator’s will …
Well, what can be done in Karamane?
First, the part that was narrow for me a few years ago is happening to others. The cause can be found and the solution can be multiplied.
In our time, we always dreamed of a coffee where we could go with a boy or a girl. There wasn’t even one. We were deprived of that joy. Now, although there is coffee everywhere on 1. 2. Station Street, it does not fit my dream. I’m looking for a place with content in this city.
There may be alternative platforms for the socialization environment. This is my favorite activity in Istanbul. In this environment where people of all professions participate, a network of business and ideas is created. Information is shared. Great resource
And what I often see and hear is this: “This city, rich in history, culture and nature, has everything. Although it exists, the city was not ready for recognition! Isn’t it too late for a place to become a province in 1989?”
I think it should be the highest priority. We should prepare the city for tourism and invite guests with peace of mind.
So let’s solve the problems, think about them and solve them together.
I’m ready. I’m in Karaman; I’m from Karaman again.

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